Chapter 197 – Side Ahri – Part one

“Master Halhammer, we are ready to receive them.”

“All right, now we should leave the rest to the pioneering unit and that Shellrule young lady and head back to Habbafulton too.”


I hold Unchan the undead dragon tight in my arms.

We received an urgent message from Lady Kalin, who returned to Habbafulton.
It said the citizens of Habbafulton would be evacuated due to the attack of the being they are calling Unknown.

I hear Master Rust quickly analyzed what the attacking Unknown is and how to deal with it.

Apparently, that very same day he went back, he took Taula and went to take samples right next to Unknown, and started analyzing them as soon as he returned and kept doing it without stopping to eat.

It was so bad that Roa, who went with them, sent me a message about how hungry she was during that time.

I also heard that Lady Kalin forced him to eat, but he managed to sneak away and continue working tirelessly to analyze samples until he was done.

Is that man all right? It’s true that we wouldn’t have found a way to get through this without him, but still, Master Rust is human.

Even if people around him speak highly of him as the greatest alchemist of this era, praise him as the savior of this country, and elevate him as the one who controls a dragon, his body is still just that of a human.

I would go as far as to say he has less stamina than someone like Roa and me, who rely on our fighting power.

I feel like all I see him do is drink stamina potions.

I sigh as I think about this, before Princess Lily and Shellrule arrive on a riding beast.

Master Halhammer tells them that the simple set-up to receive the citizens is complete, and we are going to Habbafulton.

Shellrule listens with a serious look on her face.
It seems herself and Princess Lily are back from checking on the citizens that are being evacuated here.

A large army of brick golems, remodeled by the Kagero Institute under Mater Rust’s supervision, was added to the citizens’ escort.
I hear she went to check if there were any problems.

For some reason, Princess Lily and Shellrule seem to get along, so when Shellrule said she wanted to check out the golem army, Princess Lily took her on her transmuted beast.

From what I hear of Shellrule’s report to Master Halhammer, the brick golem army is exterminating monsters one after the other while trampling down a path as they come here.

They are going to turn back into bricks when they get here, and become a foundation of this town.
This place is suddenly receiving a lot of manpower and resources.

This will accelerate the development of this territory, exactly according to Lady Kalin’s plan.

I hold Unchan and think about how capable Lady Kalin is, as I sit on Master Halhammer’s transmuted beast.

She trusts her sworn friend Master Rust completely, but as a statesman, she doesn’t rely entirely on one single hero, and is cool-headed enough to prepare for the worst.

Not only that, but she is making use of a bad situation, by taking advantage of the evacuation to accelerate the development of this land.

Apparently Princess Lily is staying here.
Master Halhammer managed to convince her to stay.

She’s looking at Unchan in my arms with an intense heat in her eyes, and I stealthily hide it from her.

“Here we go.”

Says Master Halhammer, and we leave for Habbafulton.

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