Chapter 200 – Unknown’s core

“Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to act cool and come by myself…”

I whisper while taking the second potion of three count from my potion holder, the one with the ‘reversal’ effect.

I peek back, and see the defense of Habbafulton is going well.

Seilook’s preemptive attack and the monster repellent barrier were useful.

Having that said, I’m more nimble by myself.

While I’m looking away, one of Unknown’s melted, black string-shaped curses grabs my leg.

It feels scorching hot for a second, and then a pattern that looks like a bruise appears and disappears.

I have magic crests drawn all over my body, and I have another potion holder around my waist with potions other than tree count that are supplied automatically to the magic crests.

Every time a curse touches me, a potion automatically covering my whole body heals the wound and erases the curse.

Another string-shaped curse hits my brow directly, and the bruise vanishes again, courtesy of my low grade potions.

“They really have a great effect.
They use perfectly pure water, but they’re still just regular potions.
And yet they’re more than enough.”

I rub my brow, and get ready to continue.

“Hipopo and the others are reaching their limit.
Thank you everyone, 『Return』.

Hipopo and the remaining Hipopo brothers return to the scrolls.

I see them go back as I walk towards the core of Unknown, the root from which the curse strings are flying out.

I get hit a lot more often the closer I get.

I try to leave some leeway, and swap the potions in the potion holder working with the magic crests for new ones.

They’re being spent very fast, but my backpack is still packed with them.

I use them to force my way through, and I’m finally close to what could be said to be Unknown’s core.

At this point, it’s almost like I’m being swallowed by a curse.
Potions are constantly being activated.

I see an opening to change the potion holder, and pour the second potion on Unknown’s core.


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