Qin Zhongyue’s eighteenth birthday was less than a month away.
Xie Zhongxing wasn’t in a hurry and Qin Zhongyue was clearly the same.

Qin Zhongyue’s investments had begun to bear fruit.
When the government announced their plan to turn the land he had bought into a commercial district, the relatives who were waiting for him to make a fool of himself were dumbfounded.Qin Xiangqian also didn’t think that his seemingly random investment would actually chance upon government policy changes.The land he had bought for twenty million yuan immediately rose to one hundred and thirty million.In just half a year, Qin Zhongyue had made hundreds of millions in profit.
This was a huge slap in the face for the people who were waiting for him to fail.Qin Dejiang’s son, Qin Wenxuan, specially called Qin Zhongyue asking if he had any inside information.
Qin Zhongyue however refused to answer any of his calls.Qin Zhongyue not only refused to answer Qin Wenxuan’s calls, he also blacklisted all his cousins.He didn’t get along well with these cousins of his so there was no hesitation at all when he did it.Qin Xiangqian’s face was beginning to cramp up from all the smiling he had been doing recently.
His son doing well made him happier than anything else.
He even began to treat Qin Zhongyue more gently, “How do you plan on spending the money you made?”Qin Zhongyue did a few calculations and said, “Keep fifty million and the rest will be given to Xing Xing.”Qin Xiangqian, “?”Qin Xiangqian, “You’re giving the rest of it to Xing Xing? For what reason? I don’t think you managed to get together with him, right?”Qin Zhongyue said confidently, “What use is that for? It’s easier just to directly get married.”Qin Xiangqian felt that he wasn’t speaking the same language as Qin Zhongyue, “Didn’t you say that he’s straight?”Qin Zhongyue answered shyly, “I don’t think he’s actually all that straight.
He always makes me kiss him, it’s so tiring.”Qin Xiangqian, “….”Qin Xiangqian sweated nervously, “Did you force him?”“Huh?”Qin Xiangqian asked seriously, “Did you force him? Why would a straight guy like him get you to kiss him otherwise?”Qin Zhongyue felt wronged, “That’s why I don’t think he’s actually all that straight.
If it wasn’t because he wanted it, I even wanted to save my first kiss until after we got married.”

Qin Xiangqian, “……”Acting so innocent after benefiting, who made this guy turn out this way?!Qin Xiangqian just didn’t expect the usually calm Xie Zhongxing to be kissing with his son in private!…..It must’ve been hard on him!When Qin Xiangqian found out about this, the eyes he used to look at Xie Zhongxing became complicated.And Xie Zhongxing who sensed his meaningful gazes couldn’t help but sweat nervously despite maintaining a calm exterior.What did Qin Xiangqian find out?He didn’t dare think or ask about it.
He could only work harder to prove his worth to Qin Xiangqian.Qin Xiangqian really meant it when he said that he would help him.
He had recently been besieging the Qi family and, in just a short period of time, he made Qi Bojun lose tens of millions in money.Qi Bojun was able to remain calm at first but no matter how wealthy the Qi family was, it was nothing in comparison to the Qin Enterprise.
After all, the Qin Enterprise still had the government backing it so it held great power.
When Qi Bojun was no longer able to remain calm, he got his people to prepare a valuable gift and personally visited Qin Xiangqian.When Qin Xiangqian brought Xie Zhongxing to meet him, the ever so proud Qi Bojun had to lower himself and ask amicably, “President Qin, our Qi family and your Qin family have never been involved with each other.
If you have something you want to say, you should just say it.
Why make things difficult?”Qin Xiangqian was unmovable, “I’m not sure what President Qi is saying.
Why would I go against the Qi family?”Seeing that he wasn’t going to admit to it, Qi Bojun didn’t lose heart.
The projects he had lost because of their sudden intervention the past few days had made him lose several tens of millions but as long as there is a slight change in policies, the loss incurred would increase exponentially.
It could be said that these tens of millions were only a small amount and what happens in the future is the main issue.If the Qin Enterprise continues to get in their way, within a few years, the Qi family would be thrown aside and left to rot by the side of the road.Wealthy families may seem out of reach but the bigger they are, the easier it is for one move to topple the entire thing down.Although Qi Bojun may be very arrogant, he didn’t want to get into any conflict with the Qin Enterprise.
He didn’t expect the Qin Enterprise to suddenly charge over and bite him out of the blue.
He must get an explanation for this today or they can’t blame him when he fights back.After Qi Bojun was done speaking, he waited quietly for Qin Xiangqian to speak.Qin Xiangqian’s expression didn’t even change.
He said, “Oh, I guess that does appear to be the case.
I’m not too sure about the details, my secretary takes care of it.
Secretary Xie, is this really the case?”Xie Zhongxing smiled lightly and said, “President Qin, it really is the case.”Qin Xiangqian, “What are you doing? How could you go against President Qi? Look at the trouble you have brought to President Qi.”Xie Zhongxing responded calmly, “I was too reckless.
I however don’t believe I am going against President Qi.
Business is after all a matter of the strong devouring the weak.”

