Today was a weekend.

Xie Zhongxing put on a black jacket and fixed his hair.
Seeing that it was a little long, he picked up a pair of scissors and trimmed it a little but was still dissatisfied with it so he fixed his hair again very carefully.Qin Zhongyue also got up very early.
As he watched him do this while brushing his teeth behind him, he suddenly felt that something didn’t seem quite right, “…..Are you going out to meet someone?”Xie Zhongxing let out a light ‘en’.Qin Zhongyue stopped brushing his teeth, “Who? Who are you meeting?”Xie Zhongxing glanced at him, “A secret.”Qin Zhongyue was astonished.
He immediately felt aggrieved, “You’re keeping secrets from me now!”Xie Zhongxing, “Everyone has secrets.”Qin Zhongyue, “But I don’t keep any secrets from you! I tell you everything!”He was so emotional, he accidentally sprayed toothpaste onto Xie Zhongxing’s face.
Xie Zhongxing calmly wiped it off, “….You should continue brushing your teeth.”Qin Zhongyue also noticed this.
He was a little embarrassed.
He hurriedly brushed his teeth and chased after Xie Zhongxing, “So who are you going to meet?”He said sourly, “And you’re dressed so nicely.
Are you going to meet some girl?”Xie Zhongxing, “?”Xie Zhongxing, “It’s nothing like that.
It’s an elder I haven’t seen in a long time.
I’ll take you with me to meet her when I have the chance to in the future.”Qin Zhongyue believed him, “I see.
You should’ve said it sooner.”Xie Zhongxing suddenly turned back and hugged him with one arm.
He gently nuzzled against his warm neck, not saying anything.Qin Zhongyue only now realised that his mood didn’t seem quite right.
He asked cautiously, “What’s wrong? You’re still not feeling better from yesterday? Want to kiss again?”Xie Zhongxing raised his head, “Yes.”There was no one else in the dormitory.
Qin Zhongyue boldly lowered his head and kissed Xie Zhongxing’s soft lips.He didn’t stick out his tongue this time.
He really enjoyed kissing and would always kiss Xie Zhongxing until his lips were swollen.
When Xie Zhongxing headed out for work in his past life, he would always prevent him from kissing him too fiercely so he remembered this and didn’t kiss him too fiercely whenever Xie Zhongxing needed to head out in this life either.But it was clearly enough for Xie Zhongxing.

Xie Zhongxing backed away a little, “It’ll be your birthday in a few days.
What birthday present do you want?”Just as Qin Zhongyue wanted to say something, Xie Zhongxing covered his mouth with his hand and said sternly, “Don’t say anything yet, think about it carefully.
You’re going to be an adult this time.”Qin Zhongyue dazedly nodded his head.Xie Zhongxing raised the corners of his lips slightly and his eyes sparkled as he whispered, “You should think about it carefully.
Don’t miss this precious opportunity.”Xie Zhongxing then gave Qin Zhongyue one last look before leaving the dormitory.Qin Zhongyue was still standing in place in daze.
He carefully thought about what kind of present he wanted only to realise that he wasn’t lacking in anything and there wasn’t anything he particularly wanted —- except for Xie Zhongxing.He wanted a sex life.But would that be taking things too far? Xie Zhongxing was only eighteen….No, he’s already nineteen!And he’s eighteen! They’re both adults!Qin Zhongyue was a little dizzy at the thought of this but he couldn’t deny that Xie Zhongxing’s words had made him associate it with something not so pure.
His heart was beating violently.After Xie Zhongxing said those words, he was also very embarrassed.
His cheeks were bright red when he left the dormitory but the howling cold wind outside instantly made his body temperature drop back down.Now wasn’t the time to think about these things.Xie Zhongxing didn’t hail a car, Qin Xiangqian had already arranged a car for him.
The person who had come to pick him up was a bespectacled young man in a suit who said that he was Qin Xiangqian’s head secretary, Lin Runze.Song Hui lived in a high-end complex with strict security that required a card to enter so Lin Runze came with Xie Zhongxing.Even despite waking up early in the morning, the roads were still congested.
A half an hour journey ended up taking more than two hours and when they arrived outside the complex, it was already a little past eight.Lin Runze scanned his card and entered the complex.
Very soon, they arrived at Song Hui’s floor.Lin Runze went over to the door and knocked.
It was soon opened by an aunty.
She had clearly already been informed of this in advance so she quietly opened the door when she saw Lin Runze, “Hurry and come in.”After Lin Runze and Xie Zhongxing entered, the aunty said, “When you leave, ask security to delete the surveillance footage.
Mr Qi will check.”Xie Zhongxing’s expression turned grave when he heard the words Mr Qi.The aunty continued, “Yaoming lives at school so only Mrs Qi is here.
You should hurry and talk about what you want to talk about, don’t let Mr Qi catch you.”Lin Runze, who heard this, asked about it.
The aunty said, “Mr Qi often comes to check.
He thinks the madam has a man outside and that she is mentally ill.
I’m not too certain about the details myself.
Hurry and talk about what you want to talk about.
If you get caught, I don’t know what they might do to me.”After saying that, she quietly left.

