Chapter 196 – Three count!!

One more day until Unknown is here.

“Yes, perfect.
Our preparations are complete.”

I read the information of the three potions in front of me with a 《Transcribe》 scroll, and give them my stamp of approval.

These three special potions were made via a concentrated effort of the whole Kagero Institute.
This will be our trump card against Unknown.

And we have a second set ready just in case.

“It’s done.”

“I didn’t think we improved our transmutation abilities this much…”

“It even feels a little short…”

The Kagero Institute is filled with the many voices of its members.
They gathered here to hear the results of my final check.

But it looks like they still don’t really feel like this is their accomplishment.
I guess I have to tell them and make them understand it, so I clear my throat.

“Everyone, please be quiet.”

Says Koto, noticing this action on my part.

I nod lightly as a way to thank him, look around at everyone, and start speaking.

“I want to thank all of you, members of the Kagero Institute.
You have done a wonderful job.
These three potions were made exactly per specification.
You have shown me wonderful work, especially considering the limited time we have and the threat that is that enemy approaching.
And thus, we have brought to this world a brand new transmuted item.”

I stop, and look around at everyone again.
I saw some perplexed expressions at first, but now their expressions seem full of confidence.

“Especially Koto.
Good job bringing everyone together.
I see your transmutation ability has improved too.
Your reaction speed when you were adjusting the scroll you were using when the second potion was being made was wonderful.
I’m sure you practiced a lot.”

Hum, thank you very much… It was very easy with the high quality materials Master Rust transmuted.”

“Don’t be so modest.
So Koto, can you name this trio of potions? It’s a completely new kind of potion, so the name you pick will be left in alchemy archives.”

“Eh!? Hum, are you sure? Master Rust, you came up with the idea and brought it all together.
I think you should name it…”

“This is the result of a group effort.
You did a good job bringing everyone together while Master Halhammer and I were away, so I want you to name it.”

Others of the Kagero Institute start voicing their approval.

“That’s right Koto.”

“By all means.”

“Pick a cool name!”

Some people are raising the stakes with what they say, but Koto doesn’t take too long to decide, and slowly says it.

“Well then… How about ‘three count’ for this trio of potions…?”

“‘Three count’? Yes, that sounds good.
What do you all think?”

I ask everyone.

People once again raise their voices in approval.

Their voices sound like they have passion in their hearts, but are not wildly enthusiastic, and like they’re backed by reason.

As I listen to them, I think about how they are reliable as fellow alchemists.


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