Qin Xiangqian laughed out loud, “Yes, the strong devouring the weak.
As you can see President Qi, even my secretary understands this.
Surely you are aware of it too?”The smile on Qi Bojun’s face slowly disappeared.Qin Xiangqian said nonchalantly, “Speaking of which, if I remember correctly, this child seems to have some relationship with President Qin here.”There was anger in Qi Bojun’s eyes, “What does President Qin mean by that?”Qin Xiangqian looked towards Xie Zhongxing, “I’m old and my memory is failing me.
Secretary Xie, you can tell him.”Xie Zhongxing smiled and looked at Qi Bojun, “How could I be put next to President Qi? The person I have a relationship with is President Qi’s wife.
I heard that President Qi and his wife are not on good terms, perhaps it would be better if you let her go?”As soon as he said those words, Qi Bojun’s expression changed.
He finally looked at Xie Zhongxing properly.
With this look, he realised that he looked somewhat similar to Song Hui.
The similarity wasn’t just on the surface, it was even down to his bones.
Those cold and beautiful eyes of his seemed five parts similar to Song Hui’sThis look instantly allowed him to understand.
The child Song Hui had desperately wanted to give birth to back then had come back to snatch Song Hui away from him.Hah.
Qi Bojun sneered.
You think you can snatch her away just because you want to?Qi Bojun was no longer as respectful as before.
He had returned to his arrogant and hostile nature, “Looks like President Qin doesn’t plan on talking this out nicely.
If that is the case, all’s fair in love and war.”After a slight pause, he added, “And as for the matters involving my wife and I, I would appreciate it if you refrained from getting involved.
I have disturbed you today.
Goodbye.”After saying that, he left without looking back.Because he was still angry after returning home, he began to smash things as soon as he entered the door.Mother Qi was taken aback by this.
She quickly stopped him and asked, “Bojun, what are you doing? Stop smashing things.
What if you hurt yourself?”Qi Bojun pushed her away and, while still breathing heavily, he took out his phone and called Zhao Xiang.
As soon as the call connected, he immediately roared, “Are you all crazy? Are you crazy? Instead of killing that child of Song Hui’s, you sent him away? It’s not enough for me to marry a used good, I even have to lose tens of millions because of you people? Are you doing this with the intention to sabotage me? Huh?!”Zhao Xiang was left stunned by his angry outburst.
Her entire body started to tremble, “Bo Jun, please speak more courteously….I am still your mother-in-law, Yaoming’s grandmother.”Qi Bojun snorted, “Courteous? You want me to be courteous? Are you worthy? If you hadn’t indulged Song Hui, would she have slept with another man? You were the one who didn’t raise her well, allowing her to give birth to a bastard.
Why should I lose hundreds of millions because of a woman like her and even support your family who only knows to benefit from their daughter and sister? You think you’re worthy of my courtesy?”Zhao Xiang’s breathing was heavy.
She was almost unable to say anything.Qi Bojun said, “From now on, don’t even think about getting a single yuan from me.
I was originally in a good mood and found it amusing seeing you go on your knees and lick my toes but now you’ve angered me.
That bastard actually dares to act like that in front of me.
I was really unlucky to have met your daughter and your family!”

