Qin Zhongyue said with a pained look, “I worked as a duck.” (KKnotes: Slang meaning male prostitute)

Xie Zhongxing was a little surprised.
His tone showed some confusion, “A duck?”The derivative meaning of ‘duck’ still hadn’t become popular yet so Xie Zhongxing naturally didn’t know what it meant.This was also why Qin Zhongyue could say it so boldly.
He nodded at Xie Zhongxing and sullenly remembered those years of humiliation.He personally felt that he should at least be worth a thousand a night.
From 10pm to 5am the next day, for a full seven hours and from bedroom to bathroom, he had satisfied Xie Zhongxing in various positions.He had worked so hard and exerted so much effort, even making the skin down there red and tender, resulting in him needing to get medicine from the doctors.But Xie Zhongxing only gave him three hundred.
It wasn’t even enough to pay for his work-related injuries.Fortunately, the doctor was a family doctor and he didn’t need to pay for the medications.
Otherwise all that money would have been spent on the money instead.Recalling the hardship he had suffered, resentment towards Xie Zhongxing surged inside him.Why? Why was it like this? Why did he only give him a hundred? What could he do with that? Just a few cans of beer and it’s all gone and not to mention, it had been difficult for him to quit smoking at the beginning.
Shouldn’t there have at least been a gradual transition period?Because of this, he was unable to socialise at all.
He had no freedom at all.Qin Zhongyue thought about this and felt very wronged.Xie Zhongxing who saw the expression on his face was a little puzzled, “Was it very tiring?”Qin Zhongyue said wearily, “Tiring.
Very tiring, I had to lay in bed for several days.
It was very tiring.”Xie Zhongxing realised, “Oh, you must have been involved with cleaning ducks.
I also wanted to do it during winter break but cleaning ducks for a month from morning to night, including slaughtering them and plucking their feathers, the salary was only 1500.
It wasn’t comparable to being a home tutor.”Xie Zhongxing continued seriously, “But three hundred a night is already a very high rate.
After all, it is a physical job that doesn’t require you to use your head.
As long as you get into Tsinghua or Peking University, even if you work as a duck, you would get a lot more than others.”Qin Zhongyue, “……”If he didn’t know that the other meaning of duck wasn’t a thing right now, he would have thought that Xie Zhongxing was mocking him.Xie Zhongxing said, “But I didn’t expect a young master like you to do something like that.”

He looked at Qin Zhongyue with eyes filled with admiration, “Looks like I misread you.
You really are amazing.”Qin Zhongyue couldn’t help but feel a light, fluttering emotion surge inside him.Fuck.
Xie Zhongxing actually said that he’s amazing.The Xie Zhonging in his previous life and the current Xie Zhongxing were the same person.
If he said that he was amazing, then the Xie Zhongxing from his previous life also thought this! He had given him three hundred to buy something nice to eat because he cared about him!And the nourishment soups weren’t made to anger him.
It was because he cared about him and didn’t want him to die from overdoing it!Qin Zhongyue became spirited again.
He asked shyly, “It’s nothing.
I’m just doing it for the people.
As long as they’re happy, I’m happy!”Xie Zhongxing gave him a thumbs up and complimented, “You’re great.”Qin Zhongyue’s blushed at this compliment.
He took in Xie Zhongxing’s gorgeous face and could feel his heart racing.
The urge to kiss Xie Zhongxing rose in him again but he didn’t dare do it.He suddenly remembered that in his previous life, he didn’t seem to have taken any initiative.
It had always been Xie Zhongxing making the first move.That’s right.
It would usually start with Xie Zhongxing calmly pulling open his collar, revealing his defined collarbones, and ordering him to undress.He had always been the one receiving the invitation and being ordered around.He felt somewhat useless.
Even if it felt good, he felt a little aggrieved.
It was as if he really was just a duck whose job was to satisfy Xie Zhongxing’s needs.But he had no opportunity for that now.
Qin Zhongyue once again realised how much he had taken his previous life for granted, completely unaware of how blessed he was.I’m so low.
Qin Zhongyue thought this.But how did the Xie Zhongxing who liked to do those things so much suddenly become so chaste?Looking at it like this, even he himself as a seventeen year old was hornier than him.But Xie Zhongxing didn’t seem to have such troubles.While Qin Zhongyue was lost in his thoughts, Xie Zhongxing was also looking at Qin Zhongyue.
Seeing that Qin Zhongyue’s face had turned red just because he praised him a little, he suddenly had an urge rise inside him—-He wanted to reach out and touch his face.Should he do it? His confused expression would probably be very cute.

