An hour later, the two of them went together to report to the dean.

The dean was a stern looking middle-aged man.
He looked at Xie Zhongxing and then at Fu Donglin and asked, “Who made the first move?”

Fu Donglin answered first, “He did it first!”

Xie Zhongxing remained silent.

The dean gave Fu Donglin a displeased glance, “I wasn’t asking you.”

He turned to Xue Zhongxing and asked with a better expression on his face, “Xie Zhongxing, you tell me.”

Xie Zhongxing raised his eyes.
He glanced at Fu Donglin and replied in a small voice, “He did it first.”

Fu Donglin was taken aback.
He didn’t expect that Xie Zhongxing would actually lie.
He hurriedly tried to clarify, “He’s lying! He was clearly the one who hit me first!”

The dean ignored him.
He asked Xie Zhongxing, “I heard he also deliberately poured water on your bed?”

Xie Zhongxing nodded.

The dean asked, “Has anything similar happened before?”

Xie Zhongxing glanced at Fu Donglin and then quickly lowered his head, not saying anything.

Upon seeing this, the dean spoke more gently, “Don’t be afraid and tell me.
You have the school and your teachers backing you.
Our school will never allow bullying to exist.”

After saying that, he sent Fu Donglin a cold glance.

Fu Donglin, “……..”

Fu Donglin finally realised what the problem was.
No wonder Xie Zhongxing suddenly hit him.
Turns out it was because he wanted to make a big deal out of it!

Although Fu Donglin hated Xie Zhongxing and couldn’t stand him, he had only limited it to small tricks and pranks to bother the other party and never actually did anything major towards him as he was afraid of it drawing too many people’s attention.

He didn’t expect that Xie Zhongxing would suddenly act out this time and create such a ruckus.

Crazy bastard.
Fu Donglin cursed viciously inside.
Holding back the anger inside him, he maintained the look of a timid quail, “Teacher, there’s no such thing as bullying.
You can ask the other classmates.
Xie Zhongxing and I are roommates, why would I bully him?”

Upon hearing this, Xie Zhongxing slowly and silently rolled up his sleeves, revealing the bruises on his arms.
He also raised his eyes to look directly at the dean, revealing the wound on his face.

The dean immediately noticed his injuries and was angered, “You dare say something like that? Look at what you’ve done to Classmate Xie! Go and get your parents to come here right now, at once!”

Fu Donglin glared resentfully at Xie Zhongxing and stopped speaking.

At this moment, their class teacher Wang Yuxue and roommate Zhong Yiming hurried over.
After the dean explained the situation to Wang Yuxue, Wang Yuxue looked at Xie Zhongxing and asked Zhong Yiming, “Was it as Teacher Liu has said?”

Zhong Yiming nodded and lied without a change to his expression, “I saw it with my two eyes.
Fu Donglin was the one who hit him first.
He has also been bullying Xie Zhongxing for a while now, even soiling Xie Zhongxing’s bed earlier.”

Fu Donglin shouted angrily, “You’re also lying! Examine your conscience and tell them truthfully who actually made the first move.”

Zhong Yiming, “…….I didn’t expect that you would actually know how to use the phrase examine your conscience.”

Fu Donglin could sense the ridicule in his words.
His face flushed red and his glare was extremely hostile.

Everyone in the office as well as Wang Yuxue saw this expression of Fu Donglin’s and reached an answer in their hearts.

Fu Donglin was left in the office while Xie Zhongxing, Wang Yuxue and co were allowed to leave.

Wang Yuxue spoke up first, “Why didn’t you tell Teacher about the matter with Fu Donglin?”

Xie Zhongxing answered quietly, “There’s nothing to say.”

Wang Yuxue sighed, “Come to my office.
I have medicine there.”

Xie Zhongxing didn’t refuse.
Zhong Yiming scratched his head and said, “Then I’ll go back first.
Since it’s still early, I’ll help you wash your sheets and dry them.”

Xie Zhongxing, “No need, I can do it myself.”

Zhong Yiming pushed up his glasses, “No need to be polite.
It’s just using a washing machine.
It’s simple and quick.”

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Xie Zhongxing no longer refused.

He went with Wang Yuxue to her office.
Wang Yuxue took out an ointment and helped apply it onto the wound on his face.
The wound was quite long, extending from the corner of his mouth to his cheek.
Although it was no longer bleeding, it still looked pretty bad.

