Almost a week had passed since the court hearing and Xie Guoxu had managed to prepare four hundred and eighty thousand yuan.

The car wasn’t sold, but their two houses were sold.That’s right, they had bought two houses.
One in Yunshui Town and one in Liu Xiu’s hometown.The one in Yunshui Town wasn’t worth much.
Even after so long, it was only worth two hundred thousand yuan.
The five hundred thousand yuan from back then however was a lot of money so they had also bought a not so good but a pretty large place in Liu Xiu’s hometown.
It was only fifty thousand when they bought it but it had now risen to four hundred and fifty thousand.
Although the price was lowered to four hundred thousand yuan because they had to sell in a hurry, it wasn’t a loss for them.What made Xie Guoxu very angry was that he only found out from Liu Xiu’s younger brother after it was sold that the houses there were due to be demolished and redeveloped.He didn’t know if this news was reliable, but if it really was, they had lost out on a lot of money!He didn’t dare ask for more information, for fear of getting a brain aneurysm.They had gathered enough money, but Liu Xiu was very reluctant to give it to Xie Zhongxing, “Why should we give it to him? We raised him for eighteen years! He should be giving us money instead!”Xie Guoxu took a drag of his cigarette, “You think there’s a point in saying this now? Hurry and get this settled.
Every time I go out, there are people asking if I’ve paid back the money.
I’ve completely lost face!”Liu Xiu didn’t speak.Xie Zi’an didn’t go to school in the morning.
He had a fever and had applied for leave.
When he heard his parents arguing outside, he couldn’t help but get up and ask while sniffing his nose, “Dad, where do we live after our place is sold?”Xie Guoxu no longer held any good feelings towards him —- Anyone who finds out that the child they had been treating preciously is actually a piece of trash who is addicted to games and not keeping up with his studies would not see him in a good light.Because of this, Xie Guoxu didn’t pay him any attention.
Xie Zi’an then anxiously asked Liu Xiu who answered, “Don’t worry about this.
You still have a fever.
Go lie down.”Xie Zi’an was pushed back into bed by Liu Xiu but he asked persistently, “Mum, you still haven’t answered me.
Where will we be staying after our place is sold?”Liu Xiu sighed, “We will be renting, what else can we do? It’s all thanks to that damned Xie Zhongxing! And you! You should’ve done better! If your grades were better than his, mum wouldn’t have felt this bad but turns out you not only have bad grades, you have even been lying to your parents!”Liu Xiu however wasn’t as angry as Xie Guoxu.
All mothers are probably more tolerant of their child.
As for why Xie Guoxu was so angry, it was firstly because he had let down all the expectations he had for him and secondly because he no longer had something to boast about.Xie Zi’an’s face flushed with shame and he didn’t speak.Liu Xiu said, “If it weren’t for those gossipy neighbours, I wouldn’t have known that you were secretly dating at school.
Only thinking about dating at such a young age, do you know how embarrassed I am?”Xie Zi’an muttered sullenly, “Her family is rich.”Liu Xiu paused and asked, “How rich?”Xie Zi’an said, “I heard that her father is the director of the Tourism Bureau.
I’m not sure about how rich but she gets two to three thousand in spending money each month.”

