Min Yu buried his head in Shao Mingwei’s neck.
His crimson ears revealed his shyness.

Shao Mingwei let out a chuckle and carried him into the bedroom.



No lights were turned on in the room, the silvery-white moonlight shone down through the frosted glass door, illuminating the chaotic scene: scattered clothes that went from the bed to the bathroom and trails of water stains from the bathroom to the bed.
It also outlines the naked and lingering figures on the double bed.

Suppressed moans, rough gasps, and fiery temperatures burned the entire room. 

Shao Mingwei drank some wine for dinner and is now tipsy.
He kneaded Min Yu’s chest up and down with his hands, squeezing out the shallow slits and the two small hill-like protrusions.
He lowered his head and licked the pink area, drawing circles around the areola with the tip of his tongue, continuing to probe the secrets of the depression.


Min Yu’s head was raised high on the side, his eyes were tightly closed.
He couldn’t stop his mellow moans and was biting his lip.
It was unbearable for him, but it was also very comfortable.
His chest stretched out, sending it to Shao Mingwei’s mouth.
While his thin and white fingers were tightly gripping the sheets, clutching it as he was lost in his wild and pleasurable thoughts.

Shao Mingwei held the soft chest with one hand, its tip already protruding.
His index finger and thumb rubbed and twisted the shy flesh while his lips were sucking the other side of the chest.

He loved Min Yu’s sunken nipple so much that he hates to part with it.


Finally, he had sucked the bead out.

He stared at Min Yu’s delicate and jade-like profile, white body, saliva-stained chest, and swollen nipples from the kiss.
Then he suddenly buried his head in Min Yu’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” Min Yu gently stroked the back of his head and neck.


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The boy raised his head to look at him, and whispered, “Is there…is there anyone…” 

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The boy’s eyes immediately lit up.
He lowered his head and firmly kissed the little beads a few times.
“What about here? Has anyone touched it here?”

Min Yu recalled a little and shook his head.
“I only fell in love once in college.
When it was time to undress, he said: ‘Why do you look like that in there, ah!’ I didn’t like this place very much.
I was not very pleased when he said that so we didn’t do it in the end.
Not long after that, we broke up, he got married, and I was busy with work and never looked for someone again.” 

“I like it.
He’s probably blind if he doesn’t like it.” After hearing Min Yu’s answer, Shao Mingwei was immediately excited, secretly rejoicing in his good luck.
He densely pecked and kissed Min Yu’s chin and neck and even licked his nipples like a wolf.

“Mingwei, get up.” Min Yu gently pushed his head.

Shao Mingwei looked at him quizzically, but obediently let Min Yu push him on the bed, and their positions were reversed.

Unexpectedly, Min Yu knelt between his legs, five fingers gently grasping Shao Mingwei’s elated cock, moving up and down.
His face was flushed, and his whole person looked supple, enticing, and full of spring.
In his moist eyes, there seemed to be a charming little snake hiding, seducing Shao Mingwei. 

Later on, Shao Mingwei became aware of what he was going to do, but his mouth seemed to be glued together, and he couldn’t say a word.
He stared blankly at Min Yu who was lowering his head…

Min Yu opened his mouth to contain his cock, carefully wrapping his lips around his teeth to not hurt the young man.
After getting used to it for a while, he tried to move his head back and forth while stroking the rest of the boy’s cock and balls that he couldn’t reach.


Min Yu’s mouth was extremely comfortable, wet, and hot, and it was tightly wrapping his thing.

Shao Mingwei stared at the black head between his legs, the reddish eyes, and dark red lips that were taking in and sending out his cock.
This erotic sight and the hot and humid feeling under him made his breathing thick and urgent. 

Min Yu seemed to be motivated by his reaction.
He tried to move his tongue in his mouth to make him more comfortable.
However, the young man’s thing was too big.
It didn’t take long for his mouth to become numb, and his saliva flowed out of the cylinder, dampening the black pubic hair.

Shao Mingwei said in a hoarse voice, “Min Yu, it’s alright…”

However, Min Yu shook his head slightly.
He took Shao Mingwei’s hand and put it on the side of his face.
He recalled the film he had watched, relaxed his throat, and slowly pressed himself against Shao Mingwei’s lower body.
He closed his eyes, the flush spread from his cheeks to his neck.
His expression seemed like he was a little hurt, but there was a trace of wonderful satisfaction in it.
Then his nose and lips touched the hair—he unexpectedly gave Shao Mingwei a deep throat.

