Shao Mingwei didn’t understand why Min Yu would look at him so meekly.
He felt like he was bullying him, so he just nodded blankly. 

But does he really understand? This upright and tenacious young man has been polished by the society to be smart, but in terms of love, he is in fact a blank piece of paper, pure and simple

When he met Min Yu at the Nights for the first time, he was able to perceive the other party’s yearning with his good observation skills and extraordinary IQ.
But at this moment, how could he fully understand the underlying feelings, wistful hopes, and ultimate goal hidden behind Min Yu’s “like normal friends”.



He did not think that this gentle, shy, seemingly timid-looking middle-aged man, in front of him who was not very confident because he was a lot younger, would stir his mind in the future with his every action.

Maybe it has started already, but he hasn’t realized it just yet. 

After getting an answer, Min Yu smiled and drank half of the content in the glass, then brought another small glass and put it in front of Shao Mingwei.
“Will you have a taste?”


Shao Mingwei couldn’t resist his shy and fluttering eyes.
Pursing his lips, he nodded.

Seeing him nodding, Min Yu looked happy and picked up the small bottle next to him to pour him wine.

Shao Mingwei stretched out his hand and took it.
“I’ll do it.


Min Yu didn’t stop him and just leaned on the sofa, crossed his legs, and said with a faint implication of compliment, “This wine is very good.
The last time we met here, I had someone save it here.” When he said that, it somewhat contained a bit of complaint, then he glanced at Shao Mingwei.
“Who knows that the next day you won’t see me.”

Shao Mingwei smiled awkwardly.
He didn’t know what to say, so he could only drink the wine in the glass.

The wine has a pure fragrance, mellow and sweet.
The taste blends in naturally, and there was a refreshing aftertaste, but Shao Mingwei doesn’t understand wines so he couldn’t come up with a sentence to evaluate it.
He merely thought that it tasted good.

Min Yu asked, “How is it?” 

Shao Mingwei put down the glass and admitted, “It’s very good to drink.
Um… actually, I’m not very good at evaluating wine.”

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“Pa vbfrc’a wjaafg lo sbe vbc’a xcbk, la’r jirb ubbv ab pera mjrejiis vglcx la.
” Zlc Te rtbkfv j ufcaif rwlif, atf rilutais megnfv mbgcfgr bo tlr fsfr kfgf oeii bo joofmalbc jcv lcveiufcmf.
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“Lbk lr sbeg rlrafg’r mbcvlalbc? Qtfc klii rtf tjnf regufgs?”

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“Rbk atja atf wjamtlcu lr remmfrroei, atf vbmabg lcafcvr ab kjla obg tfg ybvs ab gfjmt atf yfra rajaf.
Coafg jii lcvlmjabgr wffa atf rajcvjgv gfdelgfwfcar, Ktf bqfgjalbc klii yf qfgobgwfv jr rbbc jr qbrrlyif.
Pa klii qgbyjyis ajxf akb ab atgff wbcatr.”

Min Yu pondered for a moment, and said, “Wouldn’t you be attending school by then? When you’re a third-year student, it’ll be the busiest time with your studies.
You can’t take care of other things and should hire a caregiver.” 

“En, I have already hired someone, and Rong Rong is also quite familiar with her.” Shao Mingwei didn’t expect him to be so meticulous.
Being cared for felt like there’s a burst of warm current surrounding his heart, so he looked towards Min Yu and showed his first gentle and sincere smile of that day.

Suddenly caught off guard by the sunny smile of the handsome young boy, what Min Yu wanted to say was left stuck in his throat.
His heart had become restless.
He curled his thin white hand into a fist and put it in front of his lips.
He coughed twice, concealing his inner changes.
“If you need my help, you can tell me.

Shao Mingwei was unaware of his heart’s emotional changes and smiled frankly.
“Thank you, Mr.

When Min Yu heard the word “Mr.
Min” his ears twitched, and his lips slightly opened as if he was about to do something, but in the end, he did not speak but instead slowly took a sip of the wine and chose to let the matter go. 

Throughout the night, Min Yu didn’t do anything special.
Like a real senior, he was concerned about Shao Mingwei’s life, studies, and Shao Rong’s condition.

Shao Mingwei gradually relaxed, and he began to converse with Min Yu, and their conversation increased and became better and better.
During their chat, he discovered that although Shao Mingwei was still a student with limited knowledge, he had a good character, clever mind, and had his own unique insights of many things, especially when it came to special field studies.
Min Yu could even see the glimmering confidence and passion in his eyes.
Some of his opinions are inevitably underdeveloped, but Min Yu was still pleasantly surprised.
It seems that Shao Mingwei, behind his low-key character, was in fact hiding his sharpness and does like to boast or talk about it.


He’s liking and admiring this calm and outstanding young man more and more.

