Chapter 198 – Side Ahri – Part two

We reach Habbafulton when the battle is just about to start.

A being that is like a small black mountain is closing in on Habbafulton.
So that’s Unknown.

Monsters creep out from below this small mountain one after another.
Their bodies are covered with something that looks like black blood vessels.

Habbafulton takes up a defensive stance against them, and standing as the vanguard is Lady Kalin, wearing her jet black meteoric iron armor.

My magic eye twitches at the sign of a battle about to start.

I control my monocle magic item, narrow down my field of vision, and activate my future sight just a little.

Without the magic item Master Rust gave me, I would not have been able to handle such a large scale sign of battle.
Not at all.
I cannot thank him enough.

“Take position near the edge of the monster repellent barrier.
They will flinch a little when they get through it.”

I begin to see the world like double-exposure, as I peek into the near future.

It seems the battle is going favorably.

But that is when I see Master Rust leave Lady Kalin’s side and walk straight towards Unknown.

“Ahri, what do you want to do? I think he’s planning to do something again.”

Asks Master Halhammer, who is also watching as Master Rust walks forward.

I unleash my future sight to its full capacity, and attempt to see Master Rust’s future.
But as always, I can’t see his future very clearly.

It has been this way ever since Master Rust formed a contract with Seilook.
I see many more overlapping possible futures when I look at him than I do when I look at any other person.
That makes it hard to distinguish between them.

“Let us go to Lady Kalin.
I’m sure whatever he will do he will do alone.”

Just as we start making our way towards Lady Kalin, the monsters crawling out of Unknown all start moving.

Their fangs are directed at Master Rust, and then Habbafulton.

It seems Master Rust has just activated several scrolls.

A giant magic circle is drawn in the air by these scrolls, and from this giant magic circle, Hipopo brothers start swarming out one after the other.

The Hipopo brothers start crowding together with Master Rust in the middle.

I can see him moving above them like they are pushing him up.

And then, the Hipopo brothers charge towards the black blood monsters.

They clash against this odious black sea like a giant ship.
And like a ship cutting through the waves, the packed together group of Hipopo brothers fling away and crush black blood monsters as they advance towards Unknown.

The monsters flung by the Hipopo brothers and the ones that managed to evade them continue to press forward and rush towards Lady Kalin’s defensive formation.

Master Halhammer and I slip into said defensive formation, and make it in time to meet up with Lady Kalin.

“Ahri and Master Halhammer! You came back just in time.
The fun interception is just about to start.
It’s first come first served, so don’t complain later if you got a small share.”

Lady Kalin says while peeking our way, before lifting her large meteoric iron sword high and inspiring everyone.

“Yes ma’am!”

A deep dragon cry echoes throughout the battlefield, as if matching everyone’s response.

I hear an intense wing flap, and see Seilook jumping out from behind us.

There is already a barrier active in its jaw, and all of its scales are shining.

“Ah, my prey…”

I feel like I hear Lady Kalin say this, before Seilook unleashes a dragon breath, which overpowers all the light and sound around it and mows down the monsters closing in on us.

The ground is carved, and a dust cloud wells up.

I raise my head after the shock wave created by the impact of the dragon breath, and see Seilook quickly ascending towards the sky, with Unknown firing black spears towards its back.

Both Seilook and the black spears disappear into the clouds.

I move my eyes towards the ground level again, and as the dust settles, I see tattered monsters appearing one after the other.

“Very nice, Seilook.
You sacrificed power to fire it over a wide area.”

Says Lady Kalin with a happy but wild expression.
She rushes towards the black blood monsters that are crossing the barrier, and swings her sword with an excited look on her face.

“Everyone! Follow Lady Kalin!”

I say loudly as I call out to everyone and raise my spear, before I leap at a black blood monster in front of me.


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