For New Year's Eve, Xie Zhongxing only remembered that narrow and dark balcony room of his.
At that time, there were holes in his window so there was constantly wind leaking in.
Apart from being cold and hungry, he didn’t remember anything else about it.

But it was different now.
He was in a warm and brightly lit dining room, surrounded by people accompanying him to celebrate New Year’s Eve.He spent New Year's Eve at the Qin residence this year.The Qin family had prepared a lot of fireworks.
As the staff set them off from the lawn outside, the originally black sky was instantly illuminated with colourful and gorgeous lights.Qin Zhongyue took out his camera and began to record.
He pointed it at Xie Zhongxing and called out loudly, “Xing Xing, smile for me!”Xie Zhongxing looked back at the camera and smiled.Qin Zhongyue showed him the video.
In the camera, Xie Zhongxing was surrounded by dazzling fireworks, his smile warm and bright.Xie Zhongxing found this kind of him a little unfamiliar.
He was also a little stunned.
At some point in time, he had already become someone who smiled a lot.Qin Zhongyue’s bright voice sounded, “Xing Xing, Happy New Year!”Xie Zhongxing glanced at him and smiled quietly, “Happy New Year.”Back at the villa, Qin Xiangqian gave him a thick red envelope.
Qin Zhongyue’s was much smaller in comparison.
Qin Zhongyue however wasn’t dissatisfied at all.
After he excitedly asked Xie Zhongxing to check it, a thick wad of notes were revealed.Qin Zhongyue thought for a moment and then proceeded to boldly hold out his hand, “Since you’re older than me, you should also give me New Year's money.”Xie Zhongxing, “I don’t have any cash right now.”Qin Zhongyue pointed to his cheek, “Then give me a kiss.”Xie Zhongxing smiled at him.
Seeing this gorgeous smile of his, Qin Zhongyue couldn’t help but kiss his face, “Alright, I’ve received my New Year’s money now.”Xie Zhongxing, “Are you a child? Just a kiss on the cheek?”Qin Zhongyue immediately understood, “You’re so lustful.
I like it.”After saying that, he giggled and kissed Xie Zhongxing’s soft lips.Xie Zhongxing’s eyes curved.
Faint brilliance shone in his eyes.
His ruddy lips rose into a beautiful arc.

Qin Zhongyue took in Xie Zhongxing’s smile.
He even felt that his smile had become even more good-looking.He really liked this kind of Xie Zhongxing.Qin Xiangqian looked back at them.
When he saw them acting all lovey-dovey with each other, he felt a little sour inside.Even someone like his foolish son has someone who likes him.
Why should he be without a wife just because of work?He took out his phone and sent Zhong Ning a message.
He was still blocked.Alright.
Guess it’s not meant to be.*A month later, Qin Zhongyue received a call from Shi YanyuEver since they had a drink and cleared up the misunderstanding between them, their relationship had become a lot better.
The two of them had now become friends.As soon as Qin Zhongyue answered the phone, Shi Yanyu said, “How have you been?”Qin Zhongyue, “Pretty good.”Shi Yanyu, “Want to go grab a drink?”Qin Zhongyue was a little tempted, “Let me ask Xing Xing.”Shi Yanyu, “Hurry and ask.”Qin Zhongyue proceeded to quickly ask Xie Zhongxing.
Xie Zhongxing asked, “Who is it with?”Qin Zhongyue said, “With Shi Yanyu.”Xie Zhongxing wasn’t worried about Shi Yanyu, “If it’s just the two of you, you can go, but you have to tell me the location and be back before six.
Also, don’t drink too much.”Qin Zhongyue agreed wholeheartedly.Qin Zhongyue and Shi Yanyu met up at a bar.Both of them were one in a million handsome men, one sunny and refreshing and the other cold and handsome.
When the two of them appeared together at the bar, they immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Someone soon came over to strike up a conversation.
Qin Zhongyue very bluntly refused.
Shi Yanyu also didn’t receive them kindly.
Finding it annoying, they found a quiet private room to hide in.Shi Yanyu said, “This bar was pretty quiet before but it’s now suddenly filled with people.”Qin Zhongyue was unconcerned.
He ordered a specialty drink and took a sip, “The bartenders outside are on a different level.”Shi Yanyu asked him, “Is your family going to cultivate your wife?”“Probably.
Why are you suddenly asking me this?” Qin Zhongyue was still sipping his drink, his mood quite good.Shi Yanyu said, “Your wife has been in the limelight recently, he had recently managed to negotiate several large projects with the government.
For your father to leave such important matters to him, your father must really trust him.”Qin Zhongyue was proudly, “My wife is smart after all.”He then said, “When we get married, I’m going to ask my dad for some shares and give it to him as a dowry.”Shi Yanyu, “…..You’re giving shares as dowry?”Qin Zhongyue lowered his voice, “My dad has already transferred me 5%.
At that time, I plan on asking him for another 15% and giving it all to my wife.”Shi Yanyu was silent for a while before speaking up again, “Hey, isn’t that too much?”Qin Zhongyue asked back, “Didn’t you say that I should give him a sense of security?”Qin Zhongyue wanted to give Xie Zhongxing a lot of things.
From what he remembered, Qin Xiangqian had only given him ten million as dowry in his last lifetime and his annual salary thereafter was only a few million.Of course, he also gave him all his bank cards as well as his monthly eight million spending money and twenty thousand a month salary but Xie Zhongxing never used any of that money.
He hadn’t received any texts telling him that it was used after all.Qin Zhongyue, “Although I don’t really understand what this sense of security you are talking about is, as long as I give him everything I have, and give him lots of it, wouldn’t it be enough to give him a sense of security?”Shi Yanyu looked at him, “Alright.
It’s also correct doing it this way.
After all, Xie Zhongxing started out with nothing and with you giving him all these things, it would at least build a foundation for him.
Of course, with his personality, even if you don’t give him shares, I’m sure he would still do well in your company and then start his own company later.”Shi Yanyu drank from his glass and asked, “Did you know that your wife is currently making things difficult for the Qi family?”Without needing to hear Qin Zhongyue’s answer, he already knew the answer by just looking at his face.

