Chapter 187 – Unchan!!

Seilook flaps its wings widely, and takes off flying after the thing that’s falling.

Is that the magic stone of the enemy? Seilook is transmitting to me that it feels it might be a clue, considering what happened in the mausoleum.

I slowly get up while I watch Seilook fly away.

It looks different around us.
I guess the shock wave scattered the bones a lot.

“Princess Lily?”

I look around, and see an arm sticking out and flailing not too far from me.

“I’m pretty sure I pushed her head down.
Did she get up and get blown away?”

I walk towards this hand while tilting my head.

I look down, think about how much of a handful she is, and sigh.
I’m feeling really tempted to pretend I don’t see it, but I shake away that temptation, grab that hand, and pull it up.


Princess Lily’s face comes out from beneath the bones.

“Bufu… Ahh… My mouth feels crunchy…”

She starts spitting very small pieces of bone.
I let go after her top half is out, and start digging the bones around her.

I guess she realizes she did wrong by not staying down, because she looks embarrassed as she waits for me to dig, and her face is red.

“T-thank you Master Rust.
What happened to the enemy?”

“Seilook took it down.
A magic stone came out, and we might be able to check its pattern, so Seilook went after it.”

“And the undead dragon?”

We look towards it, and see it’s still stuck to the ground by the stinger.
Even the dragon breath’s shock wave didn’t make her budge.

“Shouldn’t we at least pull it out?”

Princess Lily is finally up, and so we walk towards the undead dragon.

We try to be as gentle as possible, so as not to cause any more damage, as we pull the stinger piercing the young body from the ground.

Next, I hold her while Princess Lily pulls the stinger from the body itself.

She’s really light once the stinger is removed.

And then, the little girl starts changing shape in my arms, kind of like before.

I’m surprised, and keep watching while being careful not to drop her.

The body melts again and turns into a shining mass.
This light is big enough to fit in my arms.

Letters that look to be from primordial magic and a magic circle start spinning around it, and the light suddenly intensifies.

The light settles, and a dragon made of bones is sitting on the palms of my hands.

This mini undead dragon that’s many times smaller than when we first saw it looks up at me from the palms of my hands.


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