Xie Zhongxing went over to the door that was pointed out by the aunty and stood in front of it for a while before mustering up enough courage to knock.There was no response.
Xie Zhongxing wanted to say something but his voice was already choked up before he could say anything.
He tried to calm himself down, “My dad’s name is Xie Qinghe.
Can you open the door?”The door was suddenly opened, revealing a woman inside.This was Xie Zhongxing’s first time meeting his biological mother.
She should be almost forty now but she was still beautiful despite her expressionless face.
When she heard Xie Zhongxing’s words, her eyes finally revealed a faint light and her chest rose and fell heavily, “Xie Qinghe?”Xie Zhongxing’s nose soured.
His tone remained calm, “I heard my mother is called Song Hui so I came to find her.”Song Hui looked at Xie Zhongxing.
His face indeed resembled Xie Qinghe’s.
Tears welled up in her eyes.How strange.
She had thought that this child resembled her when she first gave birth to him.
If Xie Qinghe was there at the time, she would’ve told him that the child doesn’t resemble him at all, so ugly.Xie Qinghe would’ve definitely smiled shyly and told her that the child resembed her and because she is very pretty, this child wouldn’t be ugly.He had never been very good at coaxing but he was very cute when he tried.The times she had spent with him were so blissful, every memory filled with warmth.Even after almost twenty years had passed.
Xie Qinghe’s handsome face was still vivid in her mind.
Memories of every moment they were together were the only things that helped her get through her darkest times.She had been waiting for Xie Qinghe.
She had been waiting for him all this time.Song Hui covered her mouth to prevent herself from crying.
She asked with a choked up voice, “W-where’s your father?”Xie Zhongxing didn’t speak.
Telling her the truth about Xie Qinghe’s death would be too cruel.Song Hui looked away and asked with difficulty, “So many years have passed, is your father also married?”Xie Zhongxing replied lightly, “He never married.”Song Hui’s eyes lit up.
She hurriedly wiped away her tears, “Come in.”Xie Zhongxing entered her room and immediately froze when he saw that all the sharp objects in the room were covered in soft foam.
He then looked at Song Hui and noticed the bandages wrapped around her wrists.Xie Zhongxing’s eyes reddened.
The two of them sat facing each other but were unable to speak normally because of the surging emotions.Song Hui wiped away her tears, “Your father has raised you well.
You look a lot like him.”

