A fated meeting between persons is probably an indefinite thing, and for two people to have an intersection, human effort is needed.
After their last meeting, in such a long time, Shao Mingwei has not crossed paths with Min Yu again.

An evening later, Shao Mingwei took a day off to rest at home.
He and Shao Rong moved a small bench in front of the TV.
They sat in and started to clean the vegetable.
Unexpectedly, a reporter from the TV announced something about “Huining Group”.



Both brother and sister have mobile phones.
Although the small apartment has a network cable connected to their TV, it usually stays idle.
And even if you turn it on, it only picks up local TV stations.
Unexpectedly, after opening it by chance today, he accidentally heard some news about Huaining Group.

Although Shao Mingwei was firm and clear-headed when he rejected Min Yu, but after all, he was a busy single youth who has never held someone’s hand or experience any kind of romantic relationship, and it could be said that Min Yu left an irreplaceable trace on his heart, let alone say it would be hard to erase it, it would even occasionally appear in his dreams.
Thus, even the word Huaining Group that has a connection with that person can attract his attention. 

When Shao Mingwei heard “Huining Group” the movement of his hand stagnated and he subconsciously looked at the square TV that was broadcasting local news.
It was about the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of the Huaining Group’s new building.
Shao Mingwei carefully surveyed the row of leaders, looking for the young and remarkable Min Yu, dressed in a suit and leather shoes, with a gentle and polite smile on his face.
Probably because the project had gone well, he seems to be in a good mood.


The apartment they were renting doesn’t have air-conditioning, and only the drone of the electric fans filled the room.
Shao Mingwei lowered his head and looked at his somewhat already transparent white tank top and boxers, as well as the beans he was de-stringing in his hands.
He secretly sighed.
The disparity was so big.
His heart was filled with complex emotions, but at the same time, he was very grateful for the decision he had made.

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The gap was like clouds to mud.


Shao Mingwei is not presumptuous.
When he was eighteen years old, he received a letter of admission from Q University.
He was convinced that he could get ahead through hard work, but along with Shao Rong’s illness, poverty-stricken life, social struggles, and school schemes, piled with responsibilities one after another, the simple and honest youth who had just left the countryside was caught off guard.

The oppression of being at the bottom of the society made the chin that has not even been raised, pressed back.
His three years in Beijing allowed him to grow into a humble, upright, hard-working but practical young man.
He also formed a layer of invisible self-esteem and arrogance.

He has no other big ambitions now.
His only hope is to earn enough money to pay for Shao Rong’s medical expenses so that she can live well.
And about other things–Min Yu’s gentle smile flashed in Shao Mingwei’s mind–it did not matter.

“Brother, brother? What are you thinking about?” Shao Rong gently waved her hand in front of his eyes, asking in a suspicious tone. 

“Nothing…” Shao Mingwei regained his senses and smiled, “What’s wrong?”

Shao Rong hesitated and said, “Can you add a little chili to the long beans braised noodles? I’m craving for spicy foods.”

“No, if you eat spicy food, you’ll suffer from excessive internal heat.
Did you forget that your mouth had turned swollen the last time?” Shao Mingwei frightened her.

Shao Rong pestered him, and said coquettishly, “Aiya, just a little, ma, I really really want to eat… a bit is okay, I promise to drink more water.” 

Shao Mingwei was pestered by her, and had no choice but to say, “I’ll put a bit, okay? Half a fingernail, then tomorrow you will obediently follow me for a checkup.”

Shao Rong’s eyebrows drooped down as soon as she heard the word “checkup”.
Shao Mingwei knew that in her heart, she was actually very scared, so she wanted to avoid going to the hospital.
He didn’t say much, merely touching her head to comfort her.
“Tomorrow night, brother will come back and make you some delicious food.”

Shao Mingwei can save everything, but couldn’t bear to be stingy with Shao Rong.
He appointed the most expensive veteran doctor for Shao Rong.
He had countless students everywhere, so he could only be on duty twice a week.
Since Shao Rong’s surgery three years ago, she had to undergo regular checkups and this famous doctor has been looking after her.

There are countless people from all over the country who would come to Beijing to seek medical treatment from him.
At first, in order to be able to register on time, Shao Mingwei would ride a pony to the hospital early in the morning to line up.
Later, the hospital developed a mobile phone application software.
Shao Mingwei was spared the trouble of running around, but every time he would book an appointment, he was as if facing a big enemy and would stare fixedly at the phone to register.
Fortunately, this time, it went well.
Shao Mingwei made an appointment for an early checkup. 

The hospital is always diffused with a dense and cold disinfectant medicine.
People come and go in the lobby, mostly in a hurry.
Occasionally, there are one or two people that would stand motionless, their faces numb and sad or worse, they couldn’t hold themselves back in public and would lean on the walls, crying loudly or silently.
So even if Shao Rong is a frequent visitor to the hospital, she’s still very resistant.

In the morning, Shao Rong needed to have an empty stomach for the laboratory test, so the brother and sister came early to the hospital without breakfast.


It was still early, but a lot of people had already gathered in the waiting room of the laboratory.
Shao Rong was closely nestled in her brother’s arms.
He accompanied her from lining up, waiting, and finally to the laboratory test.
Morning had already passed when they finished the things that needed to be done.

Shao Mingwei and Shao Rong didn’t go home.
They ate lunch in the small store opposite to the hospital and then waited two hours to get the laboratory test report. 

Since getting up in the morning, Shao Mingwei’s right eyelid has been twitching, and he had a feeling that something bad is about to happen.
When they arrived early in the morning, there were too many people in the hospital lining up for the elevator.
The laboratory was only on the third floor, so Shao Mingwei and Shao Rong went up the stairs.
Although the floor is not that high, Shao Rong is already gasping for air, subtly needing Shao Mingwei’s help to reach the floor.

Throughout the morning, Shao Mingwei was anxious about the laboratory test and for fear that it would affect Shao Rong, he did not show it on his face.
Now that they’ve gotten the laboratory test report, a prolonged illness makes a doctor of a patient, and Shao Mingwei more or less knows the meaning of these several indicators, so he didn’t dare to look at it more, but the few glances he took still made him feel that the situation was not optimistic.
At this moment, he couldn’t even force out a smile.
His expression was grave, and his heart was like an accelerator, pounding incessantly.

The two took the elevator to the sixth floor, they walked in the lobby that they had traveled many times before, and walked straight to the entrance of the consultation room.

Shao Mingwei’s mind had become restless.
His footsteps stopped in front of the door, hesitated for a moment, and slightly bent over and said softly to Shao Rong, “Rong Rong, you wait for brother at the door, brother will call you if you’re already allowed to come in, okay?” 

Shao Rong couldn’t conceal the evident fear in her eye’s but she still obediently responds.

Shao Mingwei took her to the row of chairs close to the door’s hallway to sit and knocked on the door, then went in.
“Doctor Sun, I’m here.”

Old Doctor Sun had a grizzled hair, but he has a benevolent face and a ruddy complexion.
He had just sent off the previous patient and was sorting out the medical report.
He raised his head, looked at him through his glasses, and showed a kind smile.
“Xiao Shao is here.”

Translator’s Corner: Cough, curious as to when will Min Yu and Shao Mingwei will see each other again? Here’s chapter 18 sneak peek for ya’ll.


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