Chapter 182 – The cloud tomb’s field


Princess Lily is in my arms, and lets out a small surprised scream.

Seilook is going up sharply, and we’re about to reach the cumulonimbus cloud Princess Lily was pointing to.

And then, my vision is painted white.

It’s much thicker than any fog we would encounter on the ground, and it’s clearly disturbing my vision a lot more than a normal cloud would.
And yet, there’s no lightning whatsoever.

It’s clearly not just a regular cloud.
There’s no water either.

Seilook keeps going up rapidly, in this weirdly quiet white space.

I see light ahead.
It looks like we’re about to break through the cloud.

It’s bright.

Seilook slows down the flapping of its wings, and starts slowly gliding.

I look around, as my eyes get used to the brightness.

“Master Rust, over there…”

Princess Lily points down at the center of the white cloud.

I need to really focus to see what she’s pointing to.

“Are those bones?”

They’re hard to see because they’re also white, but there is a mountain of bones in the center of the cloud.

It’s like they’re floating in the cloud.

Seilook glides in their direction, and as we get closer, I see all the bones are very large, and clearly not the size of humans’.

“Are they dragon bones?”

I whisper, just before Seilook lands on the mountain of bones.

I’m nervous for a second, thinking we’re going to sink, as Princess Lily just keeps looking around, filled with curiosity.

And then, contrary to what I expected, Seilook stands on the mountain of bones.

“It’s incredible, it’s like the bones themselves are floating.”


I can feel through our bond that Seilook is asking if we want to get down.
It coils its tail again, and sends it our way to serve as a foothold.

“I suppose we can get off.
Thank you dragon, I will go first.”

While I hesitate to get off, Princess Lily gets up and jumps to Seilook’s tail with light movements.
And then, she follows the tail all the way down.

I rush to also move onto Seilook’s tail, and it slowly takes me down.
I thank it for its consideration, and stretch my leg towards the bones.

I slowly move my weight onto it, and it doesn’t budge, so I carefully move to the mountain of bones, and Princess Lily comes running.

“Master Rust, this is incredible.
These bones are very tough, but weigh almost nothing.
They really are all dragon bones.”

She says while lifting one of the bones on the ground.

I almost warn her to be careful with going around doing things that might be dangerous, but stop just before I do.

If I do warn her that it’s dangerous, she’ll probably just tell me if I want to act like her husband I should marry her, or something like that.
I want to tell her not to wander around, but hold it back.

As this conflict goes on in my mind, Seilook lets out another cry.

Our bond tells me it’s saying it’s starting.

The bones beneath our feet make a rattling noise, and start moving.


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