Chapter 215 – Let’s continue the conversation!!

I take off the glove.

Inside this glove is an improved version of the magic circuit found in the 《Seal》 scroll.
It was made using a special solution transmuted with my blood as its main raw material.

It was drawn in a way that it not only holds back the curses oozing out of my right hand completely, but can also store it in the glove.

But I’ve also applied 《Purify》 to the outside of the glove, so there’s no risk that it will accidentally fire the curses.

If necessary, I can use 《limited release》 on that 《Purify》, and sort of use it as a trump card.

I leave this glove that’s a little bit dangerous on the table, and open my hand in front of Kalin.

A thin black haze starts to come out of it.


Kalin exclaims.
I take a very small magic stone, about the size of the tip of one of my nails, grab it with my right hand, and curse it.

I then slowly place the magic stone with the pattern of the curse on the table.

It starts to vibrate on the table, and after staying like this for a while, it crumbles and disappears.

“Yes, a curse.
I guess that was to turn the magic stone into a familiar.
I forced something not fit for it to turn into a familiar, so it was destroyed very quickly.”

“Rust, this is…”

“I understand that curses are loathed.
You two are the first people I’ve shown this to, because I believe I can trust you with this.”

Kalin slowly nods.
Roa keeps eating her sweets, not looking very interested, but when I look at her, she also nods like she’s thinking ‘oh all right’.

“And I’ve acquired something else.
Part of the shaman’s consciousness, or rather, his memories.
There’s something in there about the origin of this tremor.”

“This is too long.”

Mumbles Roa.
Kalin and I look at each other, smile awkwardly, and continue.

“Sorry Roa, it’s almost over.
According to the shaman’s memories, he used curses to seal one of the demons known as the ‘Primordial Eight’ underground.
The one known as ‘The Third Seat of Immorality’”

“‘Primordial Eight’? Didn’t you fight one of their subordinates in the mausoleum?”

It seemed like that four-armed being also came from underground.
And now that the shaman is dead, there’s a chance that the seal has been broken.”

“I see.
But how is that connected to the tremor?”

Asks Kalin quizzically.

“Apparently this demon known as ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ has that power.
This is my assumption, going by disconnected memories of the shaman, but it looks like this ‘Third Seat of Immorality’, contrary to the shaman’s goals, wanted to destroy the world, and was sealed because of it.”

And then, the world shakes again.


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