Chapter 204 – Phut!!

The cheers change into screams.

First it’s Kalin.

Then it’s Roa, then Ahri.

And then, Taula shrieks, sounding angered too.

I’m very confused, because these four wouldn’t normally scream like this.

But then I see it.

A sword’s edge has pierced my abdomen.

I feel a scorching heat, like my abdomen is on fire.

The pattern of a curse is hovering over the blade.

Is this the sword that Taula left pierced on the shaman? I see, he probably used his own life as payment to curse the sword, so it would stab whoever came near.
Using awful traps right to the very end…

I grope around my potion holder.

I used them all.”

I feel my strength leaving my body, fall to my knees, and then fall to the side.

I can see them running my way.

“Don’t… Touch the sword… With your bare hands…”

I struggle to speak.
I’m worried, wondering if they heard me, but those thoughts are overwhelmed by an intense cold and drowsiness.

The strong drowsiness takes over me, and I end up letting go of my consciousness.


I feel light and soft, and look around.

The world is gray.
In this world without up or down, I see only countless white lines running.

Lines run parallel to each other, and many other lines run through them.

《What is this place? What happened to me?》

I can’t speak.

I don’t have a body.
Is this the dream they say people see when they die? If that’s the case, it’s a pretty dull dream.
I expected a little more.
At least a dream of me making something with alchemy.
Hm… I can’t move either.》

Even if I try to move, the endless running white lines don’t change.

But then, something suddenly bursts into the world, which is filled with color.

A floor appears, and walls are created.

It’s like a room, and suddenly I notice someone is here.

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