Min Yu was probably just in a good mood and forgot to hold himself, and Shao Mingwei also didn’t want to stop him, because by the time they were preparing to leave it was already ten o’clock.
Then Shao Mingwei discovered that Min Yu’s eyes were unusually bright, and his normally white cheeks were flushed red, and he was a little disoriented. 

Min Yu was already drunk.

Shao Mingwei asked carefully, “Mr.
Min, are you drunk?”

Min Yu looked at him with a smile, and replied feebly, “No, you watch me…” As if to prove himself to Shao Mingwei, he propped up his upper body to stand up.
However, before he could even take a second step, his whole body went limp, and he fell into the corner.

Shao Mingwei rushed to reach out to catch him and took him in his arms, then helplessly laughed and said, “Mr.
Min, you’re drunk.” 

Min Yu was still wondering why he couldn’t walk, but confined in Shao Mingwei’s arms, he nodded obediently.

Shao Mingwei resigned to his fate.
He skilfully put his arm around Min Yu, and took the suit on the sofa with the other hand, and slowly went out and walked downstairs to the parking lot.

Shao Mingwei thought that Min Yu was probably so drunk this time that his head was slightly drooping in his arms, while his mouth talked endlessly in whispers.
He couldn’t hear what he was mumbling.
It was not the same as the last time he went drunk, where he was quiet and reserved.

Shao Mingwei tilted his head to look at Min Yu’s face.
His eyes were half-closed, the corner of his eyes was red, including his nose and cheeks, his lips were also red.
Like a child, Shao Mingwei also leaned close and was amused by the sloshed Min Yu.
Min, what were you saying to yourself just now?” 

It was unknown which word that poked Min Yu.
He suddenly opened his intoxicated eyes and wrinkled the delicate and straight nose.
He raised his head close to the side of Shao Mingwei’s face, and said unhappily, “Don’t call me Mr.

His hot breath carried a faint smell of wine that blows onto Shao Mingwei’s neck, mixed with the smell of perfume on his body, Shao Mingwei doesn’t know why he felt itchy, and somewhat uncomfortable and wanted to escape, but Min Yu was softened into a pool of water and was completely relying on him so they were simply inseparable.

Min Yu’s round and opened eyes stared at him attentively.
Shao Mingwei thought that he was free anyway, so why not try to find out the matter, so he asked, “Then what do I call you?”

Min Yu thought for a while, then suddenly lowered his head, smiling bashfully.
And with an innocent tone, he said, “Call me by my name, Min Yu.” 

The curve of his white neck made Shao Mingwei remember the Chinese peony flowers again.

He stared at the small region of that delicate skin and turned a little dazed, then he unconsciously stopped his footsteps.

Min Yu didn’t hear his response, and lifted his head to urge him, “Say it.”

Shao Mingwei knew that he was drunk, but he inexplicably felt uneasy and couldn’t say those two words, but with Min Yu’s unblinking eyes watching him attentively made him unable to resist, so he could only whisper, “Min Yu…” 

“En,” Min Yu smiled with satisfaction, then hesitated and said softly, “I’ll call you Mingwei, okay? How is it?”

Without waiting for Shao Mingwei’s answer, he said to himself, “Mingwei…” After the words fell, he embarrassedly pursed his lips into a smile.


Shao Mingwei had no reason to refuse the drunk man, but when he heard Min Yu languidly called “Mingwei,” the two words made him blush and he could only respond in a low voice.

Min Yu was extremely happy, so he laughed out loud, then softly said, “I’m glad you came to me.” 


He’s like a forgetful kitty, softly repeating that sentence back and forth several times, up until Shao Mingwei sent him back to the car.

Shao Mingwei’s heart turned soft by the words he was saying, finding it both amusing and pitiful that he didn’t know what to say.
Thinking that Min Yu was drunk like this, he probably didn’t understand what he was talking about.

He fastened Min Yu’s seat belt in the back seat, bent down slightly to look at his confused expression, and said, “You return home ba.
I’ll be leaving too.” 

After speaking, Shao Mingwei greeted the driver and straightened up to close the door of the car, but Min Yu pulled his arm.
He lowered his head.
Min Yu was looking at him quietly and reluctantly.

The two were staring at each other for a long time.

Shao Mingwei suddenly lowered his body, leaned closer to Min Yu, and looked at him.

Min Yu became a little sober and subconsciously held his breath.
After a good while, Shao Mingwei used his free hand to pull Min Yu’s hand away from his arm, and gently placed it on his leg. 

In the darkness, Shao Mingwei whispered, “See you tomorrow.”

With the deep magnetic voice ringing in his ears, Min Yu’s entire face turned red, and then he whispered, “See you tomorrow.”

Shao Mingwei smiled at him, then closed the door.

The car drove away quietly while Shao Mingwei still stood in place, watching it enter the traffic until it was out of sight. 

It took a long time before he felt his heartbeat slow down.
The heat on his face was gradually being blown away by June’s evening breeze.

He shook his head, put his hand in the pocket of his trousers, and turned back into the Nights.

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