In the afternoon after school, Xie Zhongxing was called to the office by Wang Yuxue.

As soon as Xie Zhongxing entered the office, he felt the gazes of several teachers falling onto him, their eyes containing an obvious look of pity.

Xie Zhongxing paused for a moment before lowering his eyes and walking over to Wang Yuxue’s side.
He called out in a low voice, “Teacher Wang.”

Wang Yuxue glanced at the others and then looked at Xie Zhongxing.
She thought over her words carefully and, using the least number of words, she explained to him the matter of Xie Guoxu coming to find her.

Xie Zhongxing however wasn’t surprised when he heard this.

In fact, if he hadn’t joined hands with Wang Yuxue to lie to his family, he probably would not have even been able to attend high school in the first place.

He had never held any expectations for Xie Guoxu and them, and even if he once did in the past, with him now at this age, he no longer expected anything.

Wang Yuxue asked, “I strongly refused on my end, but I’m worried that he might come to school instead.
When that time comes……..”

She didn’t finish the rest of her words, but Xie Zhongxing also knew what she was trying to say.

To be honest, hiding such a big lie for two entire years was already a big feat.
Being unable to maintain this lie any longer was within expectations.

Wang Yuxue said, “You have very good grades.
Getting into Tsinghua and Peking University is almost guaranteed.
You should have a proper chat with your parents, maybe the situation could get better.”

Xie Zhongxing shook his head, “It’s no use.”

No matter how good he was, Xie Guoxu and them would only find it an eyesore.

Xie Zi’an is one year younger than him but the two are in the same grade.
Once, when they were in elementary school, Xie Zi’an had scored 70 and 80 in an exam while he had scored 100 in both, but he not only didn’t get praised, Liu Xiu had even accused him of deliberately trying to poke Xie Zi’an’s sore spot.
Towards his seven-year-old self, she was able to throw out all sorts of profanities.

At that time, he understood.
No matter how excellent he was, his family wouldn’t be happy about it and would instead find it an eyesore.
Since then, he did his best trying not to be better than Xie Zi’an, hiding away from the limelight, and even deliberately failed his junior high school entrance exam, enrolling into the worst junior high school in the town before performing normally during his high school entrance exam and being admitted into Nanyang High School.

Because of his performances over those years, they didn’t doubt the lies he told them.

Wang Yuxue had dealt with Xie Guoxu a number of times and from each of their conversations, she could see what kind of person he was.
Toxic masculinity and cares a lot about his reputation; he probably wasn’t one who liked to be lied to.
When he finally finds out the truth, Xie Zhongxing may still be able to continue studying, but other things like the scholarship and living expenses would probably be gone.

If he wanted to make a fuss at school, it wouldn’t be good.

Apart from letting the father and son communicate in private, Wang Yuxue couldn’t do anything else.

Xie Zhongxing also understood that this was a matter that could only be solved by himself.
He bid farewell to Wang Yuxue and returned to the classroom.

There was obvious frustration in his eyes and his mood was no longer calm.
There was a faint flash in his peripheral vision, but he didn’t pay it any attention.

Zhong Yiming sat next to him and asked quietly, “Why did Teacher Wang call for you?”

Xie Zhongxing suppressed the emotions in his eyes and responded calmly, “It’s nothing.”

Zhong Yiming took in his expression and whispered, “Really nothing?”

Xie Zhongxing, “Really nothing.”

He didn’t like to confide to others about his private affairs.


Zhang Xinyue touched up her latest photos and posted it up onto the forum.
The post she made last time had already received numerous comments and in order to keep it going, she continued to update it with Xie Zhongxing’s photos.

Lz301L: [Picture] [Picture] Can’t our school have a school idol competition? He will surely come first!

Comments quickly followed.

302L: These photos are so clear.
Wow, that face is amazing, so pale, can’t see any pores.
OP which class are you in? I want to come and have a look!

303L: Upstairs is probably in first year? That’s a senior in third year.
Every year, there will always be someone asking which class he’s in.

309L: So good looking.
Lick face lick face.

317L: OP send a few more photos! Motto motto! I have already saved them all.
I must show them to my sisters! (KKnotes: Motto is Japanese for more)

Zhang Xinyue happily withdrew from her post and looked at the other posts.
Seeing that none of them had as many comments as hers, she couldn’t help but feel proud.
This was her first time receiving so much attention!