As Wang Yuxue helped him apply the medicine, she complained, “Fighting is fighting, but why does Fu Donglin like scratch someone else’s face with his nails like a little girl?”

Xie Zhongxing also didn’t think that Fu Donglin would hit his face and even leave such an obvious injury.
He was pretty stupid.

“With such a good face, it’d better not scar.
You better take good care of it.” Wang Yuxue finished applying the medicine and asked, “Where are the other injuries?”

Xie Zhongxing pulled up his shirt, revealing his slender waist.
Wang Yuxue took in the bruises scattered here and there to the point where his fair skin could almost no longer be seen and immediately jumped up from her seat, “This was all done by Fu Donglin?”

Xie Zhongxing let out a soft sound of affirmation.
Of course, he had also given Fu Donglin a few heavy blows, but he had hit him in the places where it hurt without leaving any marks behind.

Even If Fu Donglin lifted his clothes to reveal his body, there wouldn’t be any obvious traces.

Wang Yuxue took a few deep breaths.
She changed it to a red coloured bottle of medicine and lightly helped him apply it.

Xie Zhongxing’s body trembled faintly.
Wang Yuxue asked, “It hurts?”

Xie Zhongxing replied, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Wang Yuxue glanced at him and applied the medicine even more lightly.

After helping Xie Zhongxing apply the medication, Wang Yuxue said, “The office will reach a decision soon.
If nothing unexpected happens, it would be a severe punishment and he would be suspended.
I will sort out the dormitory room for you.”

Xie Zhongxing solemnly thanked her, “Thank you, Teacher.”

Wang Yuxue took in this line and continued, “At your age, the only thing you need to do is to study.
You can leave the other things to Teacher, understand?”

Xie Zhongxing responded, “I understand.
Thank you, Teacher.”

Leaving Wang Yuxue’s office, Xie Zhongxing went straight back to the dormitory.

Fu Donglin didn’t return that night.

Zhong Yiming said to Xie Zhongxing, “I heard that Fu Donglin was taken back home by his parents.”

Seeing that Xie Zhongxing didn’t seem to care much about it, he changed his words and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Xie Zhongxing, “It doesn’t.”

Zhong Yiming laughed lightly and said, “I didn’t expect you to actually hit Fu Donglin.”

He paused and continued, “And you weren’t outdone by him.”

Xie Zhongxing’s eyes stirred a little, “It’s just two hens pecking at each other.”

When Zhong Yiming heard this, he was a little surprised.
He lowered his voice, “You actually also know how to joke.”

Xie Zhongxing glanced at him as if he was being strange, “I am also human.”

Why couldn’t he joke?

Zhong Yiming seemed to hear those unspoken words and proceeded to bend his eyes and laugh.


The monthly exam results were out.
Xie Zhongxing was as usual first in the grade.

Zhong Yiming’s grades were also good, ranking fifth in the grade.

Zhong Yiming asked Xie Zhongxing, “Now that the results are out, do you want to go out and relax?”

Xie Zhongxing thought for a few seconds before nodding, “Recently a new set of exam papers were published.
I’ll go take a look.”

Zhong Yiming was taken aback for a while, “Then let’s take a look together.”

He didn’t expect that relaxing after an exam would turn into browsing a bookstore together.

Zhong Yiming felt a little helpless, but he still accompanied Xie Zhongxing to the bookstore.

In the end, Xie Zhongxing returned with his arms fully loaded.

There are now only three people in room 401.
Fu Donglin had been moved to the third floor and was suspended for half a month as punishment so they wouldn’t run into each other for the time being.

It also made it a lot quieter around Xie Zhongxing.

He sat by the bed organising his books when a piece of paper that was crumpled and later neatly folded fell out from his English dictionary.
Xie Zhongxing picked it up and slowly unfolded it, revealing a name and a string of numbers.

Zhong Yiming approached him with a plastic basin in his arms.
Seeing that he was looking at something, he asked, “What are you looking at?”

Xie Zhongxing shook his head, “Nothing.”

This time however, he placed that piece of paper on his table.


“Qin Zhongyue, are you joking with me?” As soon as Qin Zhongyue answered his phone, he was greeted with Li Jun’s anxious voice.

Qin Zhongyue spoke as he played a game on his ipad, “I’m joining a team, not joking with you.”

“Be more serious!” Li Jun roared, “Why didn’t you tell me about your transfer?”

Qin Zhongyue, “Forgot.”

Forgot my ass!

Li Jun asked, “Your father agreed?”

