The Escort – Chapter 1

It's not the first time Shao Mingwei met Min Yu.


As a successful alumnus and a well-known local businessman, Min Yu had once visited their university to give a speech, and Shao Mingwei happened to be the president of the student council that was given the task to receive Min Yu as a student representative.
And if he knew that he would coincidentally meet Min Yu inside the box, Shao Mingwei would never go in, even if the other party probably did not remember him.


This is his eighth day being a bar escort at the “Nights”.
When sister Zhang saw Q University written on his resume, she suspiciously glanced at him, but a while later, she gave him a gentle smile.
“Why are you doing this?” she asked, leaning slightly closer to Shao Mingwie's body and the woman's strong perfume wafted around him.


Shao Mingwei tried his best to control the urge to avoid, and squeezed the three words from his throat, “lack of money.”


Sister Zhang lowered her head again and browsed at Shao Mingwei's splendid resume all the way through the end, which had the list of his numerous academic awards, then glanced at him again.
Seeing the discomfort he tried to suppress, she somewhat said with contempt, “these are not as valuable as your face and body.”


Shao Mingwei's face turned dark red unconsciously, as if being poked at the center of his worries.
He knew that he had long legs and was fairly tall.
Although he doesn't really exercise, his numerous part-time jobs keep him in good shape.
He also vaguely knows that his face is somehow above average and it could be said that it is more than enough to do “work” at Nights, but he also thought that having a background from a prestigious school will give him the higher chance of getting hired.


He really needs money right now.


Sister Zhang didn't wait for him to answer, and muttered to herself, “Nowadays, customers give importance to appearances and intelligence.
If it is like this, then I'm willing to hire an outstanding university student.”


Shao Mingwei didn't know what to reply, so he stayed silent.
It was good that she seems to be willing to hire him.
In fact, his appearance doesn't only look attractive but also quick-witted, with the correct proportion of his three-dimensional facial features, his sword-like brows, bright eyes, and appealing mold of his chin was particularly pleasing to the eyes.
Sister Zhang glanced at him once again and smiled.
“Although our bar is not comparable to others, we're earning a lot.
And if you're short of money, you only need to work hard.”


On the first floor of the Nights, although there were a lot of customers, there were no boxes but only lounges and bars.
Shao Mingwei's working place is in the box area which is on the second and third floor.
Those who occupied the box had an exclusive membership.


Every time he changes clothes and comes out from the staff lounge, he always enters the brightly lit but ambiguous corridor.
Under his feet was the soft carpet embroidered with intricate patterns, exuding an extravagant atmosphere that even ran up to the corners of the hall.
Standing alone in the corridor, he felt a tang of discomfort and uneasiness that almost made him want to just turn back and leave.


Fortunately, the guests that he received were all females and most of them had a reserved personality.
Seeing that he's handsome and tall, they didn't want to embarrass him.
At most, they will touch his arm and thigh.
Some of them even asked him why an outstanding university student was willing to do this kind of job.
Shao Mingwei only smiled and replied briefly, “Lack of money.” It was probably because of his magnanimous personality or perhaps it was the somber and taciturn temperament that's shrouding his facial features, that the customers felt sorry for him and they would have the urge to somehow make up for his unfortunate life experiences and so they would order more drinks and will also give him more tips.
Some of his older customers didn't require him to do anything.
He would just sit and accompany them while drinking and sometimes listen to them chat.
He didn't talk much, so he looked reliable and so they would tip him more generously.
There were also customers that hinted of wanting to spend a night with him, but he pretended to not understand their motives.
He would vaguely brush them off and the other party would not force him then.
Sister Zhang told him at the beginning that the price where he would spend a night with a guest would be doubled.
He fell silent for a short while, but in th

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