Qin Zhongyue held Xie Zhongxing’s hand.
He felt a little upset inside.
What’s so good about kissing his hand? He wanted to kiss his lips.

Xie Zhongxing looked at him and said, “I washed my hands.”Qin Zhongyue returned to his senses and said aggrievedly, “I wasn’t thinking that you’re dirty.”He lowered his head and gently kissed the palm of Xie Zhongxing’s hand.After kissing him, he paused.
He suddenly felt that kissing the hand also wasn’t all that bad.He proceeded to drop a few more kisses on Xie Zhongxing’s hand.The soft touch on Xie Zhongxing’s hand made Xie Zhongxing’s heart tighten.
He turned his head away, “Alright, that’s enough.”Qin Zhongyue however held tightly onto his hand.
He didn’t say anything and just continued kissing up from his palm.
When he reached a small black mole on the inside of Xie Zhongxing’s forearm, he subconsciously stuck his tongue out and licked it.Xie Zhongxing, “…….”His beautiful face flushed pink, looking much like a ripe peach.
Even his pair of black eyes glistened like water.
His tone wasn’t very calm, containing some light trembling, “….Enough, are you a dog? Stop licking.”Although he said that, Xie Zhongxing leaned back slightly and raised his arm up a little to make it easier for Qin Zhongyue to kiss.
He even felt that Qin Zhongyue would soon continue and move upwards and proceeded to lower his head slightly to get closer to Qin Zhongyue.His heart was beating violently.
It felt as if it would soon burst out of his chest.
He couldn’t hear anything apart from Qin Zhongyue’s kisses.Even if Qin Zhongyue didn’t understand Xie Zhongxing’s feelings, his actions had subconsciously told him that he was silently accepting him.He licked that beautiful small mole again and Xie Zhongxing’s gorgeous body surfaced in his mind.Xie Zhongxing was very fair, making the moles on his body appear particularly alluring.
On the back of his neck where it connected with his spine, there was a small mole.
Every time he lowered or raised his head, it would move slightly and when they did it from behind, Qin Zhongyue could also see it moving.
Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, he would lick it and bite it and Xie Zhongxing’s voice would change.From the front, Xie Zhongxing had a small mole under his eye.
In a hazy and glistening state, as long as he licked them, those eyes would well up and those normally strong and firm eyes would soften and turn teary.Qin Zhongyue was so into it, he even threw Xie Zhongxing onto the bed.Xie Zhongxing was a little stunned.
He immediately returned to his senses.
As he watched Qin Zhongyue lick and nibble his arm as if entranced, his stunned look turned expressionless.He averted his gaze and looked up at the ceiling.
He slowly counted the time.

After a long time, Qin Zhongyue was still focused on that mole on his arm.
Xie Zhongxing finally got a little impatient, “Have you had enough?? Are you an idiot?”As he said that, he reached out and pushed Qin Zhongyue away.Qin Zhongyue’s lips glistened.
He licked his lips with some contentment before asking both with some confusion, “…..Why are you scolding me?”Xie Zhongxing who was lying on the bed gave him a kick.
His tone was calm, “Why are you so focused on sucking and licking my mole?”Qin Zhongyue’s mind was still immersed in the happiness from earlier.
He asked foolishly, “It’s nice to suck.
Look, it even changed colour from my sucking.”Xie Zhongxing, “……….”Qin Zhongyue finally reacted.
His expression turned distressed, “Did I hurt you? It’s all because it looks so nice.
I got too into it.”Xie Zhongxing, “…….”Why does he think a mole looks good??Qin Zhongyue’s eyes couldn’t move away from the small mole that had grown larger because the surrounding skin had become red and swollen from his kisses.
He felt that the mole looked even cuter like this.Xie Zhongxing noticed his stare and couldn’t help but want to roll his eyes.At this moment, Qin Zhongyue’s phone rang.Qin Zhongyue answered the phone, “Hello?”It was Mo Yu on the other end.
He cleared his throat and tried to speak nicely, “Congratulations Qin Zhongyue, you managed to scrape past the cut off and get into Tsinghua University! I didn’t expect you to become so amazing after going to A City for a few months.”Qin Zhongyue’s attention finally moved away from Xie Zhongxing’s mole, “What nonsense are you talking about! Who do you think I am? As long as I want to do something, nothing is impossible!”Mo Yu.
“Yes, yes, yes, you are really amazing, I was blind to not have realised this!”

