Xie Zhongxing soon received the information Qin Xiangqian had helped him gather.

Probably because Qin Xiangqian was aware of what he wanted to find out, the information he gave about the Song family was very detailed, down to the several generations of business they were involved in as well as how the family had declined.The Song family was also a wealthy family in the past.
They had enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in the last century but unfortunately old man Song who loved to gamble lost five hundred million overnight in Macau.
The Song family was unable to bear such costs.
They could only sell their assets to gather enough money.
This was also the beginning of the Song family’s downfall.
The grandchildren were incompetent so they had trouble protecting the family let alone help it keep up with the tides.
As a result, the Song family fell far behind the other wealthy families, now unable to even touch the heels of those in the upper-class circles.Song Jingzhou is currently the head of the Song family.
He was like his father and liked to gamble.
Nineteen years ago he had lost a hundred million in Macau because of it.This one hundred million could now be worth eight hundred million, but even now, the Song family would have difficulty coming up with a hundred million in funds.There were incidents where they had to sell their villas and luxury cars to pay back the gambling debts both times but the difference was that old man Song was still able to pay the debts back after doing that but the Song family had declined too much later that, even if they sold everything, including courtyard houses that used to be worth ten million but is now worth a hundred million, it was not enough.
They were even at least fifty million short.
At this time, Qi Bojun from the Qi family proposed that if he married their daughter, the Qi family would help pay back the Song family’s debt.Song Jingzhou only had one daughter called Song Hui who was very, very beautiful.
There were many rich young men trying to court her and Qi Bojun was one of them.Attached to the documents were photos of Song Hui’s photos from when she was fourteen to when she was twenty.
Her skin was soft and fair, her features soft like a lotus flower sitting in clear water.
She was indeed very beautiful.
It was the kind of beauty where she could immediately become a celebrity.But such a Song Hui fell in love with Xie Qinghe, her university classmate.
According to their classmates, the two of them were very much in love.
At that time, Song Hui still had many rich second-generation suitors who had tried to get in their way many times but were unsuccessful in their attempts to break them up.
It had conversely made their relationship even stronger.
They were together for two years until Song Jingzhou lost a hundred million to gambling.

The rest was what Xie Zhongxing already knew.For the sake of Qi Bojun’s promise, the entire Song family worked together to force Song Hui and Xie Qinghe to break up.
According to the recounts from the nanny who had now resigned from the Song family, Song Hui was unwilling to break up at the time and even ran away from home, hiding away from her family with Xie Qinghe for several days.
They then decided to elope together to Singapore but were caught the moment they arrived at the airport after Song Hui’s brother, Song Xigu, suddenly turned his back on her.After that, Song Hui’s mother, Zhao Xiang came forward and gave the Xie family a breakup fee of one hundred thousand which Xie Guoxu accepted.
Xie Qinghe was completely unaware of it at the time.
When Xie Guoxu triumphantly revealed it later, Xie Qinghe hurried out and that was when the accident happened.Song Hui on the other hand didn’t believe that Xie Qinghe would accept the money but she was already locked up and unable to escape.
She could only cry every day, even going onto her knees and begging Song Jingzhou to let her go.Song Jingzhou was ruthless.
Together with Song Xigu and Song Jiyun who was still in junior high school, he knelt down in front of her in tears saying that if he didn't pay back the money, his hands and feet would be cut off.
He begged her shamelessly to save his life.That nanny said that Song Hui was soft-hearted.
Too soft-hearted.
“The Song family at that time still had money.
Song had lots of jewellery, antique arts and she also liked to collect gold.
One time when she forgot to close the door, I saw that her entire safe was filled with gold! And they also had plenty of cars that are worth several million as well as a lot of villas.
They would’ve definitely been able to fork out that fifty million.”Song Hui who was left disheartened by her family later found out that she was pregnant.
It ignited a new flame of hope inside her.
She insisted that she wanted to give birth to this child first before marrying Qi Bojun.After the baby was born, she ran off with the baby.
No one knew how she managed to run for one kilometre immediately after giving birth but the Song family only found out about her attempt to escape after she was sent back to the hospital to get her bloody wounds treated by people passing by.

The baby was given away and after she recuperated in bed for two months, she was forced to marry Qi Bojun.Perhaps it was due to strenuous exercise immediately after giving birth, Song Hui had three miscarriages in a year and was finally pregnant with Qi Yaoming the next year.
The Qi family however didn’t like the fact that she had given birth to another man’s child so they had never treated her well and Qi Bojun’s feelings for her were only a momentary passion.Despite being officially the madam of the family, Song Hui was never treated with respect.
Her in-laws constantly ridiculed her and Qi Bojun treated her like garbage, humiliating her in public countless times by telling others that she was like a dead body in bed who didn’t move at all, worse than what he could get for a three thousand yuan prostitute.
Outsiders who saw him treat her this way in turn didn’t feel the need to treat her with respect either.Even her own son looked down on her.Holding a few sheets of paper, Xie Zhongxing’s face was wet with tears.He wiped away the tears but it still couldn't stop flowing out from his eyes.“Mum.” Xie Zhongxing hoarsely called out.No one answered.Qin Xiangqian who roughly estimated that he should have finished reading the documents by now called.
He said cautiously, “Xing Xing, don’t be too sad.
Your mother is better now.
I’ve also found her address.
Do you want to meet her?”

Xie Zhongxing let out a soft ‘en’.Qin Xiangqian could tell that he cried.
He sighed inwardly and felt disgusted towards the Song and Qi family.Qin Xiangqian comforted Xie Zhongxing for a while but he still had business to attend so he messaged Qin Zhongyue to get him to accompany Xie Zhongxing.
Along the way, he also made a mental note to do something about that Qi Bojun.When Qin Zhongyue got Qin Xiangqian’s message, he didn’t understand what he meant but when he returned to the dormitory, he immediately realised that something wasn’t right with Xie Zhongxing.Qin Zhongyue carefully got onto Xie Zhongxing’s bed.
Although Xie Zhongxing’s back was facing him, from his angle he could still see Xie Zhongxing’s flushed cheeks as well as the several strands of hair that were wet and clumped together.Qin Zhongyue’s heart almost stopped.
He quietly asked, “Xing Xing, what’s wrong?”Xie Zhongxing didn’t answer.
He just wanted to be alone for a while.

Qin Zhongyue was keenly aware of the gloomy air around him.
He cautiously reached out and wiped Xie Zhongxing’s eye, “….Xing Xing, are you crying?”Qin Zhongyue panicked, “Why are you crying? Who bullied you? —– Was it my dad?”Xie Zhongxing tried his best to sound calm, “No, it’s not your dad.”Qin Zhongyue was angry, “Then who was it? Who would dare bully you? Dammit, I can’t believe someone could do something like this.
Tell me who it was and I’ll teach them a lesson!”After saying that, he leaned in and kissed Xie Zhongxing’s red ear, “Don’t cry.
My heart hurts seeing you cry.”Xie Zhongxing turned and looked quietly at Qin Zhongyue.Qin Zhongyue immediately felt bad when he saw Xie Zhongxing’s red eyes.
His eyes welled up, “Why are you crying? Don’t cry, I feel like crying too when I see you cry.”He leaned forward and kissed Xie Zhongxing, “Let’s kiss.
You won’t want to cry after kissing.”Xie Zhongxing closed his eyes and opened his mouth, allowing Qin Zhongyue’s tongue to enter.
He stretched out his arms and wrapped it around Qin Zhongyue’s waist.Inwardly, he softly said: Thank you.He seems to really like Qin Zhongyue.
It can only be him, no one else can replace him.

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