Chapter 74

After Xie Zhongxing said this, he heard Qin Zhongyue ask, “Who are you going to marry?”
You’re asking me this? Xie Zhongxing thought this to himself before answering equally as gently, “Guess.”
“Tall, rich and handsome.
I’m probably the only one who meets this requirement?” Qin Zhongyue swallowed nervously, “Why did you kiss me just now?”
Xie Zhongxing, “You ask too many questions.
I don’t know which one I should answer.”
Qin Zhongyue sniffled.
The nasal sound in his voice was a lot better now, “Then just answer the last question.”
Xie Zhongxing turned to look at him.
There was faint brilliance in his eyes, “You still want me to tell you? I thought you already understood.”
Qin Zhongyue looked down at Xie Zhongxing’s ruddy lips and suddenly lowered his head and gave him a lightning fast peck on the lips.
Xie Zhongxing, “……”
He pursed his lips and looked at Qin Zhongyue.
Qin Zhongyue giggled, “So soft, heheh.”
Xie Zhongxing’s cheeks flushed red.
He looked out the window and said in a small voice, “Silly dog.”
Qin Zhongyue took in Xie Zhongxing’s tone and noticed that the other party wasn’t angry.
He clearly wanted him to kiss him!
If he knew this earlier, he would have pressed him down and kissed him like crazy!!
Qin Zhongyue reached over and gently wrapped his hand around the back of Xie Zhongxing’s neck.
He exhaled a warm breath, “Xing Xing, look at me.”
Xie Zhongxing’s tone was calm, “No.”
But as soon as he was done saying this, his entire body immediately froze up.
Goosebumps formed all throughout his body and his mind turned hazy—-
Qin Zhongyue was kissing the back of his neck.
Just the thought of this made Xie Zhongxing soft all over.
Qin Zhongyue wasn’t only kissing him, he was even licking the skin back there with his warm and slippery tongue.

At this moment, Qin Zhongyue suddenly spoke up, his words destroying the current mood, “Xing Xing, the mole on the back of your neck has turned bigger haha.”
Xie Zhongxing, “…..”
Xie Zhongxing turned to look at him, “You were kissing my mole?”

Qin Zhongyue, “Yeah.
You also have a mole on the back of your neck.
It’s very cute.”
Xie Zhongxing, “……..”
He fell into thought for a few seconds before raising the corners of his lips and gently whispering in his ear, “I still have a few other moles on my body.
Do you want to kiss them?”
Qin Zhongyue subconsciously replied, “I do……”
Xie Zhongxing then continued, “Then when we have the chance to in the future, I’ll take my clothes off and let you kiss them, okay?”
Qin Zhongyue’s eyes widened.
Just as he was about to say something, Xie Zhongxing covered his mouth, “But you have to promise me that, at times like this, you should talk a little less, okay?”
Qin Zhongyue looked at him with some confusion.
He didn’t know if it was just his imagination but he felt that the current Xie Zhongxing was extremely alluring.
So alluring, it made his heart race like crazy.
Unable to speak, he could only nod foolishly.
Xie Zhongxing smiled.
He leaned closer and lightly kissed the back of the hand that was covering Qin Zhongyue’s mouth.
Before moving away, he raised his eyes to look at Qin Zhongyue, his eyes bright like the starry sky.
Qin Zhongyue's mind was completely blank.
With reddened eyes, he subconsciously stuck out his tongue to receive Xie Zhongxing’s kiss but was only able to come into contact with Xie Zhongxing’s soft palm.
That palm prevented the two of them from kissing.
Qin Zhongyue reached out to pry away Xie Zhongxing’s hand.
His eyes were filled with intense desire.
He wanted to kiss Xie Zhongxing!
But Xie Zhongxing was the first to move.
He moved back and also retracted his hand and said gently to Qin Zhongyue, “We’re almost at school.”

His face was bright red and even his ears were red.
He picked up his scarf, wrapped it around his neck and looked out the window.
He had done all of that without giving Qin Zhongyue a chance to react.
Qin Zhongyue could only stare at him dejectedly, “Fine.”
After this small episode, Qin Zhongyue’s mood had improved a lot.
Xie Zhongxing glanced at Qin Zhongyue’s reflection through the car window.
He was also looking out the window.
Xie Zhongxing gently raised the hand that covered Qin Zhongyue’s mouth and used it to cover his own.
He then proceeded to stretch out his tongue and lightly lick the same place Qin Zhongyue had licked.
Rich sweetness filled his chest.
Even in the middle of winter, he felt warm inside.
Half a month later, Qin Zhongyue received a call from Li Jun.
Neither of them spoke.
After a long period of silence, Li Jun finally spoke up, “You are really too cruel.”
Qin Zhongyue, “Are you trying to plead for their sake?”
Li Jun, “I don’t have that intention.”
Qin Zhongyue continued, “If I really didn’t care about Xie Zhongxing, would he be played with and passed around by those three scums because of me? How dare they.
Just the thought of Xie Zhongxing becoming ruined and losing everything because of me makes me….I just want to kill them!”
Qin Zhongyue who used to be gentle and easy to talk to could also speak harshly like this when angered.
Li Jun was silent for a long time before he spoke up, “You’re serious about Xie Zhongxing?”
Qin Zhongyue, “Yes, I am serious! It can’t be anyone but him!”
Li Jun didn’t speak.
Qin Zhongyue said, “You don’t understand, I know that you don’t understand.
You have never had feelings like this.
Since you were a child, you have never taken anything seriously; you don’t respect others nor do you cherish yourself.
It will be the same in the future too.
People are only gathered by your side for your money.
Who would actually treat you sincerely without caring for your money?”
Qin Zhongyue continued, “If you still regard me as a good friend, don’t try to persuade me and don’t speak ill of Xing Xing anymore.”

