It had been four months since Qin Zhongyue started his ‘investments’.
Xie Zhongxing noticed that many of Qin Zhongyue’s predictions had actually come true.

Like right now, Xie Zhongxing watched as a certain IT company managed to raise a hundred million in capital, resulting in their stocks increasing by 50%.
All the money he had invested had increased several folds, totalling to an almost ten fold return.Moreover, Qin Zhongyue even insisted that their stocks would continue increasing and would eventually become one of the top leaders in the industry in the future so selling it now would be foolish.Xie Zhongxing who wanted to sell, “………”He could only maintain his silence and sold a small portion to use as a liquid asset.Xie Zhongxing’s seniors were all very talented and skilled.
The small games they had made became instantly popular and were sold to big game companies, allowing them to earn ten of thousands to hundreds of thousands for each of them.Over the past month, they worked on another card game.
In just half a month, there had been tens of millions of downloads of this game.
It was a promising start.
The game company from before however only offered a low price of one hundred thousand which the seniors weren’t happy about so they urged Xie Zhongxing to find another company to work with.Making small games and selling them was actually just for the sake of accumulating funds.
Their future goal was to create an era of holographic games.Xie Zhongxing joined because he felt that this goal seemed feasible.On this day, Xie Zhongxing met up with the manager of another large game manufacturer and showed him the bright future of his card game.Xie Zhongxing didn’t speak much during high school but he could now talk to strangers calmly and eloquently with a smile on his face.There was a look of confidence in his beautiful eyes, making him shine bright like a star.But when facing a confident young man like him, the manager of the game manufacturer was a little distracted.
His eyes constantly wandered around Xie Zhongxing’s waist and lower body, the lust in his eye almost tangible.

Xie Zhongxing was very perceptive.
He quickly noticed the look in the manager's eyes but he still managed to calmly finish his presentation.He asked politely, “May I ask what you think about this?”The manager smiled, “I think it’s very good, it’s just what our company needs.
But although I may think it’s good, the superiors may not necessarily say the same.
After all, we have many people coming to us to promote their games so we’re not lacking in good games.
Although your card game has a promising future, our company doesn’t lack promising games.”In response to the clear hints in his words, Xie Zhongxing asked calmly, “Then what else do you need us to do?”The manager reached out to hold Xie Zhongxing’s hand but Xie Zhongxing was able to quickly avoid it.
He however wasn’t angry and just continued with a smile, “I think you look pretty good.
From the documents I have here, I can see that you also attend a good university.
You have a promising future, young man, but in this society, you won’t be able to get far just relying on talent and hard work.
Sometimes, you just need a bit of luck to be able to succeed.”If Xie Zhongxing didn’t understand what he was trying to say, he would’ve lived all these years in vain.
He raised a brow and revealed a faint look of hesitation, “So?”The manager smiled and his tone softened, “So you can rely on other things.
For example, your body.”Xie Zhongxing pretended to be taken aback, “My body?”The manager no longer put on his facade.
He said very bluntly, “If you sleep with me, I will help you and even get you an offer of five hundred thousand for your game, what do you think?”Xie Zhongxing, “Our expectation for our card game is six hundred thousand.
After all, as long as you give it two years, you would be able to earn tens of millions in profit.
If your company is willing to split the profits, then we can accept three hundred thousand.
We just want 30% of the profits.”The manager scoffed at this, “You are too naive.
As I said, our company has seen many of these garbage games already.
One hundred thousand is already a good offer considering your prestigious educational background but you want six hundred thousand? You really think this game is that good? Just tell me.
Five hundred thousand, yes or no?”Xie Zhongxing, “……”The vein on his forehead bulged but he continued to speak politely, “Looks like we are unable to reach a consensus with your company.
In that case, I should take my leave.
I wish you good luck in your endeavours.”

After saying that, he took back his USB drive and got ready to leave.The manager called out after him, “I have seen plenty of arrogant young men like you before.
They all ended up giving in.
Don’t think that even if our company doesn’t buy it, another company will.
I’m warning you, as soon as I say the word, no one will buy your game.
If you don’t believe it, just wait and see!”Xie Zhongxing left without looking back.When he returned to the office rented by his two seniors and was met with their earnest and inquiring eyes, he remained silent.One of the seniors was surnamed Kong, his full name Kong Tianhao.
With a talent for art and aesthetics, he was responsible for the visual aspects of the game.
The other senior was surnamed Huang, his full name Huang Senmaio.
He was in charge of the programming of the game.
Xie Zhongxing on the other hand was in charge of the game script.With clear division of labour, the three of them got along very well.
Except for small differences when making the games, they almost didn’t have any arguments.Kong Tianhao prepared tea for Xie Zhongxing and asked, “How was it? Yuntong Company can be considered a big company so surely they can afford to pay six hundred thousand? During the two hours you were gone, the number of downloads increased by another three hundred.
This game will definitely be successful.”Xie Zhongxing received the tea and told the two seniors about the threats he received.Kong Tianhao and Huang Senmiao looked at each other and said, “Are you serious? He can do that?”Xie Zhongxing, “I think so.”Kong Tianhao was angered, “Dammit, the gaming industry is so messed up.
It’s all because of people like them! Why should we be threatened by them when all we’ve been doing is working hard making our games?!”Huang Senmaio, “I have lost faith in this company.
For them to let this kind of old fogey be their manager, this company won’t last long!”Kong Tianhao, “Let’s try another place.”

