Chapter 152 – An enemy appears!!

The black shadow that looked huge appears to be getting smaller.

Apparently the light was just casting a large shadow on the cloud of dust.

And what actually appears, is what seems to be a person, who speaks with a high-pitched voice.

It’s been a while.
Oh, this smell… A real dragon isn’t it? Fui… I can’t wait to go at it.”

This person’s shoulders start cracking as they rotate.
All four of them.
Obviously, there are also four arms connected to them.

This person is a bit smaller than me, but looks big thanks to that muscular body.

But what really draws my attention is that face.

He has no neck, and the head is growing directly from the shoulders.
The face has a big mouth and holes for a nose, and that’s it.

We’re all ready for battle, as our enemy appears to be stretching.

As the enemy releases overwhelming pressure, everyone holds their weapons from behind Seilook’s shield while not taking their eyes off the enemy.
I prepare scrolls too.

But as I look more closely, I see Princess Lily’s hands are shaking as they hold a sword, and her face looks pale.

Roa, on the other hand, looks calm.

The glitter of magic elements in her eyes is almost overflowing, and her glasses magic item is running.

She’s not going to overlook any change in the enemy, no matter how small, and whether it’s external or internal.

Her whole attitude and posture really shows how reliable she is.

Even if she is called Sword Princess, a princess is not going to have the same experience and resolve as Roa, who has been around battlefields.

Zoroa and Lismist’s faces look pretty stiff too.
Do they sense a gap in power between them and the enemy?

And Seilook is still on my shoulder, stretching its neck forward, and looking more fierce than ever before.
It’s clenching its fangs with fire in its eyes.
Its two pairs of wings are still maintaining the magic element shield.

“Does anyone know what that is?”

I ask, but no one answers.

Looking at everyone’s faces, I figure I should be the one to say something.
It’s pretty much confirmed that this is an enemy, but if he can speak, maybe he will listen.

“Let me ask! Are you a demon? An enemy to humans?”

I can’t tell if my questions weren’t heard or were ignored.
He clenches his four fists, and starts attacking Seilook’s magic element shield.

Each strike is incredibly heavy.

Their vibrations shake the air around us with each punch.

“Hm… This feeling tells me it’s still in the second form.
It’s a real dragon, but it’s still just a child.
I got worked up for nothing.
I’ll just pinch its life out and go back to sleep.”

The enemy changes his stance, like he’s going to unleash a straight punch, and the pressure coming from his body suddenly rises.

I’m an alchemist, so I can tell the enemy is using his legs to draw magic elements from the earth.

A lot of magic elements are being stored in that trunk.

I feel an instinctual sense of danger, and activate a scroll.

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