Xie Zhongxing still went back home that weekend.

It was estimated that neither Xie Guoxu nor Liu Xiu thought he would return so when they saw him, they were surprised.A neighbour who also saw Xie Zhongxing hurriedly suggested, “Zhongxing, come over.
Come have dinner at my place tonight.
There’s also an extra bed at my place.
You can stay the night.”Xie Zhongxing politely declined the offer, “Thank you aunty but I’m fine.”The neighbour said with pity, “Don’t be polite with aunty.
Don’t bother with that nest of wolves.
Aunty saw the news already.
With your grades, your teacher said you have a good chance of getting into Tsinghua or Peking University.
You’re very promising.
If it was your biological mother and father, rather than forcing you to drop out, they would’ve treasured you!”When she said those words, she deliberately raised her voice.
Xie Guoxu and Liu Xiu who heard this had particularly poor expressions.Xie Zhongxing’s expression didn’t change.
He still remained very polite, “Thank you aunty but there’s really no need.
I have a home.”When those words were spoken, the neighbour no longer insisted.
After a while, she said, “I see.
Then if anything happens, remember to come and find aunty.
As a neighbour, I will help out wherever I can.”After she was done speaking, she returned home and whispered into the ears of her partner, “This child might’ve been abused silly.
He still sees those people as his parents.”Her partner responded with impatience, “Take care of yourself first.
Don’t keep provoking others.”The woman clicked her tongue and went to cook.Xie Zhongxing placed down his schoolbag and asked casually, “Do you have food for me?”Xie Guoxu and Liu Xiu exchanged a look, but before they could speak, Xie Zi’an rushed out and shouted in a shrill voice, “You still have the nerve to come back?! Don’t you know how much of a joke I’ve become at school because of you?!”Xie Zhongxing remained quiet and didn’t speak.Xie Zi’an pointed at the door, “Get out of here! You are not my brother and you’re also not my parent’s son! Your father is already dead, you degenerate!!”Upon hearing those words, Xie Zhongxing’s eyes turned fierce.
He spoke coldly, “Keep your mouth clean.
The house you’re living in right now isn’t necessarily yours.
I can sue you any moment to get back by father’s compensation money.”Xie Zi’an still wanted to say something, but Xie Guoxu covered his mouth, “You keep quiet!”Xie Zi’an became quiet.Xie Zhongxing asked again, “Do you have food for me?”Liu Xiu’s tone softened, “Yes, yes, it was just made.
Come here and eat.”After saying that, she pulled out a chair and placed a bowl that was already filled with rice before him.Xie Zi’an was aggrieved, “Mum! That’s mine!”Liu Xiu reprimanded him, “Didn’t you have a lot of snacks just now? Since you can’t eat anymore, let your brother have it.”Xie Zi’an still wanted to make a fuss, but he was kicked by Xie Guoxu, “Shut up and go back to your room to do your homework!”Xie Zi’an’s face flushed red.
He glared at Xie Zhongxing hatefully and then turned and ran back to his room.Liu Xiu and Xie Guoxu sat down next to Xie Zhongxing.
Liu Xiu glanced at Xie Guoxu and said gently, “Xing Xing, we’re still family, right?”Xie Zhongxing looked at the table full of food and suddenly asked, “Who gave me my name?”Liu Xiu’s expression stiffened.
She didn’t speak.Xie Zhongxing asked, “Did my father choose it?”Xie Guoxu was silent for a long time before he finally spoke, “Since I can’t hide this from your anymore, yes, you are indeed not my son.
You are Xie Qinghe’s son.”Liu Xiu gritted her teeth and glared at Xie Guoxu, “What nonsense are you talking about?”Xie Guoxu ignored her, “Your name was chosen by your biological mother.”Xie Zhongxing’s heart raced faster.
His fingers unconsciously clenched tighter.
His expression however was still calm, “Who is my mother?”Xie Guoxu didn’t answer, “Don’t blame me, it’s your mother who didn’t want you anymore.
She just left you with your name.
If I really didn’t have any conscience, I would’ve just thrown you away and let you fend for yourself, but I still brought you back.
Even if we are not your biological parents, we have raised you for eighteen years and you have called us your mother and father for eighteen years.
We just wanted to get you to drop out of school but if you don’t want to, we won’t force you.
