Chapter 171 – Confirmation and progress!

“Ah, they’re gone.”

“Rust, did they…”

“Yes, the gold coins are all gone.”

I tell Master Halhammer while checking inside my backpack, and he looks terribly disappointed.

“It looks like we can’t take them out of the dungeon.”

“Is the magic crystal key all right?”

I take the magic crystal key out, and it seems fine.
It retained its shape.

I use a 《Transcribe》 scroll to check just in case, and I can’t see any changes.

“It’s fine.
But what happened? You all saw the plates that said time up, right?”

I ask Ahri and Roa.

“I did.”

“I did see it.
That was the half-transparent plate you always talk about, right? What a strange thing.”

Roa and Ahri respond.

“Hm… Seilook couldn’t go.
The monsters we defeated disappeared and left gold coins behind.
Transmuted beasts couldn’t be manifested.
A time limit.
Plates appeared.
The gold coins couldn’t be brought with us…”

I list what we learned from our trip to the dungeon.

“Anyway, I want to specify what we should do within the time limit.
Is there a box in that place? Is there something that takes us somewhere else?”

Master Halhammer says in response as I speak quietly.

“Yes… Maybe those gold coins…”


Ahri looks confused.

“Well, I was thinking that if we can’t bring the gold coins with us, maybe that means we need to collect a certain amount within the time limit.”

I say something that popped into my mind.

“I see.
That could be it.”

Master Halhammer says while looking impressed.

“In any case, we need to verify it.
I’m sure we can’t just gather them and that’s it.
Let’s go back to the advance party’s main office for now.
We have to check on their progress too.”

I say, and we all leave the underground ruins.


The main office has changed quite a bit in the small amount of time we were gone, thanks to Shellrule and the others’ efforts.

The main office of the advance party is a room in the first bamboo tower that grew out of Eve’s bamboo shoot.

The alchemists of the Kagero Institute that joined the advance party split into groups to install the equipment we brought.
They were all carried here in expanded backpacks and bags.

A small-sized communications device was placed in the center of the room.
Apparently it’s being set-up now.

“Shellrule, it’s done synchronizing.
Here it is! It’s from Habbafulton.”

“You did it! Thank you.”

One of the alchemists reports to Shellrule.

“Good job, it looks like it’s connected.
Well done everyone.”

I say to the members of the Kagero Institute in the center of the room.

“…! Welcome back Master Rust.
We are progressing as scheduled.
What about you?”

“As scheduled? That’s very good to hear.
We are having some difficulties.”

As I talk with Shellrule, the communications device starts operating again.

A vine growing out of the device that’s holding a pen starts writing on a parchment, and when it’s done, the parchment is rolled and ejected.
Shellrule picks it up and hands it to me.

“It’s from Lady Kalin.”

“Everyone, stop what you’re doing, it’s from Lady Kalin.
It offers praise to the advance party and hopes for our continued dedication.
Apparently the pioneer unit is leaving as planned too.”

I then look around, and see everyone looking at me.

“The pioneering unit’s going to be surprised when they get here.
They’re coming all this way, and there’s no pioneering work left.”

I say jokingly, and everyone laughs.


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