So happy!

In Fifth High School’s dormitory, Jin Rui received a photo from her sister Jin Kui who was studying at Nanyang.
Jin Kui’s tone was proud, “This is our school’s school idol.
Does your school have a school idol? Is he as handsome as him?”

Jin Rui zoomed in on the photo and carefully examined it before replying, “He’s alright.”

Jin Kui: “Just alright?”

Jin Kui: [Photo] [Photo]

Jin Kui: “Look at the photos properly first before speaking.”

Jin Rui: “Just so-so.”

Jin Kui was annoyed, “What dogshit! You call that just so-so? Do you have anyone else in your eyes except your stupid boyfriend?”

Jin Riu said, “What are you swearing for? You’d better watch it or I’ll take a screenshot and tell mum.”

Jin Kui’s tone immediately softened, “I’ll give you another chance.
You should be honest and believe in the voice in your heart.
There are so many tall and handsome guys in this world, why must you find such a useless boyfriend?”

Jin Rui took a closer look at the new photos that were sent over and suddenly asked, “Don’t you think your school’s school idol looks a little like my boyfriend?”

Jin Kui, “Ptui! Your stupid man can be compared with him? He should take a piss and look at his reflection.
He looks more like Zhu Bajie!” (KKnotes: Zhu Bajie is one of the main characters in Journey to the West that looks like a pig)

Jin Rui, “…..Kids shouldn’t be cursing.”

Jin Kui, “I’m just saying the truth.”

Jin Rui, “……It’s just a little similar.
Xie Zi’an is indeed not as good looking as him.”

Jin Kui was happy, “Then you should break up with Xie Zi’an.
I’ll help you get this brother’s number.”

Before Jin Rui could respond, Xie Zi’an’s call came.
Jin Rui hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Wifey, do you have any money? Lend me 50.”

Please read this from kk translates

“……” Jin Rui, “I lent you 300 last time and you haven’t paid me back yet.”

Xie Zi’an was angered, “Do you really have to be like this? Oh I know, are you hooking up with someone else now? No wonder you’ve been so cold to me recently.
Turns out you already have someone else…..”

Seeing that his words were getting more and more ridiculous, Jin Rui could only interrupt him, “I didn’t mean it that way.
I’m currently in the dormitory.
You come over, I’ll go down and give it to you.”

Xie Zi’an’s tone immediately changed, “I knew my wife treats me the best.
I love you wifey.”

Jin Rui fixed up her clothes, sighed and went downstairs.

As soon as she left, the others in the room immediately started to talk, “Jin Rui’s boyfriend is asking to borrow money again.
Tsk, and she’s really giving it to him.”

“Does she lack men that much? No shame.”

Outside the dormitory building, Jin Rui gave Xie Zi’an a fifty yuan note and asked, “What are you borrowing the money for?”

Xie Zi’an replied, “To get a ride.
I’m going to Nanyang to find someone.”

Jin Rui asked, “Who?”

Xie Zi’an, “Just need them for something.”

He then continued mysteriously, “If I succeed, I may be able to transfer to Nanyang.”

Jin Rui was surprised, “Transferring while you’re in third year?”

It wouldn’t be easy transferring when you’re in third year.

Xie Zi’an didn’t say anything else and just waved his hand and left.

Jin Rui returned and told Jin Kui about this matter and asked her to take care of Xie Zi’an on her end.

Jin Kui snorted, “Take care my ass.
He’s already a teenager yet you need to take care of him like his mother?”

Jin Rui sent her a red envelop, “Please.”

Jin Kui accepted the money and reluctantly agreed.


Jin Kui did as Jin Rui requested and went to the school gates to wait for Xie Zi’an when it was about time for him to arrive.

Nanyang High School’s security wasn’t very strict.
As long as you didn’t look like someone who mingled with the wrong people, you are generally allowed to enter.

With Xie Zi’an’s not so bad appearance, the guard sitting on the chair didn’t even move.

Jin Kui looked at Xie Zi’an who was a little shorter than her and couldn’t conceal the faint disgust in her eyes, “Xie Zi’an, here.”

Xie Zi’an saw her and came over.
He looked at Jin Kui up and down and said, “You sisters look really alike.”

Jin Kui rolled her eyes, “Of course twins look alike.”