If we really didn’t want you to study, you wouldn’t have even had the chance to attend high school.”“I’m telling you all this because I just want to tell you that we are still family.
You should clear the situation up with the reporters and let them clarify on TV or your mother and my life will be difficult from here onwards and you would have no one supporting you.”Liu Xiu immediately nodded when she heard this, “Yes, yes, yes!” Her expression was benevolent, “When you have children in the future, I can also help you take care of them.
This place is your home, where your roots are.
You can come back anytime.
Even if your mother doesn’t want you, I want you.
Your father and I want you.
We’ve been a family for eighteen years already so we can be a family for the rest of our lives.”Xie Zhongxing looked like he was persuaded by their words.
He lowered his eyes and didn’t speak.

Liu Xiu diligently picked up a piece of meat for him and placed it in his bowl, “Xing Xing, come and eat.
Eat more.
Isn’t the college entrance examination soon? Mum made you a lot of delicious food to help nourish your body.”Xie Guoxu also picked up some vegetables for him and placed it in his bowl, “Think about it carefully.Xie Zhongxing didn’t touch the food they picked up for him.
He only ate a few mouthfuls of rice and mumble, “You’re right.
You have raised me for eighteen years; I should recognise the two of you as my mother and father.”Liu Xiu was overjoyed, “Yes, that’s right! That’s it, my good child.
Since we’re family, how could there be any grudges lasting overnight? Here, keep eating.”Xie Zhongxing’s tone was calm, “I’m full.
Don’t want to eat anymore.”Liu Xiu said, “Then you can stop.
Just leave the bowl there, I’ll clean it up.”Xie Guoxu, “As for the reporters….”Xie Zhongxing said, “I will talk to them and tell them that it’s just a misunderstanding.”Xie Guoxu breathed a sigh of relief.When Xie Zhongxing was about to return to his small balcony, Liu Xiu nervously stood up, “Wait a second.
I haven’t cleaned your room yet.”Xie Zhongxing acted like he didn’t hear her.
He went over and upon opening the door, he saw that his bed that was made from wooden planks had already been removed.Liu Xiu went over awkwardly, “You should sleep in An An’s room.
I cleaned the place up yesterday….”Xie Zhongxing smiled faintly, “Okay.”A few minutes later, ignoring Xie Zi’an’s screams and Xie Guoxu’s scolding outside, Xie Zhongxing looked around at Xie Zi’an’s room and suddenly sneered and felt his eyes turn wet.Xie Qinghe, Xie Zhongxing.He Qing Xing Zhong.
His mother probably loved his father very much and she also loved him.
(KKnotes: 河清星重, something along the lines of ‘clear waters reflecting the stars’.)He was a child born from the love between his parents.*After the break, Xie Zhongxing returned to school.Qin Zhongyue carefully asked, “Got the contract?”Xie Zhongxing nodded and answered calmly, “Got it.”Qin Zhongyue whispered, “Can I see it?”Xie Zhongxing, “It might be better not to.”Qin Zhongyue, “Why? You don’t trust in me?”After saying that, he even revealed an aggrieved look.Xie Zhongxing, “……..”Xie Zhongxing, “You really want to see?”Qin Zhongyue nodded, “Yes!”Xie Zhongxing warned, “Then don’t cry after seeing it.”Qin Zhongyue felt it wasn’t a problem, “Brother Cage already showed me the contents of the contract, how could I possibly cry?”Xie Zhongxing took out the contract from his bag and gave it to Qin Zhongyue.
He repeated again, “Don’t cry.”Qin Zhongyue responded seriously, “I think you have misunderstood something.
I don’t cry that easily; I’ve never cried all my life.
Last time was just an accident.
If not for that one time, I probably would’ve never known what it is like to shed tears in this entire lifetime!”Then, he flipped open the contract.Immediately afterwards, Xie Zhongxing saw his eyes turn red and well up with tears.
His voice was choked up, “Fuck!”Twenty years!Twenty entire years!!!!

A salary of fifty thousand per year! For twenty years!Qin Zhongyue began to whimper.
Large drops of tears rolled down, falling onto the contract and quickly soaking through the paper.Xie Zhongxing, “………”He reached out to pat Qin Zhongyue’s back and gently comforted, “Don’t cry.