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Qin Zhongyue said, “Agreed.
I’m his only son.
He has always allowed me to do whatever I wanted to anyway.”

Li Jun was speechless.

After a while, he asked, “Where are you transferring?”

Qin Zhongyue answered, “A school you wouldn’t know about.
Stop asking.”

Li Jun, “I’m asking you where you’re going! Don’t try and play dumb!”

Qin Zhongyue could only answer, “Nanyang High School in A City.
You haven’t heard of it have you?”

Li Jun was taken aback, “What kind of school is that? Why are you going there?”

Qin Zhongyue didn’t answer.

“Wait a minute, I have an impression of it.
When we went to A City last time, the student we met that day, he was from this school wasn’t he?”

Qin Zhongyue tried to lie with a guilty conscience, “I’m not sure about that.
I just wanted a change in environment and randomly searched and felt that this school seemed pretty good…..”

“Bullshit!” Li Jun who had always been rather restrained threw out a profanity.

Qin Zhongyue’s heart immediately rose up to his throat.
He then heard Li Jun ask, “No matter how good that school is, can it be as good as the one you’re in now?”

Qin Zhongyue slowly let out a sigh of relief.
He rubbed his chest.
Why was his heart beating so fast?

He answered perfunctorily, “That school really does seem pretty good.
I think it’s not bad.”

Li Jun said, “Tell me honestly, is it because of us? Although I have always pushed girls to you, I didn’t force you when you didn’t want it? And those girls are also very clean, untouched by me.
I didn’t ask you to come to any of those parties and when others wanted to invite you, I also helped you decline.
You wanted to be clean, so I protected you.
You have no idea how many times I have prevented something dirty from reaching you…..”

He continued on for a while, his tone sounding a little hurt and wronged.

Qin Zhongyue hurriedly explained, “It’s really not because of you guys.
I just wanted a change in environment…..”

Li Jun interrupted him.
“So you’re saying that an environment with us around isn’t good?”

Qin Zhongyue, “……….”

His wife had never been this difficult to deal with.

Qin Zhongyue continued to explain, “It’s really not like this.
Alright, alright, I’ll tell you the truth.
There is actually someone I care about in that school.
I want to go and check on them.”

“Oh? Is it someone you like?” Li Jun’s tone returned to normal in an instant.

“……..” Qin Zhongyue felt like he had just been tricked, but he didn’t think too much of it and just followed his line of questioning and answered, “No, that’s not it.”

Li Jun wouldn’t back down, “So what is your relationship?”

Qin Zhongyue thought about it and answered seriously, “………It may be a bit like a mother and child relationship.”

Li Jun was stunned.
He remembered that Qin Zhongyue had been in a single parent household for a long time now.

Qin Zhongyue continued, “My mother is very fierce and strict.”

Li Jun, “?”

Qin Zhongyue, “So when my parents divorced, I insisted on going with my father, but my mother is still my mother even after the divorce, no?”

Li Jun was confused, “What the hell are you talking about? What does that guy have to do with your mother?”

Qin Zhongyue, “……Sure enough, you were trying to trick me into telling you.”

Li Jun simply admitted to it, “Yes, I was trying to trick you.
I couldn’t think of any other reason for your transfer other than that guy.”

Qin Zhongyue strongly denied it, “It’s really not the case.
He and I, it’s that ‘she’s my mum so I can’t not care about her’ kind of feeling, you understand?”

Li Jun, “……No, I don’t understand.”

Qin Zhongyue explained earnestly, “As a man, if he doesn’t even care about his mother, would he still be considered a human? Wouldn’t he be no different to a beast?”

And in a teaching tone, he continued, “Li Jun, aren’t we friends? As a friend, you should be supporting me.
Support me in my endeavour to be a proper man and not a beast.”

Li Jun, “No but…….When did you have the hobby of finding a mother…..”

Li Jun felt that if he continued speaking, he may end up giving Qin Zhongyue the title of a pervert.

“It can’t be……Really cannot be…….” Li Jun lifelessly hung up.

The author has something to say:
Li Jun:  You have finally become a pervert like us.
The old man wipes away his tears.jpg
Little Qin: ?


Under a beautiful and ambiguous atmosphere, Xing Xing asked Little Qin what he is to him.
Xiao Qin thought for a while.
He didn’t dare give him the answer in his heart and timidly gave him another answer: Mother.
It might be time to arrange a coffin carrying ceremony for Little Qin.

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