Qin Zhongyue asked warily, “Are you acting like this because you want to back out of this bet?”Mo Yu tried to act pitiful, “My dad just gave me a beating.
I got all sorts of injuries and my voice is still hoarse.
Qin Zhongyue, why don’t we just forget about this bet? Seeing that we’ve been childhood friends for so long, let’s not let something like this ruin our relationship.”Qin Zhongyue complained, “You’re always like this.
When Tang Mingxin’s bar opened, we made a bet and you did the same thing.
I was the one who ended up paying the eighty thousand yuan bill.”Mo Yu, “Do you have to be like this Qin Zhongyue? You’re rich.
Your father not only gives you a hundred thousand a month, you also have a black card with no limit.
Something like that is just small change to you but it’s eight months of my pocket money.
We’ve known each other for so many years.
Let’s not ruin our relationship just because of money.”Qin Zhongyue could feel Xie Zhongxing’s eyes turn sharp.
His entire body turned cold and even his voice trembled, “Don’t be like this.”Mo Yu who heard this tone of his was instantly overjoyed, “Think about it.
When you wet your bed when you were eight, I was the one who told your father that I did it.
And when your aim was off while peeing and you got your pants wet at school, I was the one who took off my pants and gave it to you…..”Qin Zhongyue’s face instantly turned bright red, “Enough! Stop talking!”Xie Zhongxing is still here.
How embarrassing!!Mo Yu immediately stopped, “….See how well I’ve been treating you? You wouldn’t be heartless enough to watch my dad beat me to death, would you?”Xie Zhongxing snatched Qin Zhongyue's phone and ended the call.Qin Zhongyue immediately tried to explain, “I didn’t wet the bed!”Xie Zhongxing, “………”You’re worried about that?Qin Zhongyue hurriedly continued to explain, “I have never wet the bed in my life.
I really didn’t wet the bed at that time but he insisted that it was me.
And as for my aim, that was because he suddenly scared me from behind! I have no problem with my aim! I’m very healthy!”“…….” Xie Zhongxing felt a little helpless, “I know.
Even if you did, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Even I have dreamt about looking for a toilet.”Qin Zhongyue widened his eyes.
The agitated look on his face faded somewhat.
He asked curiously, “Did you find it in the end?”Xie Zhongxing, “No, I didn’t find it.”Qin Zhongyue breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s good that you haven’t.
I always find it.”

Xie Zhongxing, “Hm?”Xie Zhongxing, “So you have wet your bed?”Qin Zhongyue said shyly, “I would wake up the moment I take off my pants.”Xie Zhongxing, “Oh.”Xie Zhongxing asked, “Does this Mo Yu often play the sympathy card like this?”Now that they were back to business, Qin Zhongyue was a little nervous, “Yeah, he’s always like this.
That’s why I called Uncle Mo in advance to prevent him from doing this.”Xie Zhongxing was annoyed at these childhood friends of his, “You shouldn’t condone them like this.
You make a bet and if you lose, they would mercilessly take advantage of you but when they lose, they would back out.
Don’t you feel wronged?”Qin Zhongyue said hesitantly, “I also didn’t want him to back out so I called his father.”Xie Zhongxing continued calmly, “You heard it too.
He said his father beat him up.
Instead of giving him the money to buy the ship, he got him to call you.
Do you still not understand what they’re trying to do?”Qin Zhongyue sighed, “I know.
Haa, Mo Yu’s family isn’t actually that well off.
He originally couldn't afford it in the first place.”Xie Zhongxing, “That’s right.
He made this bet despite not having the ability to fulfil it because he was certain you would lose.
He just wanted to benefit from you.
Do you really think someone like that can be considered a friend?”Qin Zhongyue said, “But we grew up together and can be considered childhood friends….”Xie Zhongxing continued coldly, “So you want him to continue to take advantage of you?”Qin Zhongyue could sense the change in his tone.
He panicked and exclaimed, “I won’t let him!”Xie Zhongxing, “Really?”Qin Zhongyue nodded firmly, “Really! If he lost, he lost! I won’t let him back out!”

Xie Zhongxing smiled and said gently, “That’s right.
You are a true man.” He thought about it and added, “Very manly.”Qin Zhongyue’s face flushed red.
His heart raced.
For a teenage boy like him, those words were the biggest form of compliment!Qin Zhongyue said while in a dazed state, “I’ll give Mo Yu a call right now and get him to keep his promise or our friendship is over!”As he said that, Qin Zhongyue picked up his phone and called Mo Yu.Mo Yu answered very quickly.
He answered happily on the other end, “Have you thought about it?”Qin Zhongyue demanded loudly, “Mo Yu, hurry and buy me a cruise ship or we’re over!”Mo Yu, “…..What? Are you serious?”Qin Zhongyue glanced at Xie Zhongxing.
Seeing that he was smiling at him with bright eyes, looking as if he was looking at an amazing and manly person, how could he let Xie Zhongxing down?!Qin Zhongyue was completely unaware that he was like Emperor You who was completely mesmerised by his concubine Baosi.
His mind was completely overtaken by Xie Zhongxing’s beauty, making him willing to do anything for him, “I’m serious.
You should hurry it up.
If I lost, you wouldn’t have hesitated to make me buy it for you so it’s unreasonable for you to try and back out of it now.
You have always tried to exploit me using our friendship.
I’m someone who hates being exploited the most.
If you don’t keep your promise this time, we’re over! I’ll also be getting my dad to get that money off your dad later!”Mo Yu, “Fuck! Qin Zhongyue, what’s the matter with you?”Qin Zhongyue was still very into it.
He didn’t hear Mo Yu at all, “And you scolded me! As expected, you have never thought of me as a brother, you have just treated me as your ATM! Brothers shouldn’t be like this! You still haven’t returned the five hundred thousand you borrowed last time to buy Li Jun’s car either.
You should pay that back too while you’re at it.
If I don’t see my cruise ship the day after tomorrow, we’re no longer brothers! Goodbye!”Qin Zhongyue hung up as soon as he was done speaking.He looked over at Xie Zhongxing expectantly.
Sure enough, Xie Zhongxing smiled appreciatively at him, “You were really handsome just now.
Very, very manly.”Qin Zhongyue blushed.
The jut in his throat bobbed a few times.
He asked both happily and shyly, “Do you like it?”Xie Zhongxing’s eyes flickered and he continued in a gentle tone, “Of course I do.
I was mesmerised by how manly you were.
Could you continue to be like this in the future?”Qin Zhongyue subconsciously responded, “But I don’t have that many brothers.”Xie Zhongxing, “?”

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