Qin Zhongyue ended the call and returned to his seat.

The confrontation between the relatives had just begun.
When Qin Zhongyue’s uncle Qin Dejiang saw him return, he started a bout of questioning, “Who were you talking to Zhongyue? Could it be your girlfriend?”Qin Zhongyue didn’t like Qin Dejiang the most.
When he married Xie Zhongxing in his last life, it was Qin Dejiang who had made things most difficult for him and he also looked down on Xie Zhongxing, often going against Xie Zhongxing in the company.
When he found out and reported it to Qin Xiangqian, Qin Xiangqian didn’t do anything, only telling him to take a good look at his wife’s abilities.And then…there was no more and then.
Xie Zhongxing was so much more skilled than him.
He was able to let Qin Dejiang suffer a lot of losses.It was also because of this that his son Qin Wenxian would try to spread all sorts of rumours about himself, trying to create a rift in their relationship as husband and wife.Ordinary men may be provoked by this but Qin Zhongyue wasn’t like this at all.
He trusted in Qin Xiangqian’s ability to judge a person and conversely, he also believed in Xie Zhongxing.To one’s wife, one must trust them and be faithful.Qin Zhongyue knew very well that he couldn’t help Xie Zhongxing with matters like these so he tried not to be a burden for him instead.It was just that Xie Zhongxing was too controlling, and his attitude was very cold and indifferent, so they had very little spiritual connection.
If not for this, Qin Zhongyue wouldn’t have had any complaints about him.But now that Qin Zhongyue carefully thought about it, Xie Zhongxing stopping him from doing those things probably wasn’t because of his desire for control but because he cared about him.If he didn’t care about him, he wouldn’t do those things and just let him drink and play around outside, not sparing him a single glance.Although there was no way of verifying it now, Qin Zhongyue still tried to figure out the reason behind Xie Zhongxing’s actions.Seeing that he wasn’t answering his questions, Qin Dejiang’s expression fell, “Zhongyue isn’t answering your uncle’s questions now? Those who act arrogant at such a young age will suffer in the future.”Qin Xiangqian who was quietly sipping his tea spoke up, “How is that being arrogant? That’s how he is, he doesn’t like to answer anyone.
It’s the same for me too.
I’m his father and he still rejects my calls.”Qin Dejiang said, “You dote on your son too much.
If he isn’t properly disciplined at this age, how will he show respect to you, his father, in the future?”Qin Xiangqian, “Why discipline? I think him being like this is pretty good.
I like it.”Qin Dejiang saw that he wasn’t bothered by this so he proceeded to change the subject, “How was Zhongyue’s college entrance exam? If he scores high enough, he can enrol into Wenxuan’s school.
The brothers can help each other out like this.”Qin Wenxuan who sat on the side said lightly, “Dad, that’s too much.
Brother Zhongyue’s grades can only allow him to be enrolled in universities abroad.
Which university will accept him here?”

Qin Dejiang slapped his thigh and smirked, “How could I forget? It would be hard for Zhongyue to get into a good university with his grades.
If the two went to the same high school, I could’ve asked Wenxuan to help tutor him.”Qin Zhongyue glanced at the two of them, feeling frustrated inside.
Qin Wenxuan was only a few months younger than him but he especially liked to show off his ‘top student’ persona.
He had been skipping grades since elementary school and is now a second year university student despite only being seventeen years old.Don’t get too arrogant, Qin Wenxuan.
Your father’s three illegitimate children will appear in the future and you’ll be in trouble then.As he muttered this inside, his father answered with a smile.
“How could that be possible? Our family doesn’t lack tutors.
Some time ago, he found himself a good teacher who taught several Tsinghua students and, I have to say, the effect is pretty good.
In his mock exam before the college entrance examination, he managed to get….huh? How much was it again?”Qin Zhongyue raised his head and answered, “It was only about six hundred or so points.”Qin Xiangqian, “That’s not enough.
Your mother was a professor from Oxford.
As her son, you should at least get into Tsinghua or Peking University.Qin Zhongyue made a frustrated expression, “Haa, I didn’t have enough time.
It was just two months.
If I had three months, not to mention Tsinghua or Peking University, Oxford University would send someone straight to my door to give me an admission letter.”All the uncles sitting around them were stunned, “Qin Xiangqian, don’t boast around like that.
The results will be out soon.
Boasting like this is no use.”Qin Dejiang laughed loudly, “Qin Xiangqian, why are you trying to brag about something like this? We are all aware of Zhongyue’s grades.
We’re all family here, why are you trying to one-up us with lies here?”Qin Wenxuan also sneered, “For Brother Zhongyue to get into a first-rate university, a pig will probably be able to climb up trees first.” (Kknotes: Basically saying how impossible it is to happen)Qin Zhongyue was a little miffed.
Qin Xiangqian however spoke up slowly, “Oh right, there are still a dozen or so days before the results are out.
Why am I talking about this now?”Qin Xiangqian continued with a joking tone.
“But I don’t hold high expectations for him.
It’s enough as long as he gets into a first-rate university.
As for going abroad, with his parents here, it’s better that he doesn’t go too far.”The so-called ‘second generation ancestors’ are often the youngest child in a wealthy family.
Because they have an older brother above them, they have no chance of inheriting the family business and they’re also not allowed to do too well because of the older brother’s presence.
As a result, most of them end up eating, drinking and playing all the time.Qin Zhongyue was Qin Xiangqian’s only son yet he didn’t carefully cultivate him while the others did everything they could to nurture their children.
With this, apart from Qin Zhongyue, all his cousins were very gifted.At a time like this, Qin Zhongyue would often be put down by his relatives who constantly compared him with their children.

