Chapter 155 – Reporting, contacting, and consulting is important!!

“Is this Seilook?”

Ahri and Kalin are intrigued by Seilook when we go back to the inn.

Kalin in particular seems very curious, and keeps poking Seilook’s new wings.

“Do these move separately?”

Seilook moves its wings in response to Kalin.

Every one of its four wings moves individually.


Ahri turns around and sneezes.
I think one of Seilook’s wings tickled her nose.

I see Roa handing her a handkerchief, as I tell Kalin what happened.

“…And that’s it.”

“So, did anything funny happen, Roa?”

Asks Kalin, even though I think my report was already pretty chaotic.

“When we were leaving, Master Rust looked happy when Princess Lily was pressing him.”

Roa’s report is baseless.
Yes, when we returned to the capital from the mausoleum, Princess Lily got pretty close and talked to me, but there wasn’t anything indecent about it.

“Hou, really Rust? I guess Princess Lily really does have a pretty face.
And when you combine the way she looked dashing in men’s clothing with the gap that comes from her being kind of an air-head, I can see why a man like you would find her so attractive.”

Says Kalin with a big smile for some reason.

That’s not true, and I rejected it too!”

“And what were you about to say before Seilook arrived? That reminds me, what exactly did you two talk about in the mausoleum?”

“Hou, that wasn’t in the report I just heard…”

Says Kalin with the same tone she always has when she’s getting carried away with her teasing.
She’s such a pain.

“Yes, Princess Lily proposed to me in the mausoleum.
But I don’t want to leave the Kagero Institute or the Admiral dominion.
And I’m not cut out to be royalty in the first place.”

“I see I see.
I’m glad you feel that way.
Still, a member of royalty proposed to you, uh?”

Kalin had a smile on her face, but half-way through it began to look pensive.

Roa still just looks like her head is full of questions.

“But, even if you said no, that was very half-hearted.
Judging by the way she pressed you when we were leaving, it doesn’t look like she’s given up.”

“It can’t be helped, can it!? Seilook showed up all of a sudden, we were attacked by a new enemy… I just didn’t find a good time to really refuse…”

I try to explain, but it just sounds like excuses.

“Roa, that’s enough.”

Ahri steps in.
I guess she couldn’t bear to watch any more.

“Also, Lady Kalin and Master Rust, I managed to contact Miss Taula.
She says she is coming back as quickly as she can .”

Taula left after we couldn’t find any clues about the shaman when we defeated Rihalzam, and went out in search of the shaman outside the capital by herself.

Ahri contacted her, because we suspect the attack after the white mask party was related to the shaman, and now we received a response.

“I see I see.
An attack by an underling of a demon, an attack by the shaman, royalty trying to make a move… It’s all starting to look shady here in the capital.”

Says Kalin while clapping her hands and seemingly really enjoying herself.


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