Shao Mingwei only felt that his cock had entered a narrower boundary, and was being tightly wrapped.
The pleasure was too much.
While Shao Mingwei caressed Min Yu’s cheek, he raised his head, and tightly closed his eyes, coarsely panting.
But he was reluctant to look away from Min Yu’s face and quickly lowered his head to look at him again. 

He thought, this is Min Yu, who was revered by everyone outside, and this is his god.
But at this moment, he is blaspheming Min Yu.

Thinking of this, Shao Mingwei’s blood boiled, his body clamoring for release.
The moment Min Yu opened his eyes and looked at him, Shao Mingwei shot out.

He didn’t even manage to react, let alone push Min Yu away.
Min Yu was caught off guard by the sudden ejaculation and coughed violently.

Shao Mingwei quickly helped Min Yu up, took a few sheets of paper towel to wipe the liquid on his face, and patted him on the back with his palm to calm him down. 

Min Yu slowly calmed down.

Seeing that he was getting better, Shao Mingwei also lowered his head to help him.
Min Yu quickly hooked his white arms around his neck, stare into his eyes, and said softly, “…you come and fuck me, I want you.”

Min Yu has been seducing him, wanting to release the beast within him.
Shao Mingwei couldn’t bear it any longer.
He pressed him on the bed, lowered his head, and kissed him deeply until Min Yu was out of breath and was lightly beating his back with his fist to stop.

Min Yu’s watery eyes glowed.
His lips were red and swollen.
He was catching his breath but still unceasingly said, “… the lubricant is in the drawer…” 

Shao Mingwei gave him a deep look, stretched out his long arm, and took out the transparent bottle from the drawer.
He didn’t say a word.
He was afraid that as soon as he opened his mouth, he wouldn’t be able to control his desire for Min Yu.

Shao Mingwei’s eyes were red and bloodshot, and the fingers inserted in Min Yu’s back entrance increased from one to three, expanding patiently.
The holes inside that had been covered with lubricant were soft and moist, but he was still afraid of hurting the other party and delayed the next step.

“You can come in…” Min Yu couldn’t help saying in a soft voice.

Shao Mingwei’s eyes darkened, and he couldn’t restrain himself anymore.
He supported his stiff cock, slid twice into the moist hole behind Min Yu, then suddenly inserted it, pushing in deep. 

Min Yu cried out briefly and then went silent, his complexion somewhat pale.

Shao Mingwei didn’t dare to move, and asked nervously, “Does it hurt?”


Min Yu shook his head, bit his lips, and said, “It’s a little swollen.” He joked, then displayed a frail appearance as he said, “It’s all because you’re too big ……”

Shao Mingwei hugged him for a moment, but after a while, Min Yu was no longer satisfied.
He begged Shao Mingwei and said, “I’m fine, you move…” 

Shao Mingwei couldn’t stand it any longer.
Hearing him say this, he grabbed his ankles with both hands and wrapped his legs around his waist.
He slowly moved and brought his cock in and out of Min Yu’s tight hole.
The crease of the back hole was stretched open, and even the color became pinky-white because of the stretching, his hole sucking on Shao Mingwei’s dark flesh-colored cock, not wanting to let go.

It was extraordinarily lewd and erotic.

As soon as he moved, Min Yu let out a muffled groan.
Gradually, there was a trace of pleasure in that sweet and soft voice.
Shao Mingwei then knew that he was beginning to feel comfortable, and his movements increased.
He clasped Min Yu’s slender waist with both hands, scalp tingling from being squeezed by the hole.
He slammed in, deep and fast, creating a snapping and hitting sound between flesh and skin.

Min Yu’s body was so red from being fucked.
His fingers and toes curled up comfortably, legs unable to clamp Shao Mingwei’s waist as he collapsed on the bed.
His moaning was intermittent due to the young man’s thrusts.
His eyes were half-closed, tears even slid down unconsciously on the tip of his eyes, and glistening saliva flowed out of the corners of his mouth. 

Shao Mingwei was addicted to this sex position and had his consciousness confused.
He thrusts his sexy waist into Min Yu’s rear like a pile driver.
The action was so intense, to the point of wanting to insert the balls in.
The flesh of Min Yu’s white buttocks was extremely red from his thrusting.

The two people who had their first taste of sex were hustling on the bed, entangled in sexual intercourse like beasts. 

After a long time of being slammed into, Min Yu was the first that couldn’t hold back and ejaculated.
In an instant, his back hole spasmed and contracted.
Shao Mingwei was caught off guard.
With a hoarse gasp, he shot deep into his body…

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