Xie Zhongxing felt that something was wrong with him.
He gently blinked a few times and then proceeded to reach out to touch Qin Zhongyue’s face.Sure enough, Qin Zhongyue looked up in surprise, “What is it?”Xie Zhongxing said calmly, “Your face is so red.”Qin Zhongyue also touched his own face.
Xie Zhongxing however didn’t retract his hand so Qin Zhongyue’s hand rested on top of Xie Zhongxing’s hand.Xie Zhongxing blinked a few times but didn’t move his hand away.
Qin Zhongyue’s attention was also diverted.
He touched the back of Xie Zhongxing’s hand and proceeded to grab it and exclaim in surprise, “Your hand has become so soft.
It was clearly very rough before.”Xie Zhongxing, “……..”You didn’t have to talk about the roughness.Xie Zhongxing asked, “Feels good?”Qin Zhongyue swallowed, “Feels good.
It’s so soft, very different from before.”The corners of Xie Zhongxing’s lips rose slightly and his mood improved.
Qin Zhongyue’s temperature travelled through the palm of his hand and the places where he touched felt hot.He took in the sensation of his skin touching Qin Zhongyue’s.Qin Zhongyue’s next words however interrupted the atmosphere, “Your hand was so rough before, it felt as if you were weeding.
It probably would feel a lot better now.”Xie Zhongxing, “……”Xie Zhongxing tilted his head to look at him.
Looks like Qin Zhongyue’s head was filled with those things.Qin Zhongyue was completely unaware of his thoughts.
He said emotionally, “Although mine are big, they’re very delicate and can easily get rubbed raw.
You don’t have to worry about something like that, I really envy you.”Xie Zhongxing, “?”Was he implying that his was small……?….It really isn’t necessary.

*The wait for the admission score cut off wasn’t as gruelling as waiting for their examination results.
It wasn’t too long before it was released.Before that, Xie Zhongxing received another call from the admissions office.
Even a professor from Peking University called him directly, saying that they had already boarded a plane to A City to personally give him an enrolment letter.Although Xie Zhongxing was a little flattered, his choice of which school he wanted to attend still depended on how Qin Zhongyue went.Qin Zhongyue had worked so hard because he wanted to attend the same university as him.
He couldn’t possibly throw him away at a time like this.Xie Zhongxing at this moment was so nervous, he felt as if his heart was going to jump out of his throat any moment.
His expression however was still calm.Sometimes Xie Zhongxing was amazed at himself.Qin Zhongyue’s home tutor Wei Zhibo had also come over.
Together, they waited for the admission score cut off to be released.The three of them sat together before the computer.
Even Butler Li and the aunty and maids gathered outside the door.
Everyone was waiting for this moment.A while later, Qin Zhongyue’s surprised cry sounded, “I’m the chosen one!!!”After saying that, he excitedly hugged Xie Zhongxing and gave him a kiss.Xie Zhongxing who was originally feeling happy froze.
The place Qin Zhongyue kissed was the corner of his mouth, just a little off from his lips.He reached out and gently touched the place Qin Zhongyue kissed and his expression softened.
The next second, it quickly turned expressionless again.After kissing him, Qin Zhongyue had proceeded to turn around and give Wang Zhibo a kiss.Qin Zhongyue was completely unaware of what he did.
He was so excited, his face was flushed, “I knew I would be able to do it!! I was never worried about not getting in!”He looked at Xie Zhongxing with bright eyes, “Xing Xing! Did you see it? I got in! Even if it was just at the cut off, I got in!”Xie Zhongxing responded expressionlessly.
“En, congratulations.”Qin Zhongyue’s happy expression faded a little, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you happy?”Xie Zhongxing smiled, “I’m very happy.”Wei Zhibo was also very happy with this result.
He stood up and said politely, “Since you have managed to get in, you probably don’t need me anymore.
I wish you good luck with your future endeavours.”

Qin Zhongyue happily transferred money to Wei Zhibo, “You’ve worked hard Teacher Wei! Let’s work together in the future when we have the chance!”Wei Zhibo glanced at the amount he received and was a little surprised.
Qin Zhongyue had given him a hundred thousand more than agreed.
He however didn’t decline it and smiled at him, “Sure.
You can call me when the time comes.”After Wei Zhibo left, Qin Zhongyue stomped his feet excitedly, “Let me give my dad a call!”After he reported the good news to Qin Xiangqian, Qin Zhongyue finally calmed down a little.
He looked at Xie Zhongxing, “My dad asked me to give you three hundred thousand as thanks.
Would you accept it?”Xie Zhongxing lowered his eyes, “I don’t need it.”Qin Zhongyue scratched his head and asked quietly, “You’re unhappy?”Xie Zhongxing reassured gently, “Of course I’m happy.
I might even be happier than you.”Qin Zhongyue asked timidly, “Really?”Xie Zhongxing said, “Of course it’s true.”Qin Zhongyue, “………”Xie Zhongxing, “You want to thank me?”Qin Zhongyue nodded cautiously, “Yes.
I really do.”Xie Zhongxing smiled and got up, “Then kiss me.”Qin Zhongyue’s eyes widened in shock.
He stammered, “K-kiss you?”Xie Zhongxing nodded.Qin Zhongyue’s eyes flickered.
He asked shyly, “Are you sure? Let me tell you this first, I’m not the type to do things like this casually.
My first kiss is for my wife.”Although he said that, he was already moving closer.
He stared at Xie Zhongxing’s lips and even licked his own lips, looking like he was eager to give it a try.Xie Zhongxing laughed, “As long as you don’t kiss me on the lips, you won’t lose your first kiss.”After saying that, he held out his hand with his palm up and said to Qin Zhongyue, “Go on.”Qin Zhongyue, “………”

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