Qin Zhongyue remembered his initial goals after his rebirth.

What was he thinking back then?Oh, he had felt that the air away from Xie Zhongxing tasted sweet because it had the taste of freedom.But he had forgotten all about it.
The current Xie Zhongxing would smile at him, speak gently to him and also joke with him.Who would be willing to leave the current Xie Zhongxing?In any case, he wouldn’t be willing to do that.
And so, he hurried back after spending a week with his father.When Qin Xiangqian called Qin Zhongyue, Qin Zhongyue had already boarded a returning flight.Seeing that the call didn’t go through, Qin Xiangqian sat on the sofa in daze.
Since it was the summer break, he had planned on using this son of his as an excuse to invite his ex-wife out.What a great son.
He didn’t even give him that opportunity.Qin Zhongyue, who was unaware of his father’s desire to rekindle his love life, arrived at A City at about 1am in the morning.At a time like this, Xie Zhongxing must already be asleep.He was this type of person.
Even if it was the summer break, he wouldn’t relax, let alone stay up late.Qin Zhongyue thought for a moment and decided not to knock on Xie Zhongxing’s door when he got home.
He went straight to his own room, took a hot bath and got in bed.
Not long after sitting down, someone knocked on his door.Qin Zhongyue jumped off and opened the door, only to see that it was the aunty.
She asked with a smile, “Supper is ready.
Would you like to come down and eat?”Qin Zhongyue couldn’t hide his disappointment, “Oh.”He went to the dining room to eat the supper made by the aunty.
As soon as he was done, Li Jun called.
He walked over to the living room while on the phone to help digest his food and tried to explain to Li Jun why he wasn’t at their get-together party.Li Jun, “You are too lacking in maternal love.
If you want, I can introduce someone to you.
The wife-type older sister, very motherly.
She will be able to cater to all your needs.”Qin Zhongyue said sullenly, “Why do you always try to hook people up?”Li Jun, “Aren’t I just trying to help you?”Qin Zhongyue suddenly felt that something wasn’t right.
There had been times where he talked to his friends about Xie Zhongxing because he wanted to share with them his joy, but he was unable to get the affirmation or understanding he was looking for from his friends.

He had always felt that his and Xie Zhongxing’s affairs were their own business so he didn’t say much about his marriage in front of his friends.
His friends disliked Xie Zhongxing, constantly picking at him as if they were his mother-in-law, and when he defended Xie Zhongxing, they all said that he wasn’t a real man.They would always use the words ‘hen-pecked husband’ to make fun of him.After all, in their opinion, men should be able to do whatever they want.
To be ordered around by another man was shameful.Qin Zhongyue would sometimes doubt himself.
They had clearly breathed the same air but why did these people turn out so different from him?But when he looked at Xie Zhongxing, all his doubts would vanish.He felt that this kind of Xie Zhongxing deserved the best, so he treated him well and was loyal to this marriage.With Qin Xiangqian and his mother as a precedence, Qin Zhongyue felt that it was quite good having an uneventful marriage.
At least, it wouldn’t result in a divorce, right?After ending the call, Qin Zhongyue sighed and turned around, only to see Xie Zhongxing standing behind him.
He was startled, “Why are you still not asleep?”Xie Zhongxing was wearing light blue coloured pyjamas.
The pants were a little short, revealing his pale knee and calf that looked particularly beautiful and smooth under the soft room light.
His beautiful eyes that were dazzling with brilliance looked deeply at the person before him.
For a moment, Qin Zhongyue felt as if he could see a shadow of the Xie Zhongxing from his previous life in him.Xie Zhongxing looked at him expressionlessly, “Why didn’t you call to let me know you’re coming back?”Qin Zhongyue said, “I wanted to give you a surprise.
How was it? Were you surprised?”Xie Zhongxing lightly let out an ‘en’.
His face was still expressionless.Qin Zhongyue, “………..”I’m a little scared.Despite Qin Zhongyue’s tall height, he couldn’t help but feel that he had to lower his head in front of Xie Zhongxing.
He tried to liven up the atmosphere by joking around, “I was always thinking about you at my dad’s place so I came back as soon as a few days passed….Speaking of which, it really does seem like I’m hiding a secret lover at home hahahaha.”Xie Zhongxing finally revealed an expression, “You were on your phone with your friend just now?”Qin Zhongyue, “…..Yes.”

