Chapter 159 – To the royal castle again!!

“Rust, we received a reply.”

Kalin waves a letter in her hand.

It’s early afternoon, a few days after Taula came back.
I’m done with all the evening parties and other events I had to attend, so I can take it easy for the first time in a while.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to go talk to Princess Lily about the black cubes, I would be on my way back to Habbafulton by now.
Thinking about that gives me mixed feelings.

And now, we received a reply from Princess Lily.
I don’t think she’s going to say no, but I have to come up with some other options, just in case this turns out to be a dud.

As I open the envelope, I think about how it might actually be easier for me that way.
Then I start reading it.

“So? What did Princess Lily write?”

Asks Kalin with a grin.

“…It’s an invitation to go to the castle.
And tomorrow no less.”

“She sounds really passionate! I guess it makes sense since she asked you to marry her.”

“I think it’s about time you give it a rest.”

“Haha, sorry.
So who’s going with you?

It doesn’t say you need to go alone, does it?”

“…It doesn’t.”

I read the letter again, and don’t see that anywhere.

“So I assume it won’t be a problem if you take two attendants, as is customary.
Who are you taking?”

Kalin asks, again with a grin.
For some reason she thinks this is all funny.

With the goal of increasing our chances of finding those black cubes in my mind, I say two names.


“I’m sorry for having you come with me on such short notice, Taula and Shellrule.”

The three of us are in a waiting room in the castle with Seilook.
We were told to wait here until Princess Lily calls for us.

“No, this is rooted in finding the object of my revenge.
You have been going through a lot of trouble for my sake, this included, so thank you.”

Taula thanks me with a completely serious expression.

Shellrule looks at both of us, and hesitantly speaks.

“Hum, are you sure it was a good idea to bring me…”

I’ve seen you work as an alchemist, and I know your way if thinking is pretty flexible and you have a sharp focus, so just act as you normally would.
Don’t get too worked up, and tell me if you notice anything.”

“Master Rust! Understood! I will do my absolute best to match your expectations!”

Shellrule looks moved for some reason.

And for some reason Taula looks exasperated.

“Rust, don’t over-do it.”

“…Over-do what?”

“Nothing, forget it.”

Shellrule looks to be in a great mood, and she enthusiastically gets ready to document my meeting with Princess Lily.

So she decided to be our secretary…

Meanwhile, Seilook is on my shoulder looking drowsy, and completely disinterested in our conversation.

I get the feeling that it’s been sleeping more ever since it got bigger.

And then, Princess Lily finally calls for us.


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