After saying that Qi Bojun smashed his phone.Mother Qi who heard this also knew why Qi Bojun was so angry.
She called out, “That woman’s bastard son came to find you? How can we go out if news of this spreads? So embarrassing!”Mother Qi became anxious at the thought of how she would become a joke amongst the wealthy ladies, “Hurry and divorce that woman.
I’ve said it too many times already, you have plenty of women out there, do you really need to stick with her? You insisted on marrying her back then but nothing bore fruit even after a year.
She’s just a used product but you treasured her so much at the time.
If news of this bastard child spreads, what face do we have left?”Mother Qi grew angrier the more she thought about it, “You must divorce her! Leave that crazy woman! I don’t care who you marry after that!”Qi Bojun’s head hurt from her nagging, “Shut up!”Mother Qi was very familiar with his stubborn personality.
With his angry shout, she immediately shut her mouth.Qi Bojun sneered, “I won’t divorce her.
She is mine, no one can take her away from me.
Even if she dies, she is to die with our Qi family.
She better not even dream about leaving!”Mother Qi felt helpless and angry when she heard this.
She didn’t know what that woman did to make her son be like this.
He clearly didn’t like that woman all that much but he just refuses to divorce her, letting that woman enjoy the title of Madam Qi all these years.
Who knows how much face she had lost these past few years because of her!Xie Zhongxing was unaware of the situation in the Qi household but he was able to guess that Qi Bojun must have lost his temper.Fortunately, he had bought a phone for Song Hui which she would usually have hidden away.
It allowed them to remain in contact.After Qi Bojun sent Song Hui back to her family, Xie Zhongxing got her to pretend to be sick and hide away in a hospital.Although Song Hui reassured him that Qi Bojun wouldn’t actually hurt her even if he was angry, the tremor in her voice gave her away.Very clearly, her fear towards Qi Bojun was bone deep.Xie Zhongxing understood this inside but he didn’t know how to comfort her.
Although he didn’t have the ability at present to properly protect Song Hui, he was at least able to do a few things with Qin Xiangqian’s help.Qin Xiangqian helped settle Song Hui into a public hospital with powerful backing.
When Qi Bojun called to find her, the hospital director was able to dissuade him from coming.Qi Bojun also knew that the Qin family was involved but he didn’t get angry.
As long as Song Hui was still his wife, what could they do apart from this? She would still need to return to him sooner or later.With this, Song Hui was able to enjoy a period of calmness.During one of his calls with Song Hui, Xie Zhongxing thought of Qi Yaoming.
After carefully asking Song Hui about him, Song Hui was silent for a long time before speaking, “I couldn’t give him what he wanted.”There was no regret in her tone when she said this.

Xie Zhongxing originally didn’t have any bad feelings towards Qi Yaoming, but ever since he found out about how he had urged Song Hui to lower herself and please Qi Bojun in bed…..He became filled with anger.Following the confrontation with Qi Bojun, Xie Zhongxing’s desire to act grew stronger.He needed to be stronger if he wanted to protect the people he wanted to protect.When Qin Zhongyue saw Xie Zhongxing again, he was frightened.Xie Zhongxing who noticed this reaction of his asked as he loosened his tie, “What’s wrong?”Qin Zhongyue swallowed nervously a few times and asked timidly, “When did you start wearing glasses?”Xie Zhongxing removed his glasses and messed up the hair he had combed back.
The face that seemed cold and distant softened instantly with that action, “Why? It doesn’t look good?”Qin Zhongyue, “So fierce….”Xie Zhongxing, “En?”Qin Zhongyue, “It looks so good! I love it!”Qin Zhongyue asked, “Are you short-sighted?”“No.” Xie Zhongxing put away his glasses and said, “Just thought that wearing glasses would make me appear colder, and help me appear scarier.”Qin Zhongyue swallowed nervously again, “Who are you trying to scare?”Xie Zhongxing looked at him with faint brilliance in his eyes.
There was a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips, “Scare you.”Qin Zhongyue, “…….”Fuck.
Seeing this kind of Xie Zhonging who was completely different from the Xie Zhongxing in his previous life, and possibly even more charming, he could feel his legs go weak.Xie Zhongxing watched as Qin Zhongyue’s lower half rose up into the air.
The smile on his face froze.“…….” Qin Zhongyue also noticed the change in him.
His face flushed red.While the air was still, Xie Zhongxing picked up his glasses again and silently put them back on, “Looks like you really are a pervert.
You like it like this?”Qin Zhongyue, “……”His face was bright red.No!!! It’s not like that!!

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