Xie Zi’an’s gaze fell onto her chest which was bigger than Jin Rui’s.
Jin Kui immediately asked in disdain, “Who are you looking for?! After you find them, hurry back to your school!”

Faced with her bad tone, Xie Zi’an was also displeased, “You know I can be considered as your brother-in-law? Don’t you know what manners are? Your parents didn’t teach you anything did they?”

Jin Kui was almost about to faint with anger.
Brother-in-law my ass! “Stop talking nonsense and tell me who the fuck you’re looking for or I’ll get the security guard to kick you out!”

Xie Zi’an also didn’t want to waste time talking to her, “Xie Zhongxing.
I’m looking for Xie Zhongxing.
Which class is he in?”

Jin Kui was surprised for a moment.
Her tone gradually calmed back down, “Why are you looking for him?”

Xie Zi’an puffed up his chest, “He’s my older brother.
I need to find him for something.”

Jin Kui looked at him up and down and snorted, “Actual brother?”

Xie Zi’an could sense her ridicule.
He was annoyed, “What are you laughing at?”

Jin Kui said, “No way, you two really are brothers? Then this really is a case of an exceptional child coming from a lowly background.
Why didn’t you get any of your brother’s good genes? Isn’t the difference between you two too much?”

Please read this from kk translates

The moment he heard this, all the blood rushed to Xie Zi’an’s head, “What did you say?!”

Jin Kui continued, “I’m saying that your brother is much better than you.
He’s taller than you and more handsome than you.
Oh right, he’s also smarter than you.
He’s first in his grade.
Do you know what it means to be first in the grade? The first in the grade last year got into Tsinghua University.
If nothing unexpected happens, he’s pretty much guaranteed entry into Tsinghua and Peking University! Your school may have been alright the last couple of years but in recent years hasn’t it been going downhill? With your 500 or so rank, you can just pick from one of those second- or third-rate universities~ Also, let me tell you the truth, my older sister will be going abroad after the college entrance examination.
She probably forgot to tell you since she is too busy taking care of a giant baby like you.
I hope you become a little more self-aware and don’t be a toad who wants to eat swan meat.
If it was your older brother, I would raise both hands in favour.
If it wasn’t because they’re both not old enough, I would have already brought them straight to the bureau to register their marriage.
As for you, forget it.
I would be too worried that my nephew would be born defective.” (KKnotes: Toad who wants to eat swan meat: Craving for something that they are not worthy of)

Her vicious words fired like cannons, smashing into Xie Zi’an’s ears, rendering his vision blurry.
He didn’t have the energy to reply as the Jin Kui’s words continued to reverberate in his mind, “Your brother is first in the grade…..
Tsinghua and Peking University……”

Xie Zi’an’s expression distorted hideously, “……Xie Zhongxing is first in his grade?”

Jiu Kui caught her breath.
Hearing his question, she raised a brow, “That’s right, he’s first in the grade! He is ranked first every year and gets a scholarship every year! You two are clearly brothers but how can there be such a big difference? Are you sure you two are really related?”

Xie Zi’an no longer talked about going to find Xie Zhongxing.
His expression was extremely ugly.
He turned to leave.

Jin Kui hooked up the corners of her lips and called out, “Didn’t you say that you’re here to find your brother? Not looking for him anymore?!”

Xie Zi’an ignored her.
He quickly disappeared outside the school.

Jin Kui took out her phone and sent a message to Jin Rui, “Big sister, can you believe it? Your stupid boyfriend came to Nanyang to find our school’s school idol.”

Jin Rui: “?”

Jin Kui: “It’s true.
Didn’t you say that they look a little alike? Although I couldn’t see it, Xie Zi’an said just now that the school idol is his older brother.
How ridiculous.
In what way are those two alike?”

Jin Kui: “I heard that the school idol’s family is very poor, and he would only order vegetables at the school cafeteria and wear the school uniform because he didn’t have any other clothes to wear, but didn’t Xie Zi’an say that his family is quite rich?”

Jin Rui asked, “……What are you trying to say?”

Jin Kui: “It means that something isn’t right!”

Jin Rui: “……What isn’t right?”

Jin Kui: “I still have to think about that.”

Jin Rui: “………..”

The author has something to say:
Little Qin: I didn’t see wifey again today.
Little Qin: I miss wifey QAQ

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