Li Jun, “……..En.”
He ended the call and looked towards Jiang Cheng and the others, “You heard that? He’s not that easy to talk to now.”
Jiang Cheng chewed nervously on his nails, “I clearly spread the news about him liking men and ensured that Qin Xiangqian would find out about it too but why is nothing happening??”

He looked very panicked and anxious.
He didn’t actually expect Qin Zhongyue to do something like this to his family.
Although a skinny camel was still bigger than a horse, his family had lost tens of millions over the past half a month.
This wasn’t a small amount for his family.
If things continued this way, his family would be completely ruined.
Li Jun took in their appearance and gently sighed, “I knew this was going to happen.
Why did you have to provoke him?”
Jiang Cheng, “I need to talk to him! At worst, I’ll just go down on my knees and beg him and also apologise to that rabbit! Shouldn’t that be enough? Surely, he’ll forgive me? We all grew up together after all….”
He continued to mutter on with no intention to repent.
He still referred to Xie Zhonging as a rabbit.
Li Jun exhaled, “I’m leaving.”
He left the bar, lit a cigarette and slowly took a drag.
He watched as the smoke floated up into the air and recalled Qin Zhongyue’s words.
Shouldn’t people like them just treat the world as if it was a game? How could Qin Zhongyue be able to keep his body so clean and maintain abstinence this entire time, even taking pride in preserving his best self for his future partner?
In all honesty, Li Jun didn’t understand feelings like this, but for a short moment, he was left stunned.
Even if he didn’t understand, there was a short period of time where he felt an inexplicable emotion surge inside him, making his heart tremble slightly.
What kind of emotion was this? Li Jun touched his chest.
He didn’t understand but he wanted to understand.
In fact, Qin Zhongyue was the type to easily get distracted.
This was also why, even despite having done it plenty of times in his previous life and having regained a youthful body in this life, he didn’t directly throw himself onto Xie Zhongxing.
It was generally because his attention would be redirected just before he actually takes action whenever he has the urge to do it.

Like right now, there were only the two of them in the dormitory room.
The two of them were huddled together at the same desk doing their homework but had unconsciously started to move closer and closer to each other.
Feeling Xie Zhongxing’s warmth, Qin Zhongyue felt restless inside.
He remembered the kiss in the car from a while back and subconsciously swallowed.
The restlessness inside him naturally could be seen on his face.
He glanced repeatedly at Xie Zhongxing’s gorgeous side profile before finally asking, “Isn’t it getting a little hot?”
Xie Zhongxing raised his eyes and looked at him, his eyes a little bright, “….It is a little.”
Qin Zhongyue, “Then can I take off my shirt?”
Xie Zhongxing, “That might not be good?”
Qin Zhongyue exclaimed confidently, “There’s only the two of us here.
What is there to be afraid of?”
Although Xie Zhongxing appeared calm, his cheeks were a little flushed, “En, then you can take it off.”
Qin Zhongyue proceeded to take off his thin knitted sweater, revealing his strong and fair upper body.
He subconsciously began to pose, “Look at my pectoral muscles!”
Xie Zhongxing looked at him.
He wanted to laugh but he didn’t, “Those muscles still need work.”
Qin Zhongyue scratched his head, “Haa, it’s because I’ve been too busy recently.
I haven’t had the chance to lift weights.”
Xie Zhongxing, “But it still looks good.”
Qin Zhongyue was very well-built, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.
The muscles on his shoulders and back were also not too exaggerated, it was just right.
It was a gorgeous physique that any man or woman would drool over.
Xie Zhongxing had to admit that he was attracted to Qin Zhongyue’s body.
At this moment, he couldn’t control where his eyes were looking.
Xie Zhongxing looked down at the sweater he wore for a while and moved to take it off.
But just as he raised the hem of his sweater, revealing a large expanse of his pale waist, Qin Zhongyue grabbed his hand and pulled the sweater back down, “Don’t take it off.
I’m the one who’s sweating, you’re not sweating!”
He quickly added, “My physique is good, I’m not afraid of the cold, just not very good with the heat.
You’re different.
You might catch a cold if you take it off!”

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