Chapter 127 – The final check is important!!

We hurry as our footsteps echo in the underground passages.

We feared that there might be more attacks after that three headed being, but that hasn’t happened.

And next to us, the line of mushroom people carrying plates is becoming increasingly packed.
We are at a point where they are no longer walking, and simply standing in a line.

“I think we’re close.”

I’m sure everyone else has realized it too.
It feels like we’re almost there.

We stop, and gather under an illumination device that has more light than the rest.

Everyone looks my way.

Ahh… I’m the only one here who needs to prepare.
Hmm, which scrolls should I have ready…

As I think about this, I remember the conversation I had with Kalin and Harold before I left Habbafulton.

“Master Rust?”

“Ah, ahh.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Do you all have enough potion left? Roa and Ahri, do you see anything?”


“Me neither.
This leads me to believe there is a demon here,”

I silently nod.
I’ve heard something similar from Kalin, about how strange things happen around demons.
Harold also said that when they found what they believed to be a demon in the capital, magic guns with the fire element suddenly stopped working on it.

I start activating scrolls while listening to Ahri and Roa.
I don’t really know the enemy’s abilities, so all I can do is rely on my gut feeling.

Still, I guess the more I have the better.
A few scrolls start hovering around me.

Next, I touch the potion bottles, which will be one of the cornerstones of my plan.

I touch each potion on the belt around my waist that was specifically designed to hold them to see if they’re all in place.

Let’s try one.

I use my middle finger to push one of the bottles from the bottom, and it cleanly slips right into my hand.

Yes, smooth.

I spin the bottle in the palm of my hand, and open it with the nail of my thumb.
I spin it again in my hand, and hold it with my thumb and index finger.

I push another bottle while still holding the first one, and catch it with my ring finger and little finger.

Then I put them back where they were.

It doesn’t look like I’ll have a problem taking out and putting back the potions stored where I can use them in tandem with the magic crest.

Finally, I need to check the small magic items I prepared for this.
They have various shapes, so I just take them out of my backpack, but I’ll leave the most important one hidden in my pocket.

“All right, I’m ready.
Let’s go.”

I say I’m ready, but for some reason they all stare at my hands.

“Uselessly skillful.”

“No, that was funny.
How the bottle spun around.”

Roa sounds harsh, and Taula retorts, sounding amused.

Usually Ahri would chastise Roa, but this time she just looks away from me.

“Yes, let us go.”


Roa sounds like she has something to say, but Ahri starts walking.

“Roa! We are going.”


We start walking again, with Roa and Ahri in front.

Eventually, we see a dim passage and a brightly lit place.
Everyone’s faces tighten as we see what the light reveals.

There is a big room at the end of this passage, and as if enshrined there, we see something almost as big as the room itself.

I unconsciously mumble something the moment I see it.



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