Chapter 118 – To the capital!!

The next morning, in the square of Habbafulton with the kagero tree, I sit on top of Hipopo with Taula sitting behind me and Seilook on my shoulder.

In front of me are the people that came to see us off.

Almost everyone I know from when Habbafulton was just a campground is here, starting with Kalin.

The Kagero Institute is also here, led by Halhammer.

“Rust, we have received the regular contact from Ahri and Roa.
Link up in that place.”

“Yes, understood.
Try not to over-do it, Kalin.
Take it easy here for a while.”

“I know, stop repeating yourself.
I’ll be here waiting for your present.”

We say goodbye as friends.

Next, I talk to Halhammer.
I’ve taken care of the work instructions for while I’m away, so all that’s left is to say a few words.

“Master Halhammer, and all of you too.
I’m leaving the Kagero Institute in your hands while I’m gone.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

Says Halhammer, with a loud laugh.

“Please come back safely!”

“Good luck in your battle!”

“Don’t worry about us!”

I hear everyone’s warm voices.

But then, Shellrule approaches me.

“Hum, this…”

She hands me something wrapped, and I accept it.

“I took the recipe you gave me, and made a portable ration with increased nutritional value.”

She says quietly.

“Thank you Shellrule.
Yes, it looks tasty.
That’s one more thing to look forward to on the way.”

I say while looking at Shellrule’s handmade portable ration.
Its appearance is good too.

“…! Yes.
I will sincerely await your safe return.”

Shellrule is overcome with emotion, and the other members of the Kagero Institute are all pretty noisy for some reason.
Some of them look at Shellrule’s portable ration in my hands and make faces like they just ate something sour.

“Good luck to you too Miss Taula! Come back to Habbafulton anytime you want.”

People also talk to Taula, who is sitting behind me.

After making sure this has more or less died down, I signal with my eyes to Kalin.

“Listen closely everyone!”

Says Litna, who noticed my signal.

Everyone quiets down, and Kalin speaks.

“People of Habbafulton, our comrade Rust and Taula the knight priest are setting out on a journey.

You all know Rust’s exceptional talent, but nevertheless, a very difficult mission awaits them.
They will take back the royal capital from the demon who unjustly made it into its dwelling, and controls its population.
But our hearts are as one, and we pray for the safety of these two people! Salute the brave heroes setting out on this journey!”

I hear the noise of the crowd as everyone salutes.

I return the gesture to Kalin, and Hipopo starts walking.

On both sides there are people standing, as if making a road.
Taula, Hipopo, Seilook, and I leave Habbafulton with their prayers behind us.


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