As soon as Xie Zhongxing thought this, he really laughed.

Song Xigu who saw this thought he still had a chance so he hurriedly said, “Since it’s all a misunderstanding, why don’t I treat you to a meal?”Xie Zhongxing put away the smile on his face and replied, “Although it was a misunderstanding, he still offended me.
He can apologise to me but I don’t have to forgive and accept his apology.”Song Xigu was dumbfounded.
He immediately turned around and kicked the manager, “Show your sincerity.
You think he’s going to forgive you just because you asked him to forgive you? You are still this naive at this age? Hurry and apologise properly to him!”Wu Fu glared at him and proceeded to ask aggrievedly, “What should I do for you to forgive me?”Xie Zhongxing answered seriously, “Then you should slap yourself twenty times.
I might consider forgiving you after you do that.”As soon as those words were spoken, the other two realised that Xie Zhongxing’s wasn’t a soft little sheep but a man-eating wolf.
This method of humiliating another person was worse than what they had encountered before.Song Xigu weighed it up and felt that Xie Zhongxing was still more important so he shouted at Wu Fu, “Aren’t you going to do it? Next time you do something like this, you’re dead!”Wu Fu’s expression was dark but he had no choice but to lower his hand and slap his cheek lightly with a shaky hand.Xie Zhongxing, “Too light.”He originally didn’t intend on using Qin Zhongyue’s reputation but these people were the ones who started it so Xie Zhongxing didn’t hold back.Wu Fu could only hit himself a little harder.
Xie Zhongxing sighed, “Still too light.”Song Xigu couldn’t help but speak up, “Zhongxing, you should let him off.
It’s better not to take things too far.”Xie Zhongxing, “Oh, then I’ll let Uncle Qin know about this.
He’ll definitely be willing to help me.”Song Xigu was stunned.
He asked, “You’ve met Qin Xiangqian?”

Xie Zhongxing smiled, “What do you think?”As Xie Zhongxing said this, he took out his phone and called Qin Xiangqian.Qin Xiangqian answered it very quickly.
Because Xie Zhongxing had him on speaker, Song Xigu and Wu Fu could clearly hear everything.
Xie Zhongxing greeted Qin Xiangqian, “Uncle, are you busy right now?”Qin Xiangqian looked at the secretary next to him and made a gesture before answering, “I’m not busy.
What’s wrong, Xing Xing?”Xie Zhongxing, “Just reminding you that it’s dinner time.
Uncle should remember to eat.
Don’t ruin your body because you’re too busy to eat.”Qin Xiangqian was immediately put into a good mood, “Haa, only Xing Xing you care about me.
When would Zhongyue learn from you?”Xie Zhongxing said, “I ordered some stomach nourishing food for you so remember to eat it.”After Qin Xiangqian ended the call, he was still savouring Xie Zhongxing’s words.
He felt a surge of warmth inside him.It would be too much of a waste for a child like him to be given to his son.
He should just be his son instead.Qin Xiangqian was moved by his own thoughts.
He proceeded to message Qin Zhongyue, “You should work harder! Otherwise you can give me Zhongxing.”Qin Zhongyue, “Dad, you already have a wife.
Why are you trying to steal my wife?”Qin Xiangqian, “…..”Qin Zhongyue, “Oh, you don’t have one.
That’s why you’re jealous of me hehehe.”Qin Xiangqian expressionlessly threw his phone aside and said to his secretary, “Continue.”After Xie Zhongxing ended the call, he smiled at Song Xigu and Wu Fu.
Even if he didn’t say anything, it was scary enough for them.Wu Fu no longer hesitated.
He slapped himself twenty times with great force, until his cheeks were red and swollen, making him look like a pig’s head.

Xie Zhongxing looked at him and then at Song Xigu, “I’ve seen your sincerity.
You can go back now.”Song Xigu couldn’t help but speak up, “I can offer six hundred thousand for that game of yours.
I can see that it’s a good game and, as long as it has more than a hundred million downloads, it would be able to recoup the cost just from the advertisements.
I am very interested in it.”Xie Zhongxing said, “No need.
I have already found a buyer.”Song Xigu was stunned.
Xie Zhongxing continued, “After all, it’s easy to have it easy with the Qin family behind me, no?”Song Xigu was completely speechless.At this moment, Kong Tianhao and Huang Senmiao returned.
When they saw the two strangers, they were surprised for a moment before asking Xie Zhongxing, “Who are they?”Xie Zhongxing indicated with his chin, “Mr Song, Song Xigu, and beside him is the product manager, Mr Wu, Wu Fu.”The two of them naturally knew who they were.
Seeing them in person now, their expression immediately turned for the worse, “Why are you here? We’re not selling you the game so please leave!”Song Xigu, “Actually, besides standing up for you, I came here today because of one other thing.”Xie Zhongxing quietly looked at him.
Song Xigu endured the discomfort and continued, “It’s like this.
I have a younger sister who had a child that she had left behind.
His name was Xie Zhongxing.
I saw the information about you from the documents that were left in the conference room and your name caught my eye.
Along the way, I also found out about Wu Fu’s actions so I brought him here to apologise to you.
She is currently very ill and I’m thinking that she might feel better if she sees you.”Xie Zhongxing blinked a few times and suddenly felt that this was too ridiculous.
Today’s incident was clearly something Song Xigu had directed and acted out himself but now he’s saying things like that?If what he said was true, then he could be considered his uncle.
And if he thought further, it would mean that Qi Yaoming was his half brother.His uncle was despicable, his half brother tried to seduce Qin Zhongyue…then his mother…….Xie Zhongxing remained calm, “How is she?”

