Chapter 165 – Eve!!

“『Wake up』, Eve.”

I say the keywords I previously set to the ‘bamboo shoot’ transmuted beast placed on the ground.

A lot of eyes are on me thanks to Master Halhammer, but it’s quiet.

Nothing happens.

But just as confusion starts spreading around me, the ‘bamboo shoot’ I named Eve sprouts things that look like arms and legs.

These arms and legs spread widely, like someone stretching after waking up.

Eve stands up, and easily surpasses my height.

It waves its left and right arms, like it’s exercising, and then starts walking slowly.

Halhammer and I glance at each other before we start following Eve.

The others look at Eve in awe, and follow us with unsteady steps.

“Hmph, even people that are starting to get used to it get like this.
Just goes to show that I was right when I said it isn’t easy following you.”

Says Master Halhammer while laughing loudly, and I respond with an awkward smile.

Eve keeps walking for a while, until it touches the ground with its hands and looks around.

It feels like it’s satisfied, as it bends its legs and sits down.
I guess it’s checking things like how much sunlight the ground gets.

Now it feels like it’s relaxing after finding a spot it’s happy with.

And then it starts.

Eve was a bamboo shoot, but its body starts growing all of a sudden.

It was already tens of times bigger than a normal bamboo shoot, but it’s growing into giant bamboo.

It’s not just tall either, it’s very clearly thicker than regular bamboo, and it’s still growing.

It’s large enough that several people can hold hands around it, and a door forms on the part of the trunk connected to the ground.

An opening that’s kind of like a window starts bubbling open.

Eve has become a giant bamboo that’s like a tower.

“Everyone, hold on!”

I say while placing my hand on a wall of the bamboo tower that was Eve.
Master Halhammer quickly puts his hand on the wall too.

“Hurry up!”

Master Halhammer yells, and everyone starts moving quickly.

Eve isn’t done after growing rapidly.
The rhizome stretched underground extend in the ground beneath the ruins all over the place.

And then, bamboo start sprouting all around the Eve tower.
Their speed and quantity makes the ground rumble.

A lot of bamboo breaks the ground and pushes outward.

All of them grow into giant bamboo, and windows and doors are created on their walls, just like the first time.

And thus, an impromptu bamboo town is built on the site of these ruins.


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