Lin Lan was sweating profusely, his eyes glancing nervously at his cousin, using his eyes to speak. 


Why isn’t the Guardian coming to save us? Does he want to watch you die?? 


Bouts of wind came in from the open bus window, though Chu Feng was still calm as water.
If he hadn’t been entirely out of options, he wouldn’t have called the Guardian either. 


They were unpredictable factors in the equation.
It was impossible for Chu Feng to accurately predict what they might do.
Luring the Guardian out of the station was the easiest step.


Making them defuse the bomb without harming his Xie Shiyus was the hardest step. 


Chu Feng understands that right now, Xie Shiyu was the kidnapper, he was the victim, the Guardian was the police, and the game system was the court. 


After the kidnapper has been caught, they would be sentenced to death in court.
But while the police were saving the victim, they were given permission to kill the kidnappers. 


Trapped in a speeding bus, the victim was strapped with a bomb that was set to explode in three more minutes. 


As the Guardian, taking the victim out of the bus would cause it to explode while getting noticed by the kidnappers would also cause it to explode.
Then how should he defuse it? 


—The best option was to kill the kidnappers before they realized he was there, then defuse the bomb without a worry in the world. 


He heard that high-ranked Guardians all possess incredible fighting abilities and weapons.
Putting himself in the shoes of the Guardian, Chu Feng would do exactly that. 


But what’s the point of getting the bomb defused if all his Xie Shiyus were dead? 


That’s why Chu Feng had thought up a plan.


He made sure to order every single Xie Shiyu this.
First, all their guns must be loaded. 


The second they were attacked, they would immediately retaliate. 


Finally, they must always, always patrol the bus as they had planned. 


X noticed that all the kidnappers would patrol the same area within the bus.
What was odd about it was that they only moved in the same line every single time. 


It was almost as if they were NPCs in a treasure-hunting game, programmed to patrol the area. 


Not only that, there were times when they would have a blind spot while patrolling.
It was a section of the bus that no one would be looking at. 


If he wanted to save the hostages and defuse the bomb, he would have to avoid the patrolling guards just like in a game.
By taking advantage of the blindspot and stealing the treasure (hostages), he would successfully beat the level. 


What was even better was that all the hostages sat near a window. 


[This is great! Go sneak towards the windows and help him defuse the bomb while you can.] 


[People who commit crimes of passion don’t usually have very stable emotions so I advise you not to shoot them on sight.
If you end up missing somehow, you’ll just enrage the kidnappers.
It’ll be safer if you defuse the bomb without them finding out!]


[What are you waiting for? Confirm the identity of the victim and save him already!] 


The smart systems screamed in his ear. 


But that only caused X’s frown to deepen. 


— Although characters in Dream Cities weren’t real people, the way they were moving around felt too programmed. 


Characters programmed so rigidly would never choose to cause a scene like this.
But at the same time, if they weren’t so rigidly programmed, they also wouldn’t patrol like a bunch of robots. 


—It’s almost as if someone ordered them to do this. 


Was the player really the victim here? 


Time remaining: 3 minutes 15 seconds 


Chu Feng focused on the visible parts of the window from the corner of his eye. 


He waited. 


He told the Xie Shiyus to move with order so that the Guardian would sneak towards the window and defuse the bomb while he kept hidden from the kidnappers.
After defusing the bomb he would be able to blast them away before they could do anything to them. 


But things weren’t guaranteed to move as smoothly as he had planned. 


After all, he was unable to gauge the true strength of high-level Guardians.
If they were really strong enough to get rid of the kidnappers in one shot, then they wouldn’t have to resort to tiptoeing around them at all… 


Time remaining: 3 minutes and 5 seconds


They were running out of time. 


Chu Feng frowned.
The rigid patrol plan that he had thought up might be able to protect his Xie Shiyus, but it would also deepen the Guardian’s suspicion of the legitimacy of the case. 


Not only were the conditions of the bomb weird, but the way the kidnappers were acting was also weird.
This only made the case seem more suspicious when one stared at it for too long. 


If the Guardian found out that they planned and acted out the entire thing themselves, they’ll be screwed.
The Guardian could choose to let him die. 


Chu Feng planned on forcing the Guardian’s hand before they had any time to think with the little amount of time they had left.
That way, when they saw the ticking bomb, they wouldn’t have time to suspect anything and would only aim to save him. 


But this Guardian was just too smart.
Or perhaps it was because they were confident in their bomb-defusing abilities, they didn’t move from the roof of the bus the entire time. 


The predator was getting a little impatient from waiting. 


Time remaining: 3 minutes and 2 seconds 


X noticed that the trapped beauty also realized the patrol blindspot. 


Every once in a while, when all the kidnappers were looking away, he would take advantage of it and— 


The beauty raised his head. 


His face is so small. X thought. It’s barely larger than the palm of my hand. 


What he had was the definition of a small face— his chin could be lifted with just a finger.
The mouth that had been begging to be saved in the video call was currently covered up with black tape, so the only sounds he could make were delicate wails.
His nose bridge curved upwards, yet the tip of his nose was pointed.
His nostrils wilted just a little as if about to cry. 


The damsel waiting to be saved almost looked as if he had found a ray of light in endless darkness, looking at X with eyes full of hope. 


Those eyes were overflowing with tears, and as his black lashes twitched, two tears slid down the side of his cheek.
Because he was afraid of alerting the kidnappers, he didn’t dare make a sound as his shoulders trembled.
Every part of his body, even his pores, felt as if they were calling out to him. 


Save me, I beg you. 


When X finally realized what he was doing, his finger had already clicked the [Confirm] button.  


The system notified him instantly.


[Victim’s identity has been confirmed.
You may now save them.] 




[The kidnappers’ actions are inexcusable.
We have decided to give them the death penalty.
You are granted the right to shoot on sight.] 


[Your gun has been loaded for you] 


[We advise that you do not rashly open fire, however, unless you are a hundred percent sure that you can kill them.] 


[Please climb towards the window and defuse the bomb on the victim now.] 


Time remaining: 2 minutes 56 seconds 


The seconds after that were abnormally hard to bear with. 


Chu Feng shed more crocodile tears while he made sure to keep track of what was happening on the roof and the window. 


Will he defuse the bomb from the window, or will he run in with guns blazing? 


If the Guardian wasn’t confident that they’ll be able to kill all the kidnappers before anything happened, they would choose to defuse the bomb first. 


That was what Chu Feng was aiming for. 


As long as the Guardian didn’t open fire, the kidnapper Xie Shiyus would not be in danger. 


Chu Feng glanced at all the Xie Shiyus on the bus and found that all of them were equipped with handguns, walking just as they had been ordered to. 


The Guardian was only one person. 


To kill all of the moving kidnappers without giving them a chance to react was basically impossible for one person to accomplish alone.  


It was unlikely that the Guardian would have chosen to do that in the first place.
Paired together with the fact that there was a blindspot created when the kidnappers were patrolling, that choice was becoming even less tempting. 


In times like this, every single officer would choose the safer option: Defusing the bomb in secret. 


They definitely wouldn’t open fire carelessly. 


Chu Feng slowly shifted his gaze toward the window. 


The Guardian should be coming any second now. 






Time remaining: 2 minutes 50 seconds




All of a sudden, a loud sound came from the roof. 


Chu Feng could only watch as the bus roof caved in on itself. 


—It had been destroyed by someone, their palms protruding from part of the now concave roof. 


Holy shit!!! 


Lin Lan was shell-shocked. 

Guardian my ass… This is a fucking war god coming to save them.

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