Chapter 195 – Beyond expectation!!

“This is interesting.
Interesting, but it seems too convenient…”

I finish eating quickly, run back to the main office of the Kagero Institute, and enthusiastically start working on analyzing the samples.

I have equipment ready, courtesy of the generous budget I was given.

Said budget is having an effect on the human resources side of things too.
Talented alchemists started coming here from the capital, and are now making their way here from all over the place.

Suffice to say, these people who make their way here from far away to join the Kagero Institute are being well paid.
At the very least double of what the good old Alchemist Association paid people of the same rank.

Senior members of the Kagero Institute like Koto and Shellrule are being paid more, but Master Halhammer was happy to tell me we’re still turning a nice profit.

That means everyone’s motivated.

Although Master Halhammer also said he was describing me with embarrassing nicknames like savior of the country and dragon master to attract more people…

“Master Rust, we have the results.
But this…”

I immediately start looking over the documents I’m handed.
It’s the confirmation of the results of the inspections we’ve been doing.

“Thank you Koto.
So it really is right.
Start transmuting based on these results right away.”

What about the materials?”

“We have a stock of materials I made.
Use as much as you need.”

“…! Are you sure!? Aren’t they all pretty much the highest quality?”

You’ve always shown me solid work.
I’m sure you and the others will use them well.”

“Thank you very much! We’ll get to work right away!”

Koto sounds excited as he quickly walks away.

I smile as he leaves.
As a fellow alchemist, I know very well how enjoyable it is to use the best equipment and the best materials.

The good ones react differently, probably because they’re sensitive to my minor adjustments.
But that also makes them delicate.
Then again, everyone in the Kagero Institute is getting a lot better, and I can just transmute new materials if needed.

I write the results in a simplified way on a parchment, and leave the main office to go report to Kalin on our progress.

At this rate, we’ll make it with time to spare if all goes according to plan.
It’s too convenient for me.
I get the feeling that the enemy is too wary of Seilook.

I can see the building where Kalin is.

That Unknown managed to nullify Seilook’s breath, and I imagine attacking directly with claws and fangs won’t work either.
Does this have anything to do with Seilook being called 『hero』? Are they underestimating alchemy? No, probably not.
The enemy’s standard for Alchemy is probably Rihalzam.

I reach Kalin’s office and knock on the door while thinking about these things.

“Come in.”

Says Kalin, and I open the door.

Taula and the others are here too, and I give them the good news.

Unknown will be here in two days.


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