Chapter 75

It had been snowing heavily the last few days.
When you go out, your entire feet would sink in and the temperature was negative ten degrees, very cold.
But this winter was probably the warmest winter Xie Zhongxing had ever experienced – because there was heating and he also had Qin Zhongyue with him.
The stocks Qin Zhongyue had made him buy had suddenly risen rapidly in value during this winter.
In the span of two short months, the five hundred thousand he had invested had increased to three million in value.
Qin Zhongyue tried to gain credit from Xie Zhongxing, “Didn’t I say that it would increase? But don’t sell it yet.
It’ll go even higher next year.”
Xie Zhongxing asked, “How can you be so certain?”
Qin Zhongyue immediately put on a mysterious expression, “Because I am the chosen one.
I can predict the future!”
Xie Zhongxing raised a brow, “Predict the future? I don’t believe it.”
Qin Zhongyue said, “Why don’t you believe it? Didn’t you make money?”
“You could’ve just got lucky.” Xie Zhongxing answered seriously.
Qin Zhongyue was upset, “It can’t possibly be luck!”
Xie Zhongxing helped think of another reason for him, “Then you have inside information.”
Qin Zhongyue angrily accused, “You don’t believe me at all!”
Xie Zhongxing was speechless for a while before he spoke up, “Alright, I believe you.”
“Spoken so reluctantly.” Qin Zhongyue pouted.
He thought for a while and proceeded to take out a map, “I bought land here.
Speaking honestly, in our country, in the short run, the land here is the most profitable piece of land.
If the government policy is changed, the value of this plot of land here would increase by several hundred times.
What I have to do right now is to buy the rest of the land here before the policy change comes into effect.”
He pointed at a certain piece of land and said to Xie Zhongxing, “This one here would be available at the beginning of the year.
Look here.
The location is very good, suitable for an airport, a commercial street or a high-end villa district.”
Xie Zhongxing agreed with his words, Sometimes, investing was just like this.
You speculate the possible policy changes based on the current trends and if your estimates are correct, your worth would increase.
Qin Zhongyue pointed to another piece of land and drew a circle.
His tone contained suppressed excitement, “And this small city, it’s very close to us.
In the future, there will be more and more people in the capital and the capital will expand to include this city here, making the land value increase several dozens to several hundred folds.
That’s why I bought a lot of land here too.”
Xie Zhongxing could sense the excitement in his words and was a little confused, “Inside information?”
Qin Zhongyue said with complete confidence, “It’s my intuition!”
Xie Zhongxing, “……”

Xie Zhongxing repeated the words he had said to himself multiple times until now, hypnotising himself to believe in Qin Zhongyue, before calmly speaking up, “Then that’s pretty good.”
Qin Zhongyue suddenly said shyly, “I’ll give you all the money I make in the future, okay?”
Xie Zhongxing now had a different understanding of those words.
He felt that Qin Zhongyue was rather different compared to others when saying things like this.
But in some senses, it might be more pragmatic? More economic?
Xie Zhongxing lightly cleared his throat and said jokingly, “If that’s the case, giving you a thousand a day as spending money won’t be a bad idea.”
Qin Zhongyue was shocked, “A thousand a day?”
Xie Zhongxing said, “Yeah.
A thousand a day.”
Qin Zhongyue put on a show to decline, “That’s too much! I can’t spend it all!”
Xie Zhongxing, “Oh, then let’s do thirty a day.”
Qin Zhongyue, “……..”
Qin Zhongyue, “I think I can still do with a bit more….”

Xie Zhongxing laughed.
Although he already understood Qin Zhongyue’s feelings and determination, the pressure placed upon him was even heavier.
After all, his background wasn’t very good and he was also a man.
Although Qin Zhongyue’s father was very kind to him, the kinder he was to him, the more burden Xie Zhongxing felt.
Zhong Yiming’s mother’s rampage was still vivid in his mind.
He didn’t want to bring Qin Zhongyue any harm because of his status as a male.
And he was indeed greedy for Qin Zhongyue’s sincere feelings.
He was reluctant to let him go.

