Qin Zhongyue had spent a long time thinking about his decision to transfer, almost having it on his mind even when eating and sleeping.

Based on his original plans, it was actually better for him if he drew a clear line between himself and Xie Zhongxing.

He was someone who enjoyed eating, drinking and playing and often spent money like crazy.
Because he is currently not yet eighteen, his father Qin Xiangqian only gives him one hundred thousand in spending money every month and he would always run out before the end of the month so he would secretly use his father’s spare card.
(KKnotes: One hundred thousand yuan is approximately 15.5K)

Of course, a large part of the money spent were unnecessary expenses.
After all, he basically paid for everything whenever he went out to play with his friends.

This was probably something the Xie Zhongxing in his previous life found very unreasonable, but Qin Zhongyue had a lot of money and was used to playing the role of the big brother.
When he is in a good mood, he would even give away luxury cars worth millions of yuan to his friends.

This way of spending money resulted in Xie Zhongxing confiscating his card, only willing to give him one hundred yuan a day.
Even his father closed his eyes and refused to speak up for him.

Afraid of losing face in front of his friends, Qin Zhongyue no longer attended many of the gatherings he usually attended and every time he saw his friends going out to play, he felt that he was very miserable.

The more miserable he felt, the more tyrannical and ruthless he found Xie Zhongxing.

Qin Zhongyue had even tried to please Xie Zhongxing at the beginning, working very hard the entire night.
It was really an entire night, lasting from ten o’clock to five o’clock the next day, his skin all rubbed raw.
Once it was over, the other party’s attitude did loosen somewhat, loosening such that he would give him a rare smile and take out three red notes from his wallet and put them on the bedside table, “Buy yourself something delicious.”

Qin Zhongyue: “………”

Fuuuck!!! A whole night!!! One whole night!!! Countless blood and sweat expended but only three hundred yuan in exchange!!!! (KKnotes: About 47USD)

Every time Qin Zhongyue recalled that moment, he would clench his fists in anger.
Too horrible.
He was his man anyway, did he really need to be this stingy?!

Qin Zhongyue recalled his previous miserable self and then remembered that the Xie Zhongxing at this moment was only an eighteen-year-old brat and finally decided to transfer to his school.

It didn’t matter whether he took care of him or not, he just wanted to get his dignity back from Xie Zhongxing.

This was a battle of dignity! He can only win, not lose!


The weather recently has been a little up and down.
The sun was shining brightly yesterday, making it so hot that people had no choice but to wear short-sleeve shirts and shorts, but today it was cold and windy, forcing people to put on their coats.

Xie Zhongxing wore his school uniform all year round.
Nanyang High School’s uniform was no different from those of other schools and was still the most common blue and white coloured uniform, but the material was good and the winter versions were thick enough to allow Xie Zhongxing to make it through without much trouble.

Of course, he is wearing it at this moment.

During the break between their classes, a boy rushed in the classroom reporting loudly, “Someone has transferred here!”

Everyone was surprised.
A girl near the door said, “That can’t be.
We’re already in third year of high school, why would someone suddenly transfer schools?”

The boy said, “I saw it with my own eyes! And it’s a guy! He’s currently in Teacher Wang’s office.
He’s probably going to be transferred to our class!”

Those who were interested in the gossip excitedly hurried out, “Let’s go and see!”

Hearing that the transfer student was a guy, some of the girls also followed along with interest.

Soon afterwards, those people crowded along the corridor.
Intermittent comments travelled over, “That guy is so tall.
Is he about 180cm?”

“Not just 180cm.
Isn’t there that Hu Xin from Class 3 downstairs? He’s 180 and he would be shorter standing next to him.”

“Why is he leaving? Didn’t he transfer over? Why isn’t he coming to class?”

Please read this from kk translates

“He’s getting in a car.
Fuck! Is that car his? A Rolls Royce.
And that licence plate is also blinding, five six’s! Damn amazing.”

“Gosh, is this real? A rich second generation.
I’ve never seen a rich second generation before.”


Xie Zhongxing heard these comments but didn’t pay it much attention.
He continued to do his eye exercises.

With his handsome features and clean temperament, there were in fact many girls who liked him, but his personality was cold and indifferent and those dark eyes of his that seemed like they could see through everything made most girls too afraid to look directly at him, only resorting to watching him secretly from the distance.

Zhang Xinyue quietly took out her phone and took a picture of Xie Zhongxing’s profile.
The photo revealed his clean jawline, tall nose bridge as well as his extremely slender and pale fingers which appeared even paler in the light.

It was like a perfect work of art.

Zhang Xinyue appreciated this photo for a while before feeling that it wasn’t enough and proceeded to post it on the school forum.

lz0L: If I say that he is our school’s school idol, does anyone have any objections?

Because class had just ended, many students were also on their phones.
Zhang Xinyue very quickly received a reply.

Kitty 1L: Can you give us a photo with his face.
I can’t see his face.

2L: Handsome! That hand is amazing!

== 3L: Hand is amazing +1.
Those fingers are very long and his eyelashes are also so thick.
Very good looking!


