ts, it simply assists the other departments.
It’s only natural to distribute its budget to the ones who actually make money.”

“But then…”

I try to protest, but the president talks over me.

“Enough! The basic research department is now disbanded! You will be doing spade work for other departments from now on.
Good grief, you should be thankful you even have a job here at all.
Got it? Go back to work!”

He says while pointing to the door.

After hearing this, I realize there’s no point in arguing.

The budget and personnel have been shrinking ever since this man became president.

It’s true that at a glance it looks like the basic research department isn’t producing results, but I can proudly say that none of the products we have developed recently would have succeeded without it.

All of them need high quality ingredients, and I’m the one preparing them.

But now that the basic research department has been disbanded, I know that there is no point in talking to the current president.

No, I’ve known for a while that he sees this department as nothing more than something that is only good for random chores.

With the next term’s budget in my hand, I dejectedly return to my laboratory and sit down.
I look around with gloom in my face, as I think that I’m probably going to be thrown out of this room soon.

And then, I hear the ringing that signals there is an incoming message.
It’s the latest telecommunications device.

“This was also provided by the basic research department…”

I mumble as I take a look at the parchment.

“Kalin? Now that takes me back.
I haven’t seen her since we graduated from the academy.
I’m pretty sure she became a knight and did very well in the last war.
Let’s see…”

It’s a letter from an old friend from the academy.
I start reading it while feeling nostalgic.

We were in different departments, but we met by chance and got along very well.
She was no different than a male friend, and we did a lot of silly things together.

“Eh, Kalin is receiving a dominion in a borderland? I heard she did great, but that’s incredible.
And… She wants me to help develop it…”

I have two papers in front of me.

One is the budget, which makes me picture a future where I will be doing nothing but chores for the rest of my life.
The other is a parchment filled with an unwritten future.
Looking at it instantly reminds me of Kalin’s mischievous smile from when we were in the academy.

“…I guess I’ll quit.”

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