Chapter 17 – Let’s greet people in my new post!!

We enter the camp, and make our way through the systematically lined up tents.
There must be water in the center.
I can see a big jug with a purification feature.

All the people I pass by on the way seem busy.
At first glance there seems to be a lot of former soldiers too.
Everyone peeks my way with a sharp glint in their eyes.


Says Roa while pointing to a tent that’s twice as big as the others.

I tell Hipopo with a couple of pats on the neck to stay put, and enter the tent.

The first thing that catches my eye is the latest model large-sized communication device sitting on a table in the center.
Many people are constantly exchanging parchments around it.

“Excuse me.”

I say.

“Rust! You’re here!

I hear a familiar female voice from the other side of the communication device, and then the rattling sound of someone sitting up from a chair, before seeing Kalin going around to meet me.

She’s small even for a girl.
If I didn’t know we are the same age, I might even confuse her for a child.
Her short, deep red hair looks like it’s burning just as much as the last time I saw it.

She quickly walks over to me and gives me a strong handshake.

“It’s been so long Rust! You’ve gotten old!”

She shakes my hand up and down and looks up at my face while being rude.

“Ahem, that’s none of your business.
Lady… Kalin.”

She is going to be my boss after all.


Kalin’s lips twist like she’s about to laugh, and I respond with a strained smile.

“I’m sure reaching the borderlands was no problem for you Rust, but did you have any trouble with the two that went out to greet you?”

She says while looking towards Ahri and Roa with a shine in her eyes.

…They went out to greet me?

I can see through the corner of my eye Ahri and Roa quickly turning their heads.

Hmm, I see.
She thought if there was going to be a problem between me and the people here, it might as well be with these two.
She’s always been like this, purposefully causing conflict right at the start, and building a relationship from there.
I honestly had no intention of causing her trouble anyway.

“…No, no problem.”

I answer bluntly.
My expression turns into a frown before I know it, and Kalin laughs.

“I see, that’s good to hear.
Let’s not stand here and talk, come this way.
Everyone, let’s take a break.”

She says to the people around the communication device.

And then she casually picks up the communication device with one hand, even though it looks like it’s as big as a few adult men put together.

People around us quickly move out of the way, and one spreads a cloth on the ground.
Kalin puts the communication device on top of it with a thud.

“Sit down, sit down!”

She says while sitting at the now empty table and pointing to the empty seat at the other end.

Ahri whispers something to her.
Kalin nods and waves her hand.

“Roa, tea please!”

Everyone makes their way out of the tent.

“If you’re asking everyone to leave, can I assume there’s trouble?”

I ask while sighing.

“Oh, nice Rust, you catch on quick.
How about we reminisce a bit while having tea first?”

“Ahh, so there really is trouble.
I was thinking I was going to take it easy and help develop this land.
Just relax and draw magic elements from the ground and things like that.”

Looks like there’s some sort of trouble going on, and I take advantage of the fact that we’re friends to grumble a little.

“That’s important too.
We have to draw magic elements or crops won’t grow, but I wouldn’t have asked for your help just for that, would I mister genius of the academy who was known as the ‘teacher’s nemesis’ in the academy?”

Says Kalin while needlessly bringing up my embarrassing nickname from my days as a student.

“…Stop that.
So, what is it you want me to take care of, Lady Kalin?”

Kalin’s expression finally turns serious, and she crosses her fingers while looking directly at me.

“Master Rust, first I’m going to have to ask you to treat the disease spreading through this camp, and investigate its origin.”

Says Kalin with the same expression one would see on a politician.

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