The comments very quickly stacked up.
Zhang Xinyue only replied to the first comment: It’s difficult.
He’s too keen so I can only take photos secretly.
He will block his face when taking frontal shots so I can’t get a high-definition shot.

Zhang Xinyue withdrew from the forum and proceeded to look through her album of secretly taken photos.
Sure enough, none of them were taken from the front.
The clearest one was even one she had taken when Xie Zhongxing entered the classroom using her books stacked high as a cover.

It was still an amazing shot.
Zhang Xinyue almost drooled as she admired the photo.
At this moment, the class bell rang.
Zhang Xinyue hurriedly uploaded that photo onto the forum.


The school Xie Zi’an studied at was also a rather well-established high school in A City called the Fifth High School.
The teachers there were originally pretty good, and the school once surpassed the highest ranked school in the city but over the past few years, ever since Nanyang started to poach away some of their top teachers, the university enrolment rate of his school had dropped significantly.

Xie Zi’an originally had good grades when he got into this school, but his grades had fallen sharply over this past year.
During the monthly exams, he had fallen another fifty places and is now ranked 556th in the entire school.

Xie Zi’an was very anxious.
If he continued to fall in his ranks, Old Man Zhang might call his parents.

And at that time, the lies he had told his parents would be exposed.

Xie Zi’an didn’t think that he was the problem.
He was smart and had gone to the best primary school and junior high school in the city, ranking among the top the entire time.
With him performing so badly now, it was naturally a problem with the school.

It was all because Nanyang had stolen away too many skilled teachers from his school, causing his grades to drop!

Please read this from kk translates

Whenever Xie Zi’an thought about Nanyang High School, he felt sick inside.
How did Xie Zhongxing get so lucky finding a teacher who was willing to enrol him into Nanyang and cover the fees? His grades weren’t as good as his so sending him to Nanyang was just a waste of money.
If that Xie Zhongxing was more self-aware, he should’ve let him go to Nanyang instead!

The more Xie Zi’an thought this, the more uncomfortable he felt inside, and he had also just happened to have received a lecture from his teacher, so he wasn’t in a good mood.
As soon as the call connected when he called Xie Guoxu after class, he immediately shouted, “Dad! I want to go to Nanyang! I’m not going to school otherwise!”

Xie Guoxu didn’t expect him to suddenly say something like this.
He wiped off the cement from his hands and said, “What are you talking about?! You’re doing fine at the school you’re in, why are you suddenly wanting to change schools?”

Xie Zi’an shouted, “I don’t care.
You go and ask yourself and see how many of our teachers had been poached by Nanyang.
I can’t understand any of the nonsense the current teachers are saying anymore, they don’t know how to teach! I originally could get 985 points but with this impacting me, I probably won’t be able to even get into a top-ranking university!”

Xie Guoxu was immediately led astray, “It’s that serious?”

Xie Zi’an, “Of course it’s serious! Look Dad, let me ask you, don’t you want to be able to bring glory to your ancestors? Don’t you want me to give you face! Give the Xie family face? Then you’d better help me transfer! I want to go to Nanyang!” (KKnotes: ‘Giving people face’ has probably come up in a lot of novels already but if you don’t already know, it basically means gaining respect, acknowledgement etc)

Xie Guoxu was moved by his words, but he was also in a difficult position, “That school costs nine thousand per semester.
How could we afford that?”

Xie Zi’an: “Didn’t that old lady help Xie Zhongxing pay his fees? Since she has already paid for two years, can’t she give me one year instead of giving it to him? I’m no worse than Xie Zhongxing! Hurry and tell her!”

Xie Guoxu hesitated, “It’s not the same.
She’s unmarried with no children in her thirties so she probably treats your brother as her son.
How could I ask her to swap him with you?”

Xie Zi’an continued to shout, “I don’t care! You go and tell her that I’m no worse than that Xie Zhongxing.
If he can do it, why can’t I? Tell her that if she pays for my school fees and my living expenses, I am willing to recognise her as my godmother.
With just some money, she’ll get a godson like me, she wouldn’t refuse something like that.
Hurry and go ask her!”

Xie Guoxu, “Alright, I’ll call her and ask.”

As soon as Xie Zi’an hung up, the bell for class rang.

His class teacher Zhang Gexin turned around the corner, running into Xie Zi’an.
Seeing that he was still standing in the corridor holding a phone, his expression turned stern, “What are you standing around foolishly for? Aren’t you going to class?”

Xie Zi’an responded lowly.
Just as he was about to leave, Zhang Gexin called out to him again, “Xie Zi’an, if I catch you playing games again during self-study, I will call your parents over.”

Xie Zi’an panicked.
He hurriedly promised, “Teacher, it won’t happen a second time.”

Zhang Gexin said, “Go to class.”

Xie Zi’an immediately ran off.

The author has something to say:
I must help Little Qin clarify: His ability is actually very good.
Can do it seven times a night (not)
Xing Xing: So why aren’t you willing to do it with me?
Little Qin: If I do it when you tell me to do it, I lose my dignity Q^Q

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