Huang Senmiao took in Xie Zhongxing’s appearance and sighed, “Our junior brother is just too good-looking.
I originally thought we could take advantage of it but I didn’t expect him to directly propose something like that to you.
Forget it, I’ll go next time.
Let’s try another company.”When Huang Senmiao returned later that afternoon with a downcast look, Xie Zhongxing knew that the negotiation wasn’t successful.The manager from before still kept Xie Zhongxing’s number.
At an appropriate time, he called and said, “You understand now? As I said before, no one is going to buy your game.
If you understand then clean yourself up and come to room 501 at Jinyu Hotel.
Don’t make me wait too long.”As Xie Zhongxing had him on speaker, Kong Tianhao and Huang Senmiao heard everything.
After a moment of speechlessness, Kong Tianhao exploded, “Fuck that son of a bitch.
Who does he think he is?! Disgusting!”Huang Senmiao said, “Forget it, I’ll ask Jinyun Company.”Jinyun Company was the company they had been working with for a while but their low offer had prompted them to find another company.But after this call connected, the manager on the other end sounded troubled, “My apologies.
Even if you give it to us for free now, we don’t dare accept it.”Huang Senmiao asked, “Why?”The manager of Jinyun Company said, “I’ll just tell you this; you have offended the wrong person.
The manager of Yuntong Company is the president’s brother-in-law so he has a lot of power.
We don’t want to offend them because of a game.
Sorry, we can’t be of help here.
We don’t want your game anymore.”Huang Senmiao hung up and finally spoke up after a while, “Who is the president of Yuntong? Let’s search it up.”Kong Tianhao searched it up, “Song Xigu? Who is this person? I haven’t heard of him.”While the two of them fell silent, Xie Zhongxing spoke up, “Let’s manage this game ourselves.”Kong Tianhao, “Sure we can but we will need more time and money in order to do it.”Xie Zhongxing, “I’ll provide the funds.
I have money.”

Kong Tianhao and Huang Senmiao were stunned, “Are you serious?”The two of them were well aware of how frugal Xie Zhongxing was.
He usually only ate rice with two vegetable dishes and is reluctant to buy a laptop for himself even now.Xie Zhongxing, “I’m not lying.
I do have money.”Both of them were sceptical.
This continued until Xie Zhongxing showed them the balance on his card.
Their eyes almost fell out, “I never would’ve guessed.
Xie Zhongxing, where did all this money come from?”Xie Zhongxing just simply answered, “Stock market trading.”Both Kong Tianhao and Huang Senmiao let out a sigh of relief.
It was good that they had money.
Game development was something that required financial support.
That was why they had been making so many small games to gather up funds for their main objective.After the funding issue was addressed, they no longer worried about Yuntong Company.
But although they longer cared about the other party, the other party reached out to them again.A familiar man came to find Xie Zhongxing with the Yuntong manager in tow.Xie Zhongxing stopped in place and looked over.
He was quite handsome and tall but there were clear signs of ageing at the corners of his eyes, “Are you Xie Zhongxing? My apologies, I just found out that someone in my company has gone out of line….Huh? You look familiar.Xie Zhongxing, “……”He had a good memory.
Just from that one-time encounter, he recognised that this person was Qi Yaoming’s uncle.The man quickly realised, “I remember now, you’re Young Master Qin’s friend!” He turned to the manager and his tone hardened, “Aren’t you going to apologise to him? Do you know who he is? He’s Young Master Qin’s boyfriend! You think he is someone you can offend? Hurry and apologise to him!!!”The manager was no longer arrogant and domineering like last time.
He respectfully apologised to Xie Zhongxing with his forehead covered in sweat, “I was blind, I made a mistake.
I hope you can forgive me for my wrongdoings!”Xie Zhongxing, “…..”This exaggerated acting made him want to laugh.

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