Shi Yanyu said, “Your family and the Qi family were fighting over a big project.
Xie Zhongxing was the one who went and attended the bidding but he suddenly gave up halfway, letting the Qi family win.
Over the past two months, the Qi family had invested almost a billion into this project but there has been rumours recently about a change in policy.
That one billion they invested might all be in vain.”Qin Zhongyue said, “It’s only a loss of one billion.
It’s not that bad.”Hearing this, he understood who Xie Zhongxing was going against.He just didn’t understand why he wanted to get involved with the Qi family.
The Qi family used to work quite well together with his family but why did it sound like they are now on bad terms?Shi Yanyu said, “I looked into it and found out that your wife seems to have some grudges against the Qi family.
Do you want to know? It’s fine if you don’t, your wife probably didn’t want to tell you anyway.”When Qin Zhongyue heard this, he immediately urged, “Tell me.
What is it?”Shi Yanyu told Qin Zhongyue what he found out.Qin Zhongyue was dumbfounded.
He immediately realised, “When did this start?”Shi Yanyu, “Before your university’s winter break.”Qin Zhongyue covered his mouth.
He was no longer in the mood to drink.Shi Yanyu said, “Your father probably already knows about it.
They’re probably hiding it from you because they don’t want you to worry, but I think you should be more understanding of your wife at a time like this.
It would at least put you in a better light, no?”“Dating is actually also a kind of business interaction.
Calculative actions can let it last long.
You just need to make him like you more.
That way it is guaranteed your relationship will last.” Shi Yanyu’s tone turned serious.Qin Zhongyue stood up, “I’m not drinking anymore.
I’m going back.”Shi Yanyu, “I’ll take you back.”Shi Yanyu once again brainwashed Qin Zhongyue on their way back to his university.When he dropped him off, Shi Yanyu saw a figure standing not far away.
He rolled down his window and pointed with his chin, “Look who’s over there.”Qin Zhongyue followed his gaze and asked a little hesitantly, “…..Li Jun?”Li Jun was standing next to a car holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.
He also saw them.
He put the bouquet back into his car and walked over, “Qin Zhongyue.”

Seeing Shi Yanyu in the car, he raised his brows in surprise, “Why are you two together?”Qin Zhongyue, “Master is dropping me off.
What about you? Why are you here?”Li Jun frowned slightly when he heard him call Shi Yanyu ‘Master’ but said, “I’m waiting for my girlfriend.”Qin Zhongyue was surprised, “You have a girlfriend from my university?”Li Jun for some reason was a little embarrassed, “En.”As they spoke, a girl with glasses and a high ponytail ran over and called out to him, “Li Jun.”Li Jun looked back at her before saying to Qin Zhongyue, “This is my girlfriend.”He introduced Qin Zhongyue to her, “This is my friend.”No names were mentioned.
He clearly didn’t want the two parties to know each other.
Qin Zhongyue was used to him having this attitude towards his previous girlfriends but this girl was from his university and only top students were admitted to Tsinghua University so Qin Zhongyue couldn’t help but see her in a favourable light, “Hello, my name is Qin Zhongyue.”The girl was a little dumbfounded.
She nodded at him and said, “Hello, my name is He Li.”Qin Zhongyue pulled Li Jun over, “Don’t play around anymore.
Studying is already stressful enough but you still want to play around with her? What if she can’t take it?”Li Jun, “I’m not playing around.”He looked away, “I want to have a proper relationship this time so I’ve followed the proper order.
I’ve been dating her the past two months and haven’t slept with her yet.”Qin Zhongyue asked, “Did you sleep with anyone else during this time?”Li Jun, “No.”Qin Zhongyue was relieved.
He reminded earnestly, “That’s good.
Dating is a one on one thing and you should only do those things after you are certain that you will marry them.
Only by doing this will you be a good man who treasures himself and respects others.”Qin Zhongyue asked again, “Do you know how to date? Do you want me to teach you?”He announced proudly, “I am now very experienced in this!”Li Jun, “……..”

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