So it didn’t matter if Qin Zhongyue didn’t explicitly tell him that he likes him.
He could temporarily put that aside and get along with him as per usual.
He only wished to excel.
To reach a stage where he could stand shoulder to shoulder with Qin Zhongyue.
Only then would he be able to solemnly face Qin Zhongyue’s father and ask for his permission for them to be together.
With unprecedented ambition growing in his heart, Xie Zhongxing subsequently became very busy.
On a certain day, Xie Zhongxing received another message from Shi Yanyu.
That’s right.
Over the past month, Shi Yanyu hadn’t been absent for a single day.
Every day, he would transfer two hundred and then thousand and now, he had more than six hundred thousand in his account.
This wasn’t a small amount.
It made Shi Yanyu very annoyed, “Today we must go on a date.
Wouldn’t it hurt your conscience if we didn’t?”
Because Xie Zhongxing originally had no intention to accept the money, his conscience wasn’t hurt, “It won’t.”
Although Shi Yanyu didn’t use any exclamation marks, the annoyance in his tone couldn’t be concealed, “I heard about the recent incident where Qin Zhongyue cut off ties with those trashy friends of his.
This is my chance to step up.
Don’t hide from me and let me pursue you.
I’ll continue to send you money.”
Xie Zhongxing, “……”
Xie Zhongxing asked, “You really don’t like Qin Zhongyue?”
Shi Yanyu, “Like him? You think everyone’s the same as you and they all like men? I am heterosexual.”
Xie Zhongxing, “Let’s do this.
Let’s make a deal.”
Shi Yanyu, “What deal?”
Xie Zhongxing, “I’ll bring Qin Zhongyue over and you two can have a chat.
If after it is over and you two are still unable to become friends, don’t waste your energy.”
Shi Yanyu fell silent.
Xie Zhongxing continued, “You don’t need to make it so troublesome.”
Shi Yanyu forced out, “Fine.”
Xie Zhongxing then transferred back the money he had sent over and told Qin Zhongyue about this matter.
When Qin Zhongyue heard this, he subconsciously wanted to refuse.
He had nothing to talk about with Shi Yanyu.
He then suddenly remembered Xie Zhongxing’s words from before and asked unhappily, “Have you forgotten already?”

Xie Zhongxing, “Forgotten what?”
Qin Zhongyue frantically hinted, “Ignoring him!”
Xie Zhongxing remembered now.
He had indeed forgotten about that.
He thought for a moment and said, “What do you want?”
Qin Zhongyue rubbed his hands and said shyly, “You said anything is okay, right?”
Xie Zhongxing for some reason felt a little nervous, “En, it’s okay.”
Qin Zhongyue embraced him and whispered into his ear, “Then want to watch those films with me?”
Xie Zhongxing, “…..”
Xie Zhongxing, “Just that?”
Qin Zhongyue, “Just that.”
Xie Zhongxing, “You can actually request for something more perverted.”
Qin Zhongyue, “Then let’s watch it all night?”
Xie Zhongxing, “……”
Xie Zhongxing, “You think watching those films all night is perverted?”
Qin Zhongyue moved back a little and nodded his head firmly, “Extremely perverted! Very lewd!”
Xie Zhongxing expressionlessly gave him a thumbs up, “You really are pure and virgin.”
Qin Zhongyue blushed, “Don’t praise me.
I don’t think I’ll be one soon.”
Xie Zhongxing, “?”
Qin Zhongyue, “Because you will ruthlessly destroy my virgin body.” After saying that, he covered his face shyly.
Xie Zhongxing, “…..”
With ‘I do not have any of those desires’ written on his face, Xie Zhongxing said, “No, I won’t.
I don’t want your stupid virgin body.
I don’t deserve it.”

Qin Zhongyue, “?”
Qin Zhongyue insisted seriously, “You can’t say that about yourself, you should be more confident.
You are the only one in this world who deserves my virgin body.
Only you can defile me!”
Xie Zhongxing, “….”
Fucking hell.
For the first time, he swore internally.
Probably because Xie Zhongxing’s expression was poor, Qin Zhongyue eventually agreed to go with Xie Zhongxing to see Shi Yanyu.
Qin Zhongyue currently wasn’t in the mood to make new friends.
He had even become more concerned about what the people around him thought of Xie Zhongxing.
So when they met and he saw Shi Yanyu open the car door for Xie Zhongxing, his impression of Shi Yanyu had slightly improved.
He seems to respect Xie Zhongxing, Qin Zhongyue thought this.
But he then remembered.
This damned Shi Yanyu is approaching Xie Zhongxing with other intentions! His expression immediately darkened again.
But Shi Yanyu didn’t speak much to them as they made their way to the place.
The three of them quietly arrived at a private restaurant to have lunch together.
Shi Yanyu was very thoughtful.
He smoothly moved to help serve Xie Zhongxing his tea.
He didn’t appear impatient at all.
Even if he wanted to speak to Qin Zhongyue, they would often find themselves throwing harsh words at each other a few words later.
He wasn’t the type of person to continue to approach someone who didn’t welcome him so he held himself back.
Xie Zhongxing spoke up first.
He asked, “Do any of you two have anything you want to say?”
Qin Zhongyue grumbled, “I have nothing to say to him.”
The smile on Shi Yanyu’s face was gone.
The air was uncomfortable.
Xie Zhongxing spoke up again, “You two can start by talking about each other’s positive traits.”
Qin Zhongyue complained, “He has positive traits? I can’t think of any.”
Xie Zhongxing, “He’s handsome.
Isn’t he handsome?”
Qin Zhongyue, “…..”
Qin Zhongyue’s jealousy was strong enough to pierce the sky, “I don’t need to you give me the answer!”
After Qin Zhongyue said this, he looked at Shi Yanyu and said critically, “Looks are not bad, handcrafting is your forte too.
Made me Tiga from Ultraman once.”
Shi Yanyu, “….I’ve told you multiple times already, that’s not Tiga, that’s Taro, you fake Tiga fan.”

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