Chapter 113 – Everyone’s wishes

“Taula, calm down a little.”

“Yes Miss Taula.
It’s too dangerous.”

Ahri and I are trying to stop Taula from leaving Habbafulton.

“But if we think about his speed, we are already behind.”

“I know how skilled you are with the sword, but we have to consider that the enemy has at the very least one demon and an army of followers.
And we still don’t know exactly how people are being turned into blind followers”

Points out Ahri with a gentle tone.

Taula specializes in close, direct attacks, so she is at a disadvantage against enemies that use tricks.

I’ve found Taula collapsed twice because of that sort of thing, so I nod strongly while standing behind Ahri.

But at the same time, I don’t know if we can stop Taula even if it’s dangerous.

Taula tends to be reckless, and nothing is more important to her than revenge.

According to the testimony of soldiers that were being controlled by black mushrooms, but have since regained consciousness, a shaman was in the lair of the mushroom demon.

As I expected, Taula stormed out when she heard this.
She doesn’t even care that she is running into a place filled with enemies.

“And as Mister Harold said, there are people being controlled by that enemy all over the country.
Facing this alone would be beyond reckless.”

Taula looks Ahri in the eyes and responds.

“Even if it is, I have to go.
It’s my duty as a sole survivor, and this is too close to my heart, Ahri.
But thank you for your concern.
Rust, can you sell me one of your potions?”

Taula’s eyes look somewhat detached as she looks at us.
At a glance, I can see something like a calming breeze in them.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like, but it feels to me like the fury of vengeance has become an everyday thing for her.

Looking at her, I almost tell her to take the potion for free, and let me join her.

I’ve never felt like she was in more danger than now.

But that’s when I stop.
I think about what my number one responsibility is, and what I should be protecting.

And then, I see someone running towards us.
It’s Roa.

And Taula and Rust.
Lady Kalin is calling you.
She is going to be discussing the pros and cons of sending soldiers to the capital with all the key members of this town.

The three of us look at each other.

“Let’s go.
You too Taula! We might not have to send you out alone.

We all hurry towards Kalin’s mansion.


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