I haven’t signed this contract yet and nothing has happened.
You don’t have to cry.”When Qin Zhongyue heard this, he wailed even more loudly.Although the morning reading class hadn’t started yet, there were already a few students arriving.
Upon seeing Qin Zhongyue crying so miserably and Xie Zhongxing gently comforting him, they couldn’t help but be a little confused.Zhong Yiming went over under the expectant gazes of all the boys and girls in the class and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”Qin Zhongyue sobbed and sobbed, unable to utter a single word.
Zhong Yiming’s sharp eyes spotted the piece of paper in his hand but when he reached out to take it, Qin Zhongyue held it firmly in his arms, not letting him see.Zhong Yiming could only ask again, “Why are you crying?”Qin Zhongyue sniffled and said, “I can cry if I want to cry.
Who says I can’t cry just because I’m a guy? A man doesn’t easily shed tears until their sore spot is hurt!”Zhong Yiming, “…….”Zhong Yiming, “Don’t cry.
Wipe your tears.”After saying that, he took out a pack of tissues and placed it on Qin Zhongyue’s desk before turning back and returning to his seat.A while later, another male classmate asked, “Hey brother, why are you crying? Stop crying.
Here’s some candy.”After saying that, he left a handful of candy on his desk.One after another, classmates came over to comfort him.
Although their attempts were all futile, but because of the gradually accumulating items on his desk, Qin Zhongyue’s mood gradually stabilised.Xie Zhongxing said, “Everyone’s worried about you.
Don’t cry.”Qin Zhongyue sniffed his nose and looked at him with his bright red eyes.
He then proceeded to dig out his phone and sent a text to Qin Xiangqian.“Dad, I really love you so much! Really!!”“I will definitely study hard and get admitted into Tsinghua or Peking University to make you proud!!”Qin Xiangqian who had received Qin Zhongyue’s text read it over and over again several times before calmly placing his phone back down—–Used to it.
He’s used to it already…..*When Xie Zi’an arrived at his school, he noticed that there were many people looking at him the moment he entered the classroom door.
He couldn’t help but flatten his lips at this.He was annoyed, very annoyed, but he didn’t know where to vent this anger of his.
He could only walk over to his seat, pull out the chair with so much force that it made a loud sound, causing the entire classroom to fall silent.As Xie Zi’an took out a book from his bag, someone deliberately raised their voice and asked loudly, “Have you watched the follow up report yesterday?”“What report?” Another person played along.
One sang and one accompanied like they were doing a stand-up comedy.“The one about Xie Zhongxing.
The report revealed that it was true that his parents wanted to sell him.”“How so?”“When Xie Zhongxing returned home, he found a contract.
Turns out his parents had sold him off to a swindler company and they signed a twenty-year labour contract.”“What? Twenty years? Isn’t that almost the same as a slave contract back in the ancient times?”“I know right? And there’s actually nothing wrong with it.
My uncle is a lawyer and I went and asked.
That contract is legally binding.
After all, the wages and benefits are all explained in it so according to the law, it is effective.”“That’s too much! Isn’t that Xie Zhongxing first place in Nanyang High? Everyone is saying that he could take first place in the province and be a top scorer.
It’s a great achievement, bringing glory to our A City.
His parents are so superficial.
How could they let a study tyrant go and become a swindler?”“Right? Isn’t this a case of using pearls as fish eyes and using fish eyes as pearls?”When Xie Zi’an heard this, his heart was beating so violently, it felt like it was about to burst out of his eardrums.
He shot up and glared fiercely at the male student who was speaking, “Who are you calling a fish eye?!”That male student rolled up his sleeves, revealing his strong biceps, and looked back defiantly, “Who do you think I’m talking about? What? You want to fight?”

Xie Zi’an’s chest rose and fell heavily.
He continued to glare at the male student, his hands balling into fists.The male student glanced at him for a moment before continuing with his conversation, “This news report is like an episodic drama.
My father and my grandmother are all keeping up with it.
Say, isn’t it pretty much confirmed that Xie Zhongxing is Xie Qinghe’s son? They said that the compensation money was two hundred thousand.
This family took that money and never mind not raising the orphaned child well, they even treated him like a servant.