“Your father’s monthly salary is only four or five thousand a month yet she gets two to three thousand a month in spending money?” Liu Xiu was a little in disbelief.Xie Zi’an said, “Yeah.
If her family wasn’t rich, I wouldn’t have looked her way.”He then continued flatteringly, “Mum, if I had such a wife, our family would be able to live more comfortably.”Liu Xiu said, “You’re only in high school and you’re thinking about these things.
Your dad will scold you if he finds out.”Xie Zi’an, “It won’t affect my studies.
I just wanted to make her pregnant first.
Once she bears my child, she won’t be able to leave me, no?”Liu Xiu knocked on his head and scolded, “What is going on in this head of yours?! Your dad will beat you if he hears you say that.”Even so, Liu Xiu didn’t appear angry.Xie Zi’an said, “Now is the time to make her pregnant.
Once she gets into university and sees all the men out there, she might forget me.”Liu Xiu was hesitant, “When you get into university, you might find a better girlfriend.”Xie Zi’an may appear arrogant, but he had an inferiority complex.
Compared to Xie Zhongxing, his appearance was indeed inferior, so he wasn’t confident that he would be able to find another rich girlfriend in the future.
He however didn’t show it and just whispered, “Once people get into university, they become smarter and won’t let me mess around.
Mum, don’t be so picky.
A director of the Tourism Bureau is also very good.”Liu Xiu said, “Then work on it.
It’s good to have a rich father-in-law.
He might even be able to arrange a good job for you in the future.”Xie Zi’an agreed vaguely.
He didn’t tell Liu Xiu about the matter of Jin Riu one-sidedly breaking up with him.In his opinion, it was impossible for Jin Riu to break up with him.
She however had a very outspoken younger sister.
This mess was probably due to her involvement.
Once the situation calms down and people no longer talk about Xie Zhongxing, he will try and coax Jin Rui back.The Jin Family had no son, only two daughters.
If he didn’t hold onto a girl like this, he would be missing out.*When Xie Zhongxing went to check the balance at the school’s ATM, he saw that there were an additional four hundred and eighty thousand yuan.Although it was three days late, they had still paid it back.Of course, Xie Zhongxing knew that Xie Guoxu and Liu Xiu still had another place in Liu Xiu’s hometown that was worth a few hundred thousand if they sold it.
Xie Zhongxing had actually let them off easy.
After all, five hundred thousand back then was a lot of money but the law didn’t recognise inflation and because they did raise him for eighteen years, he could only get back four hundred and eighty thousand yuan.As for that twenty year contract, because it wasn’t signed, it couldn’t be used as evidence.And after the reporters exposed that ‘employment’ company, it had received a lot of attention and all the employees had been taken away by the police for investigation.

Now, with everything settled, Xie Zhongxing also felt a lot more relaxed.He once again felt that the sun was exceptionally bright today.On his way back to Qin Zhongyue’s place, Xie Zhongxing bought a cake to thank him.Qin Zhongyue received the box and opened it while saying, “You bought too much, I can’t finish it all.”After saying that, he cut up a slice, put it on a paper plate and gave it to Xie Zhongxing first before cutting one for himself.Xie Zhongxing paused for a moment before receiving it.Qin Zhongyue took a bite and clicked his tongue, “This cream doesn’t taste authentic.
Don’t buy it from there next time.
Aunty can also make cakes.
You should ask her to make them next time.”Xie Zhongxing said, “She would be exhausted.”Qin Zhongyue let out an ‘ah’, “No way, she’s very good.”Xie Zhongxing smiled and proceeded to eat his cake.Although it may not taste authentic to Qin Zhongyue, Xie Zhongxing himself couldn’t tell.
He just felt that it was very sweet.
He slowly took in the sweet taste of happiness filling his mouth.It reminded him of those times he watched Xie Zi’an eat cake.
Even at the age of fifteen or sixteen, he would still feel the same feeling of disappointment when he saw the treasure he yearned for through the shop’s glass window.That’s right.
Despite being eighteen, he had never had cake before and he had not even tasted cream before.
Moreover, there were a lot of fruits he had never had the chance to try.Even though there were always fresh apples in the kitchen, it was something he wasn’t allowed to touch.Of course, Qin Zhongyue didn’t know about this and he himself also didn’t want to say it.Xie Zhongxing returned back to the dormitory and brought gifts for Zhong Yiming and Zhao Zhao.
Of course, they were the latest, highly sought for college entrance exam papers.Zhong Yiming asked with concern, “Did they give you the money?”Xie Zhongxing replied, “Yes.”Zhong Yiming, “That’s good.”He was sincerely happy for Xie Zhongxing.He then thought of something and asked, “Will you be coming back?”Xie Zhongxing shook his head, “I still have to go back.”