But, back then, he didn’t care and just ignored their comments.
He even felt that his father was very ahead of his times, spoiling him and not forcing him to inherit the family business.But why did it seem like Qin Xiangqian was showing off?Sure enough, there are no parents in this world who wouldn’t want their child to excel in things.Qin Zhongyue was a little emotional.
Thinking of Qin Xianqian’s forced smiles over those years, he couldn’t help but look at him with some admiration.Qin Xiangqian noticed this look of his and was startled by the tears in his eyes, his hairs almost all standing on end.
He was barely able to keep his cool and continue chatting with the people present.After everyone left, Qin Xiangqian double checked, “You’re certain you didn’t perform badly in the exam?”Qin Zhongyue answered slowly, “Maybe.”Qin Xiangqian, “Don’t lose confidence at a time like this.
Do you want to disappoint that classmate of yours?”Qin Zhongyue immediately exclaimed, “No way! In a dozen or so days, someone from Tsinghua will directly come to our doorstep to deliver the admission letter!”Qin Xiangqian, “……….”He changed the subject, “Why didn’t you let that classmate of yours come and visit during the summer vacation? He helped you with your studies day and night, shouldn’t you invite him over to play?”When Qin Zhongyue heard him say this, he was a little troubled, “He didn’t want to come.”Qin Xiangqian thought for a while, “Then that’s fine.
That classmate of yours devoted a lot of time and effort on you.
He managed to get you to this point despite your temperament.”When Qin Zhongyue heard this, he felt that Qin Xiangqian seemed to have a good impression of Xie Zhongxing….But that was normal.
Old Qin in his previous life really liked Xie Zhongxing.
It even made Qin Zhongyue secretly do a DNA check on the two of them to check their relationship.

After all, if Qin Xiangqian really had an illegitimate child, he wouldn’t dare bring it to light.
He still had to woo his mother after all, and if something like this was revealed, he would definitely not have a chance.
His mother wouldn’t tolerate something like this.And that could’ve been the reason behind him insisting on his marriage with Xie Zhongxing.
Two brothers getting together was probably better than a brother and sister getting together.
At least they wouldn’t be having a child together.It would allow him to successfully bring his secret child back to his family with a justifiable reason and also sort out the matter of Qin Zhongyue’s marriage.When Qin Zhongyue thought this at the time, he felt that it made sense, but thinking about it now, he felt a bit silly.How could he have doubted Old Qin’s character?!There was no way someone like him would betray him and have an illegitimate child behind his back!Qin Zhongyue felt guilty for having ridiculous suspicions about his father in his previous life.
He tried to be a lot more well-behaved in this life, peeling oranges for him and even bringing over a basin of hot water to help Qin Xiangqian wash his feet that night.But Qin Xiangqian was conversely frightened by his actions, “Is something wrong with your brain?”Qin Zhongyue felt that telling him the truth would ruin their relationship.
He and Qin Xiangqian were used to talking to each other straightforwardly, without concealment, so he just made up some nonsense, “I’m just practising in advance.”Qin Xiangqian, “….Practise what in advance?”Qin Zhongyue, “Practising washing my future wife’s feet.”Qin Xiangqian, “………”*Qin Zhongyue couldn’t stay at home any longer after staying there for a few days.
His mind was full of Xie Zhongxing.When sleeping at night, his hand would unconsciously reach over to the side, only to find that it was empty, and inexplicable irritation would surge through him.In the evening, he called Xie Zhongxing.
He lowered his voice and whispered, “Xing Xing, I miss you so much.”Xie Zhongxing on the other end was silent for a moment before he answered equally as softly, “I also miss you.”

Qin Zhongyue who heard this was excited, “Really? You also miss me?”Xie Zhongxing could hear the excitement in his voice and found it a little funny, “What? I can’t miss you?”Qin Zhongyue excitedly kicked his blankets a few times and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that you miss me.
It has always been me missing you.”Xie Zhongxing paused for a moment.
He held the phone close to his ear, as if by doing that, it would bring Qin Zhongyue closer to him, “Even if I don’t say it, it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss you.”Qin Zhongyue, “I want to see you.”Xie Zhongxing, “Me too…..” His voice softened a little more, sounding a little breathy, “…..I also want to see you.”Qin Zhongyue requested boldly, “And I also want to kiss you.”“I also——” Xie Zhongxing stopped.Qin Zhongyue laughed loudly to brush it off, “I was just kidding!”Xie Zhongxing also laughed.
He laughed very lightly, the sound scattering in the air almost immediately, “You’re only thinking about it.”Qin Zhongyue’s ear felt a little itchy because of his laughter and his heart felt even itchier.
He didn’t understand what he meant and foolishly asked, “….I can’t think about it?”Xie Zhongxing, “Not only can you think about it, you can also do it.”Qin Zhongyue, “???”Qin Zhongyue, “!!!”Probably because he was a male high school student, he got hard at the mention of the word ‘do it’.He asked both shyly and excitedly, “Do what?”Xie Zhongxing laughed and proceeded to lower his voice and say gently, “Do it in your dreams.”Qin Zhongyue, “………”

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