Perhaps the house they’re living in now was bought using the father’s blood and flesh, yet they don’t feel guilty living there.”Xie Zi’an couldn’t hold himself back any longer.
He charged over and started fighting with his classmate.Ten minutes later, both he and Lu Meng were called into Zhang Gexin’s office.“You two are really amazing.
There are only two months until the college entrance examinations and you’re getting into fights! You’re no longer taking classroom rules seriously now?!” Zhang Gexing reprimanded angrily.Lu Meng said, “Teacher, everyone saw it.
It was Xie Zi’an who started it first.”Lu Meng wasn’t injured and quite spirited while Xie Zi’an on the other hand had been beaten black and blue.Xie Zi’an argued angrily, “He was the one who started pointing fingers and calling names! He was talking about me!”Lu Meng, “What, you’re talking about the thing about your older brother? That matter has already been broadcast on TV but I can’t say a few words about it? Did I mention your name at all?”Xie Zi’an was so humiliated, his entire face was flushed red, “You clearly know….You clearly did it deliberately…..”He was so angry; he could speak properly.
He once again directed his hatred at Xie Zhongxing.If not for him, how could he have been put into such a shameful situation?!Zhang Gexin said, “Get your guardians to come.
If they don’t come, you will be suspended and have points taken off.”Xie Zi’an’s face instantly paled.
He begged, “I was wrong, teacher.
Can you please not call my parents? They’re very busy, they don’t have time.”Lu Meng, “How busy could they be? Busy abusing your brother?”Xie Zi’an looked over at him fiercely and whispered, “Can’t you just shut up?!”Lu Meng said, “Looks like someone has a guilty conscience.”Xi Zi’an was almost angered to death by him.In the end, Xie Guoxu came.
When he arrived at the office and learned about the situation, his expression darkened.
He said, “Teacher, that is a groundless accusation.
My child shouldn’t be receiving this kind of treatment.
This student’s actions have severely affected my son’s mental health.
I must receive an explanation.”Zhang Gexin spoke, “Xie Zi’an’s father, apart from this incident, I still haven’t talked to you about Xie Zi’an’s academic results.”Xie Zi’an’s expression paled, “Teacher!”Zhang Gexin glanced at Xie Guoxu, “Since school started this year, Xie Zi’an’s grades have constantly been on the decline.
He has now dropped to more than five hundred in rank at school.
You might not be familiar with the situation at Fifth High but last year, only a little over a hundred of our students got into a first rank university.
Your son was originally in the top one hundred in his grade and his academic results weren’t bad so it was almost certain that he could get in, but now that he has dropped so much, he probably can only get into a third rank university.”“In the past few months since school started, I have confiscated his phone a total of four times.
According to his classmates, he played games whenever he had the time to and also wouldn’t sleep at night, hiding in the dormitory toilet to play games and even skipping physical education classes to play games.
I recently confiscated his game console and have tried to report this to you several times, but you have me blocked.”Xie Guoxu’s heart immediately sank.
He looked at Xie Zi’an.Zhang Gexin continued, “You should better educate your son.
If this goes on, he may not even be able to get into a university and can only enrol into a community college.”.Xie Guoxu walked ahead without speaking a single word.
Xie Zi’an also didn’t dare say anything.
After leaving the school, he called out in a small voice, “Dad?”Xie Guoxu instantly exploded, “You still know that I’m your dad? I worked so hard to support you with your studies and this is how you treat me??”“You dare lie to me! YOU DARE LIE TO ME!”Xie Guoxu raised his hand, wanting to slap him, but before it could hit him, he heard Xie Zi’an’s cry, “Dad, I was wrong! Please don’t hit me!”Xie Guoxu stopped.
His chest heaved heavily, and he felt a little dizzy.The son he always thought was excellent was actually just a useless piece of trash, habitually lying through his teeth, while the Xie Zhongxing he always thought was a useless piece of trash was actually a prospective top scorer in the province.Why was it like this? They both came from the same parents but why was there such a big difference between his son and Xie Qinghe’s son?He and Xie Qinghe were clearly twins.
Why was Xie Qinghe so smart, able to get into a famous university and get such a beautiful girlfriend, yet he couldn’t get into university and his partner was also very average?Xie Guoxu was extremely enraged.