Zhong Yiming commented meaningfully, “I saw his grades.
Isn’t it too difficult for him to get into Peking University or Tsinghua University?”Xie Zhongxing responded seriously, “I think it’s possible.
There is still a month left.
I will be working him to his bones.”Zhong Yiming, “Even so, it’s still difficult.
His current grade is five hundred and five.
It should be enough for a first rate university but Peking University or Tsinghua University might be too difficult.”Xie Zhongxing, “He’s actually quite clever.
He has good memory and his logical thinking ability is also good.
He just doesn’t want to study.
If he was really stupid, his grades wouldn’t have gone up by a hundred points in just a month.”Zhong Yiming sighed, “That’s because his foundation is poor.
It’s normal to improve this much at the beginning but it will become more difficult the higher you go.”Xie Zhongxing also knew this.
He was becoming more confident about Qin Zhongyue’s grades but others may find this kind of confidence unbelievable.He changed the subject and said, “Let me treat you two to a meal.”Zhong Yiming showed a mother-like concern, “Forget it.
Even if you have money, you shouldn’t waste it.
You will be going to the capital for university in the future and the prices are not the same there.
You should save up for that.”Xie Zhongxing laughed, “It’s considered a waste of money treating you two? I just want to thank you two for taking care of me these past two years.”Zhao Zhao quietly whispered, “I didn’t do much.”Xie Zhongxing looked at him sincerely, “I still haven’t thanked you for last time.”Zhao Zhao’s face turned red.
He smiled timidly, “It was because I was too cowardly.
I should be the one to thank you.
Thank you for getting me back to my senses.
I would’ve otherwise regretted it my entire life.”Zhong Yiming looked at Xie Zhongxing and then at Zhao Zhao, “If that’s the case, then go ahead.
You can just treat us to the food at the cafeteria.
No need for anything special.”Xie Zhongxing nodded, “Then the cafeteria it is.”After treating Zhong Yiming and Zhao Zhao to a meal, Xie Zhongxing left the school with the intention to grab a taxi to return to Qin Zhongyue’s place but he unexpectedly saw Qin Zhongyue outside as soon as he left the school gates.He had reached a point where he could recognise Qin Zhongyue’s back in one glance.After all, a man as tall as Qin Zhongyue wasn’t common in a small town like this and, moreover, he had a good build; wide shoulders, long legs.
It made all the girls nearby give him a second glance.Xie Zhongxing went over to Qin Zhonygyue but before he could reach him, he saw a very beautiful girl with long hair go over and shyly ask for his phone number.Xie Zhongxing stopped and didn't interrupt, but he also recognised that girl.
It was the school flower.
The boys around him had talked about her and Deng Qi had even shown him her pictures, asking if she was good-looking.
(KKnotes: School flower: Best looking girl in the school)Because she was indeed quite good-looking, he still had some impression of her.

But when Qin Zhongyue heard her request, he said without any hesitation, “Sorry, I don’t like having strangers in my contacts.”The school flower’s face turned pale.
She however didn’t give up, “Then you can just add me as a friend on WeChat.
After chatting everyday, we won’t be strangers anymore.”Qin Zhongyue only responded bitterly, “No, no chatting.
I’m very busy.
I’m almost about to die working on test papers every day, how would I have the time to chat with you?”He then added, “I know someone who chats with people online professionally.
It’s very comforting chatting with him.
If you want, I can introduce him to you.”The school flower: “……”She refused to give up, “Then we won’t chat, okay? Just add me as a friend.
I won’t try and make conversation.”Qin Zhongyue, “Then why would I add you as a friend? If we’re not chatting then there’s no reason to add you.”The school flower, “……”She tried again and this time made herself appear pitiful, “Are you really not going to add me? I’ll just take up one spot in your friends list, I won’t bother you.”Probably no man could deny such a humble request, especially coming from such a beautiful girl.
Even Xie Zhongxing felt bad for her.
Qin Zhongyue however responded with a look of indifference, “No thanks, I really don’t have time for this.
I want to get into Tsinghua or Peking University, I’m very busy.
Here, this is his number.
You can note it down and go chat with him.
You can give him my name to see if he will give you a discount but if he doesn’t, I can’t do anything about it.”The school flower, “…….”The school flower angrily strode off.Qin Zhongyue continued to shout after her, “You don’t want his number?”Of course, he didn’t get a response.When Xie Zhongxing came over, Qin Zhongyue was still scratching his head in confusion, “I even went out of my way to find his contact details.
Why didn’t she want it?”As soon as he saw Xie Zhongxing, his face immediately brightened, “You’re finally here.
I almost thought you decided to stay in the dormitory tonight.”Xie Zhongxing watched the school flower’s leaving figure and asked, “Why didn’t you add her?”Qin Zhongyue, “Why should I add her?”Xie Zhongxing, “She’s clearly wanting to pursue you.”Qin Zhongyue was a little surprised, “Pursue me? No way, I like men.”Xie Zhongxing, “………”Xie Zhongxing, “?”The author has something to say:Baby Yue: I like men so I won’t have members of the opposite sex wanting to pursue me.Xing Xing: ?

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