He was just like him.
His appearance, his personality, everything.Song Hui very quickly got close to Xie Zhongxing because of his face that resembled his fathers.
She smiled a little timidly and asked quietly, “Do you still recognise me as your mother? I haven’t raised you for a single day, haven’t fed you a single drop of breast milk and haven't gone to find you even after all these years, do you…..”Xie Zhongxing’s tone was firm, “I do.
You are my mother.”“………” Song Hui’s tears flowed out from her eyes.
She turned her head away to wipe away her tears and was so emotional, she couldn’t form any words for the time being.Xie Zhongxing was also getting choked up.
He suppressed his voice and said, “Mum, I will take you away from this place.
Let’s live together, okay?”Song Hui looked at him with reddened eyes.
She wanted to ask why Xie Qinghe hadn’t come for her or if he had tried to come for her, but she didn’t dare ask.With Xie Qinghe being so smart and so talented, he must’ve become quite successful after all these years?Was she still worthy of him?She was already very dirty.
By someone like Qi Bojun….she was no longer the pretty girl from back then.Song Hui felt she was nothing better than a speck of dust in front of Xie Qinghe.She didn’t dare make any promises with Xie Zhongxing but Xie Zhongxing held her hand and said earnestly, “Mum, I will take you away from this place.
You don’t have to worry about anything else, I’ll help you.
You can live happily with us later.
Mum, promise me you’ll come with me.”Song Hui looked at him and let out a soft ‘en’.Before leaving, Xie Zhongxing said to Song Hui seriously, “Dad has always loved you.
His feelings for you have never changed.” Even when he died, he still felt the same.When Song Hui heard this, she burst into tears.
Seemingly having gained some courage, she whispered, “I’ll wait for you.”After sending Xie Zhongxing away, she was in a lot better spirit.When Qi Bojun returned that night, he was drunk and cradling another beautiful woman in his arms.
As soon as they entered the place, the two of them started making out on the sofa.The aunty was shocked when she saw them there after turning on the lights.
Qi Bojun glanced at her and asked drunkenly, “Where’s Song Hui?”The auntie replied, “I-in the bedroom.”Qi Bojun was also almost forty but despite this, he was still quite handsome.
He furrowed his brows and laughed, “Get her to come out.
I want to have sex with Xiao Lai.”He had deliberately said that loudly so that Song Hui could hear him.

The woman complained, “President Qi, I’m Xiao Ya, not Xiao Lai.
You’ve mistaken me for someone else again!”While Qi Bojun casually coaxed her a little, he saw Song Hui actually leave her room and go into another room without sparing him a single glance.Qi Bojun frowned.
He snorted and brought the woman into Song Hui’s room to do his business and even deliberately made her cry out loudly.But it was still quiet on the other end.Qi Bojun sent the woman away, kicked Song Hui’s door open while still shirtless and grabbed her neck, “What exactly do you want?”His eyes were red from the alcohol but he was still somewhat sober.Song Hui smiled faintly as she took in this appearance of his.No matter how shameless and how disgusting Qi Bojun was, she could handle it.Her son was waiting for her and the person she loves was waiting for her.
He couldn’t keep her locked in here forever.Even if it was just for the sake of her son, she must live on.
She wouldn’t commit suicide again.*Xie Zhongxing tried to ice his eyes but it was still not enough to hide the redness so he decided not to return to the dormitory.But he couldn’t ignore Qin Zhongyue’s constant calls that came one after another.
After ignoring the first two calls, he finally picked it up when he called for the third time.Qin Zhongyue held back for a long time before saying, “Look, this is my hand and this is my feet.”Xie Zhongxing, “….What are you trying to say?”Qin Zhongyue’s voice turned small and it contained obvious shyness and embarrassment, “And you are my heart.”Xie Zhongxing, “….”Qin Zhongyue, “My dear, why aren’t you back at the dormitory?”Xie Zhongxing, “You want me to go back?”Qin Zhongyue, “I even helped warm up your bed for you.
Come back.”Qin Zhongyue, “If you don’t, I’m going to rub one out on your bed.”Qin Zhongyue, “And make it all wet.”Xie Zhongxing, “……..”Xie Zhongxing’s tone was stern, “I’m coming back now so please be merciful.
It’s troublesome washing the sheets.”

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