Even after Xie Qinghe’s death, he still couldn’t compare to him!He couldn’t surpass him in anything!

Xie Guoxu muttered, “Why isn’t Zhongxing my biological son……”When Xie Zi’an heard his words, his vision darkened.
It was that Xie Zhongxing again!But no matter how regretful Xie Guoxu was and no matter how much Xie Zi’an hated Xie Zhongxing, they now couldn’t affect Xie Zhongxing anymore.Qin Zhongyue said that he would let them have a national debut and they really did have a national debut.The interview conducted by Huang Jingnan and Li Gui had started a trend for news to be broadcast like serial dramas.
Just broadcasting in City A once wasn’t enough, they edited the recordings and had it played again to raise the heat.
With a total of three episodes, it was even sent to other broadcasting stations and very soon, many TV stations were broadcasting the same matter.Whether it was morning, noon or night, news about this was constantly playing.Xie Guoxu and Liu Xiu had become notorious villains as a result, often struck by rotten eggs even when they’re just walking around outside.
Xie Zi’an also couldn’t bear it any longer at school.
His originally docile girlfriend, Jin Rui, had even one-sidedly broken up with him and hidden herself away in her school dormitory, unwilling to see him.And that wasn’t the worst of it.
Xie Zhongxing had sued their family too!!Xie Guoxu and Liu Xiu who had received summons from the court were furious and wanted to settle accounts with Xie Zhongxing but no matter what they did, they couldn’t find him.
The guards at Nanyang High just wouldn’t let them in!Compared to the dark clouds looming over the Xie family, Xie Zhongxing’s end was much more relaxed.He sat on the school’s flag raising platform, bathing in the sunlight, the light making him look like he was glowing.
It was a dazzling sight.
Those beautiful eyes of his looked towards Qin Zhongyue and his lips rose to form a gentle arc, “Qin Zhongyue, thank you very much.”Qin Zhongyue subconsciously gulped when he saw Xie Zhongxing like this, “W-what is there to thank me? Your problems are my problems.
I will help you without any hesitation!”Xie Zhongxing looked at him, his smile growing brighter, “Although you say that, I still want to thank you and do something for you.
It would be strange for me to accept your kindness for no reason.”Qin Zhongyue felt his mouth turn dry.
He licked his lips and couldn’t help but ask, “Then can you kiss me?”Xie Zhongxing, “?”Xie Zhongxing, “Kiss you?”Qin Zhongyue’s face flushed red and his heart pounded like crazy.
He didn’t understand why he suddenly felt so nervous.
His Adam’s apple bobbed a few times and, suddenly thinking of something, he stretched out his hand, “I hurt my hand.”Xie Zhongxing’s eyes fell onto the back of his hand.
Sure enough, there was a wound there.
He reached out to hold his wrist and asked, “How did you hurt it?”Qin Zhongyue said, “Scratched by the corner of the desk.
It hurts.”Xie Zhongxing glanced at him, “You can’t be thinking that saliva can help relieve the pain and stop the bleeding, are you?”Probably because the weather was getting hotter and hotter, Qin Zhongyue felt that his body was going out of control.
This was a unique reaction to that of high school students.
After reaching his twenties, except in the morning, it was generally rare for it to happen to him.After Qin Zhongyue found a reason for this reaction of his, his heart felt a lot more at ease—-He wasn’t a pervert.
He was just a high school student.He thought this inside, but his expression was still pure and innocent, “It doesn’t work that way?”Xie Zhongxing, “….Whatever makes you happy.”After saying that, he really lowered his head and planted a light kiss on the back of Qin Zhongyue’s hand.Qin Zhongyue’s face instantly became so hot, it was able to cook an egg.Fuck, he wants to……..No! Don’t think about it! His body only belongs to his wife! Xie Zhongxing isn’t his wife!Noo!!!Xie Zhongxing was unaware of his internal struggles.
He raised his head, took out a tissue and wiped it for him, “Is it hurting now?”Qin Zhongyue’s expression contained some shame, “N-not anymore.”Xie Zhongxing took in his expression and couldn’t help but laugh.Qin Zhongyue’s furrowed brows were completely smoothed out by this relaxed laugh of his.
He stared dumbly at Xie Zhongxing.Fuck, he still really wants to…….

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