Chapter 177 – That person appears again!!


Seilook didn’t just become bigger, its voice is lower too.
Its cry sounds deeper.

After giving Seilook ‘points’, we walk towards the main office, with Seilook walking beside us.

I look up at it, and whisper.

“I really don’t think Seilook can fit in a room now.
Should I make a new building just for it…”

“Master Rust, don’t overdo it.”

Ahri says.

We’re close enough that we can see the main office, and it sounds noisy too.

“Master Rust, it looks like the pioneering unit is here!”

Yells Shellrule.

It’s true, I see more people I recognize.

“Oh? Is that Kalin? She wasn’t supposed to come.
Did she jump in on a whim again…”

Kalin is among the pioneering unit, and she just noticed us coming back.

She looks surprised to see the much bigger Seilook, as we walk her way.

“Lady Kalin? You weren’t supposed to join the pioneering unit, were you?”

Kalin hears me and starts scratching her cheek with an awkward expression on her face.

“Well, you know…”

She’s being uncharacteristically evasive.
Usually she’d just face the question head on and start laughing, so I have a bad feeling about this.

That’s when someone jumps out of the crowd of the pioneering unit.

“Master Rust! I missed you! It seems your dragon is doing very well.
You managed to acquire that already? I would have expected no less from the hero who saved our nation.”

Geh! Why is Princess Lily here!? And why is she so close!?

I glare at Kalin while slowly stepping back.
She lifts one hand in front of her face and winks, like she’s saying she’s sorry.
She then starts moving her mouth, like she’s saying ‘it didn’t work’.

What do you mean it didn’t work!? Give me back all my feelings of gratitude towards my good and reliable boss!

I yell at Kalin in my mind while responding to Princess Lily with a smile.

“Well if it isn’t Princess Lily.
Welcome to this undeveloped land.
Let me show you inside.
However, you must understand that since we weren’t expecting you to come, we don’t have a room ready for…”

“I can just stay in your room.”

That might be too much even as a joke.
I will see that a room is prepared for you, so please excuse me!”

No no, that really isn’t funny.
Even if this area is being developed, opening my room to an unmarried member of royalty would be at best a scandal.
At worst, it could be fatal.

I walk away and towards Eve, while wiping away cold sweat.


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