Chapter 21 – Let’s eat!!

The food storehouse turned out to be a dud.
I didn’t find anything that could have caused a disease.

Everything from meat taken from animal type monsters to vegetables and cereals taken from plant type monsters was well processed.

It’s all well preserved and the storehouse itself is immaculate.
It really shows the character of the person in charge of it.

I didn’t find any poison or residues of the monster that once lived here, the one Roa said was a bear.

I thank the man in charge and leave the food storehouse, making my way up the slope with my head down.

Hipopo sees me and approaches me.


Hipopo shakes its head sideways.
It looks like it didn’t find anything either.

“Thank you Hipopo.
Let’s move on to the next place.”

I say while stroking its ear.

“Where are we going next?”

Asks Ahri.

“Over there.”

I say while pointing to the big jug in the middle of the camp, where drinking water is stored.


“There’s no problem here either…”

I whisper as I read the information I got from using a 《Transcribe》 scroll on the drinking water.

The jug itself is an old magic item, but its purification feature is working properly, and I don’t see anything in its composition that could be a problem..

I started my investigation this morning, and it’s already noon.

Ahri urges me to take a break and have lunch.
It feels very unnatural coming from Ahri and Roa.
After thinking about why for a bit, I realize something.

“Ah, I see.
When Kalin told you to follow me, she also said to make sure I eat, didn’t she?”

I ask.
Ahri remains silent, and Roa swiftly turns away.

It looks like it really was Kalin who told them to do that.
She probably thinks I’m just going to keep investigating while eating portable rations.

…Now that I think about it, I think I remember her shoving food in my mouth when I was busy doing research in the academy…

I can’t say for sure if that happened, but I go with them without complaining.

Ahri and Roa take me to a nearby tent.
It’s big, but there’s only the ceiling portion, and underneath are tables and chairs.

“They make food over there and we eat here.
I will get it.”

Says Ahri, and Roa quietly follows her.

In the meantime, I grab my backpack and take out pellets made from grass for Hipopo.
I also take out finely ground magic crystals and carefully weigh them before sprinkling them on the pellets.
Transmuted beasts can suffer from excess or deficiency of magic elements.

“Here you go Hipopo.”


Hipopo wags its tail and shoves its face into the pile of pellets.

“We are back, and we can start eating.”

Ahri and Roa return with three of the same meal.

“Does everyone eat here?”

I ask Ahri while looking around.

“No, a lot of people prepare their own food, and many who have families eat together in their places.”

Ah, so this is like the cafeteria back in the academy, or the dining hall in the association.

Ahri and Roa start eating while I think.
It looks like they don’t have a habit of praying before eating.
I also start eating.

Only crunching and chewing sounds fill the air, and while I eat with one hand, I take out a 《Transcribe》 scroll with the other and review the patient’s data.

Maybe there’s some common point I overlooked.

I can feel Ahri and Roa staring at me as I do this.
I’m not sure because they’re wearing cloths over their faces, but it feels like they want to say something.

That’s fine, because I actually have a question.

“Can you see anything in common between all the patients? And have you heard of anyone else being infected today?”

They look at each other, and Ahri answers.

“Master Rust, you should stop that at least while you eat.
Lady Kalin also warned of this.

But to answer your questions, I have not heard of any new cases today, and I have not seen any common points.”

Ahri shakes her head, and Roa whispers.

“A lot are single.”

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