Xie Zhongxing, “You seem to call quite often.”Qin Zhongyue couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, “It’s not that much.
Just a few times a week.”Xie Zhongxing was silent for a while, “And this Li Jun wanted to introduce you to an older sister?”Qin Zhongyue liked to put Li Jun on speaker whenever he spoke to him.
Li Jun would always have girls around him and his environment would always be noisy, making it difficult for him to hear him, so putting him on speaker made it easier for him.He didn’t expect Xie Zhongxing to be behind him, overhearing the conversation.Qin Zhongyue’s breathing suddenly grew shallow.
He somehow felt that this scene seemed familiar, as if something like this had also happened in his previous life.But the Xie Zhongxing in his previous life asked, “You want to sleep with a woman?”How did he answer at that time? He seemed to have said, “I don’t want to.
I can only sleep with you.”What a perfect response!But the Xie Zhongxing at that time had kicked him out of the bedroom and made him sleep in another room.Even now, Qin Zhongyue didn’t know what went wrong.
With Xie Zhongxing asking him this now, he answered without hesitation, “It’s just his own wishful thinking, I’ve never agreed to it.
My virgin body can only be touched by my wife.”Xie Zhongxing’s originally stern look could no longer be stern.
The corners of his lips hooked up, “Looks like you really treasure that virgin status of yours.”Qin Zhongyue puffed his chest up proudly, “No matter how many he introduces to me, my wife is the best.
I need to be responsible.”Xie Zhongxing, “I wonder who would be fortunate enough to be your wife.”Qin Zhongyue almost wanted to say that it’s him but he quickly held himself back and said in a small voice, “I also don’t know.”Xie Zhongxing looked at him and suddenly smiled.Qin Zhongyue’s eyes were blinded by this smile of his.
His heart raced and he almost stuttered, “Why are you smiling?”Xie Zhongxing stored away his smile and said, “It’s nothing, just wanted to smile.
What? I’m not allowed?”Qin Zhongyue took in his beautiful face and felt itchy inside, “You’re allowed.
Of course you’re allowed.
How could you not be allowed to smile?”

Once again, as long as he smiled, Qin Zhongyue would look at him with dazed eyes.Xie Zhongxing suddenly felt a surge of emotion in him.
His eyes twinkled and he smiled softly again, “Really?”Qin Zhongyue foolishly nodded, “Really.”He asked again, “Do you really like women?”Xie Zhongxing, “I do.
Why?”Qin Zhongyue didn’t get it.
If Xie Zhongxing likes women and is straight, why did he willingly become his wife in his last life?”And he’s insisting in this life that he doesn’t like him.Qin Zhongyue was a little frustrated, “It’s nothing.
I was just asking out of curiosity.”Xie Zhongxing took in his expression and changed the subject, “The results will be out in a few days.
Are you nervous?”Qin Zhongyue, “What is there to be nervous about? The exams are all over.”That’s right.
He had always been like this.
He wasn’t nervous before the exam and he was also not nervous after the exam.
He was optimistic by nature, as if nothing could make him unhappy.The only time he cried was for his sake.A big guy like him, because he felt distressed for him, he cried in his arms.Xie Zhongxing found it difficult describing the emotion in him at that time.
Perhaps it was like this since the very beginning.
Every time he saw Qin Zhongyue’s bright and sunny face, he couldn’t help but smile.Xie Zhongxing expressed this internally but said externally, “Although I don’t want to talk about this possibility, but what if….what if you don’t get in? What will you do?”Qin Zhongyue’s expression immediately fell.
He said seriously, “Surely, it won’t happen?”Xie Zhongxing saw the change in his expression and immediately understood.
It wasn’t that Qin Zhongyue was not nervous, he had just been subconsciously avoiding the thought of this possibility.

That was probably the secret to staying optimistic and happy all the time.Xie Zhongxing didn’t speak anymore and just said goodnight and they both returned to their rooms to sleep.Xie Zhongxing had some trouble sleeping.
He tossed and turned but couldn’t sleep.
At this moment, he heard a knock on the door.
When he got up and opened it, he saw that it was Qin Zhongyue.Qin Zhongyue coughed and asked, “Can I sleep with you?”Xie Zhongxing blinked a few times, “Why?”Qin Zhongyue exclaimed, “My bed is wet!”“?” Xie Zhongxing, “You wet your bed at your age?”Qin Zhongyue, “…….”He looked at Xie Zhongxing in disbelief, “Why did you jump to that conclusion?! Am I such a person in your eyes??”Xie Zhongxing, “? Then you dirtied your sheets?”Qin Zhongyue said a little shyly, “That’s not it.
I wore a condom.
It’s very convenient.”Xie Zhongxing, “…….”Qin Zhongyue, “I just spilled water on the bed when I was drinking it.
The aunty is asleep, I don’t want to bother her.”He looked at Xie Zhongxing expectantly, “So? Can I sleep with you?”Xie Zhongxing smiled faintly, “I can change the bed sheets as well as the cover.”Qin Zhongyue, “?”A few minutes later, Xie Zhongxing stood outside Qin Zhongyue’s door with an armful of wet bed sheets and bed covers, “That’s done, you should sleep now.
Goodnight.”After saying that, he considerately closed the door behind him.All that was left was Qin Zhongyue staring in daze at the bed with newly changed sheets.Fuck.
He was too careless.

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