Chapter 107 – Potion Rabbits!!

The special magic stone sinks when it’s dropped into the barrel filled to the brim with potion.

As soon as it hits the bottom, it becomes blurred, like double exposure.

Yes, it’s working properly.

The magic stone takes in magic elements from the potion, and the magic circuit is activated and starts processing.

This process ends in a second, but then, as if multiplying itself, a core that looks like the original magic stone is formed.

It’s a temporary core made from potion.

Inside this core, a life is born using the potion as its fuel.

First, a torso is created from the core.
Then there is a head, next limbs, and finally two long ears pop out.

Kalin looks really interested as she peeks inside the barrel.

“Kalin, it’s not like it’s dangerous, but you might get wet.”

“Hn? Really?”

Answers Kalin, and that’s when this being jumps out of the barrel.


Kalin tilts her head to dodge it as it passes by her, but its tail touches and wets her bangs.

“Eh? A rabbit? It’s cute…”

Whispers Ahri from behind.

“I’m calling this Potion Rabbit.”

I say its name while checking to see if it’s operating properly.

The Potion Rabbit starts hopping around, like it’s responding to my voice.

Kalin then answers while touching her wet hair.

“I see.
A rabbit transmuted beast made from potion.
It doesn’t get the ground wet when it moves, but it does when it touches someone.”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t call it a transmuted beast.
It’s more like a subspecies of slime.”

The cores keep multiplying while we talk, and a lot more Potion Rabbits jump out of the barrel.

“I’m counting on you, Potion Rabbits.”

I say, before they all jump at the same time and head towards the gate.

But then, for some reason, one starts jumping in a completely different direction, and towards one of the soldiers that came here with Kalin.

It all happens before we can even react.

The potion rabbit jumps at the soldier, its body reverts to being just a potion, and it seeps into the soldier.


The potion doesn’t hurt humans at all, but the soldier cowers in pain.

As he yells, something black flies out of his mouth.
It’s a melted black mushroom.

“It’s that…! What’s the meaning of this, Rust!?”

Kalin yells, as her expression goes from being curious to serious.

“These Potion Rabbits automatically check the condition of humans, and jump at them if necessary.
This means they’ll go to people who are hurt and need a potion, or ones being controlled by one of those parasitic black mushrooms.”

“Then he…”

“Yes, it was a parasite.
He was probably relaying information to the enemy.”

While we speak, the soldier finishes throwing up the melted black mushroom and falls to the ground.

So one Potion Rabbit can only remove one parasite.
It’s not enough to also heal.”

I say while observing its effects.

“Take him to the barracks and keep him under watch just in case.”

Kalin gives instructions, and the soldiers follow them.

It’s then that I see the first barrel is empty, so I take the magic stone and toss it into the second barrel to repeat the process.

Seilook looks like it really wants it, but stays still.
I pet its head, and the first Potion Rabbits come into contact with the enemy’s vanguard.

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