Seeing him wavering, Song Xigu immediately said, “Your mother is not doing very well.
Her man, that is, Qi Bojun, likes to sleep around too much and has lots of lovers and illegitimate children, and he also hits your mother.
Your mother is currently suffering from severe depression and has tried to kill herself several times.
If this continues, she might really die soon.”Kong Tianhao and Huang Senmiao were shocked.
Hearing them talk about private matters, they left the room and even dragged Wu Fu out with them to give them some privacy.Xie Zhongxing didn’t speak.Song Xigu’s eyes reddened.
“Her life has been really miserable.
Our family knew about her and your father but how could a family like ours allow her to marry a penniless man like him? The family was firmly against their relationship.
My mother stepped up and called the Xie family and your father’s brother accepted the hundred thousand breakup fee.”“Your mother didn’t believe that your father would break up with her for money so she made a huge ruckus at home for several days.
In the end, because she was pregnant and she didn’t want anything to happen to the child, she could only remain at home to nourish the foetus.
But she had always been waiting for your father to find her.
Who would’ve imagined that he would die in an accident?”“Your grandmother was against your mother giving birth to you but I was able to convince her otherwise by telling her that it would be harmful to the body to abort a child.
Your mother didn’t know about your father’s death.
She thought he was still alive and had thrown away the two of you for the sake of money and eventually developed depression.
Your grandmother was the one who decided to send you to the Xie family.
Who would’ve imagined that your father’s brother would be someone like that?”The more he said, the more moved he became.
His eyes reddened further, “Your mother was still young at the time so your grandmother got her to marry Qi Bojun.
Who would’ve thought that someone who was fine before the wedding would suddenly change like that? He doesn’t even see your mother as a human being.
Even if your mother wants to divorce him, she can’t.
She really is too miserable.”Xie Zhongxing looked away and said calmly, “You can go now.”Song Xigu was stunned.
He looked at Xie Zhongxing with wide eyes but he couldn’t see any emotions on his face.
He was a little in disbelief.
He didn’t expect Xie Zhongxing to be this indifferent.How could someone who has never enjoyed maternal and family love be able to resist their uncle and biological mother?Xie Zhongxing’s tone was indifferent, “Please leave.
I don’t want to hear anymore of your nonsense.”Song Xigu tried to explain himself but Xie Zhongxing repeated again sternly, “Please leave or I’m going to call someone to send you out.”Song Xigu could only get up and leave.
He didn’t expect Xie Zhongxing to be someone so coldhearted and ruthless.
This was something that had undoubtedly exceeded his expectations.
He could only return and talk it through with Zhao Xiang first.Xie Zhongxing wiped his face.
Although Song Xigu may have thought that he sounded like a devoted older brother feeling terrible for his sister, what Xie Zhongxing saw was his fake love and hypocrisy.The more Song Xigu was like this, the less concern he should show on his face towards his mother’s predicaments.
He shouldn’t show any weakness.Even now, he still wasn’t certain whether or not his mother was really like that.

After much deliberation, Xie Zhongxing called Qin Xiangqian and carefully mentioned this matter.Qin Xiangqian was a little surprised when he heard this.
He immediately agreed to help Xie Zhongxing check.If possible, Xie Zhongxing didn’t want to bother Qin Xiangqian with this but he didn’t have any connections himself and he didn’t want Qin Zhongyue to know about it so he had no choice but to ask Qin Xiangqian.When he met Qin Zhongyue that night, Qin Zhongyue took off his mask excitedly and pointed to his chin, “Look, I’ve grown a beard!”Xie Zhongxing couldn't understand why he was so excited, “….What’s so special about growing a beard?”Qin Zhongyue said mysteriously, “Look carefully.
There’s a gold coloured one!”Xie Zhongxing, “…….”Qin Zhongyue, “I think it was from eating persimmons.
If I eat one persimmon a day, would all of it turn gold? Wouldn’t that be super handsome?”Xie Zhongxing, “……”The mood that had been rather poor the entire day was instantly better.
He couldn’t help but burst out laughing.Qin Zhongyue continued, “Also, I heard that if you don’t eat meat and only eat fruits, your cum is sweet.”Xie Zhongxing, “……Huh?”Qin Zhongyue, “When the time comes, would you like to give it a try?”He said shyly, “Although I am a meat lover, I can become vegetarian for you.”Xie Zhongxing, “……..”Xie Zhongxing, “No thanks.
Get lost.”

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