Chapter 131 – Now it’s my turn!!

I put a scroll I have active into operation.

“Taula! Roa! Fall back for now!”

I yell.
They don’t show it, but I assume they are getting tired.

“All right!”


The two slowly retreat, and I advance with Ahri.
When I see they’re close enough to me, I activate 《Polish》, bringing out a tornado.

The tornado surrounds us.

What I see in front of me is a wall of wind and the glitter of diamond dust inside it.
It stretches from the floor to the ceiling, and completely surrounds us.

Slime bodies try to get close, but are touched by the wall of wind and cut to pieces in an instant.

Their slime is thrown up and dirties the ceiling.

They keep charging into the wall of wind, and they all meet the same fate.

Eventually they realize the danger of the wall of wind, and begin to encircle us while staying just out of its reach.

“I figured as much.”

I whisper.

“What do we do now?”

Asks Ahri.

“Thanks to the three of you, Rihalzam’s body has been whittled quite a bit, so there’s now something I can do.
Really, thank you.”

I thank Ahri, Roa, and Taula one at a time, and ask Roa a question.

“Roa, can you see a magic stone that’s Rihalzam’s core?”

“No, my transparency is being blocked.
I can only see a little below the surface.”

I see.
But since she can use it on the slime bodies that detached from it, maybe we just need to whittle it down a little more…

“Everyone stay here, it’s dangerous.
Roa, keep using your transparency to see if you can find Rihalzam’s magic stone.”

I ask while opening a hole in the wall of wind.
I jump through this gap, and in front of Rihalzam.

“…! No! Not by yourself…”

I raise my hand slightly as Ahri tries to stop me, and the wall closes.

I take out another expanded pot.
This one has perfectly pure water.

This is pretty dangerous.

I put another active scroll into operation, a 《Release》 scroll.

The perfectly pure water starts bubbling, and balls of water rise from it.

Their sizes vary, ranging from ones that are the size of a fist to ones big enough that I wouldn’t be able to hold them with both arms.

Is Rihalzam going to keep detaching more slime bodies? Or is he coming at me with his main body? What will you do?

I pay close attention to his movements, as I begin to launch the floating balls of perfectly pure water at Rihalzam’s main body.

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