Chapter 201 – Third potion!!

I pour potion on Unknown’s core, and the string-shaped curses coming out of it contract.

The components of the curse strings break apart, and they go back to being one mass that looks like sludge.

That weaved shape that gave form to the curse strings has an effect not unlike a form of magic circle, so now Seilook’s dragon breath should work.
Not that I would end it in such a wasteful way.

I keep watching to see what it will do next.
I’ll advance just as I planned, depending on what it does.

I watch all the curse strings return to the core, and the curse begins to turn inside out.

It’s hard to describe it in any other way than turning inside out.
The closest explanation I can think of is that it looks like if a human’s internal organs turned inside out.

“All right, it’s exactly according to my analysis.
Now I have to drag it out!”

I take the third potion of three count from my potion holder, and splash it on the inside out Unknown.

It has an effect right away.

Unknown, looking like inside out organs, begins to squirm like peristalsis.

Unknown’s core is strongly connected to the shaman via magic element and curse paths.
I’m sure it’s through those paths that the shaman was sending those black blood monsters here.

In alchemy terms, it’s pretty much like how I make Rose’s vines appear from a long distance by using scrolls to manifest it partially.

Once I learned how it works, it was just a matter of using that set-up.
Three count’s third potion is like a counter curse, and its effect uses the enemy’s curse paths to forcibly summon its caster.

“One, two, three… Here it is! Seilook!”

I call out to Seilook, who is flying around and looking this way.

A humanoid shape is spat out from the core.
For some reason it’s a little damp, and rolls on the ground after being violently spat out.

Light beams down from the sky at the core it left behind.
Seilook’s dragon breath pierces the now defenseless Unknown’s core, and vaporizes it.

I check to see if the escape route that is the core has been dealt with, and face what was spat out, the shaman.


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