Chapter 221 – With Taula, Eve, and Lily

“You’re an awful guy, Rust.”

Says Taula with a clear smile while wiping her tears with her own handkerchief, as I panic and wonder what to do.


“Good grief.
Don’t you think the right thing to do when a girl is crying this much is to hold her and comfort her?”

“Eh, no… Is it? Well… Sorry.”

“Geez… This is exactly why… Forget it.
But now we are even.”

She declares after coming near me and poking me with her index finger.

I’m confused for a moment, but then I figure she’s saying what I did cancels out the fact that I almost died.

My life and Taula’s tears break even…?

I guess it makes sense.

“Ahh… But really, thank you for this 《Cursed Sword Poppy》.

Whispers Taula as she pulls the hem of my clothes with the tip of her fingers for some reason, when suddenly I hear a loud voice coming from the bamboo thicket.

“Master Rust! Is Master Rust here!?”

It’s Princess Lily.

Taula steps back, and we look at each other unintentionally.

“Master Rust! We are done arranging for our entry in Sototo! Which…”

She says as she appears from the bamboo thicket.

“Master Rust… And Miss Taula?”

Princess Lily looks at Taula, and tries to act solemn way too late.
She corrects her posture and walks towards us in an affected way.

It’s then that Eve’s rhizome jumps out of the ground for some reason, and it just so happens to be beneath Princess Lily.


Taula and I say at the same time.

“Eh… Woah…”

Princess Lily stumbles as her legs are caught by the rhizome.
She swings her arms as her body pitches forward with clear surprise on her face and her mouth open.

But of course, she is known as sword princess, so she manages to just barely regain her footing.

After managing to keep from falling over, she stands up straight and looks around.

The embarrassment from stumbling like that has made her red all the way to her ears.

“W-we are done arranging for our entry in Sototo.
Master Rust, we can leave any time.
Will you be accompanying us as well, Miss Taula?”

Princess Lily is pushing forward like that didn’t happen.

“Yes, I am Master Rust’s sword after all.”

Taula is playing along and pretending nothing happened too.

She declares it as she holds up her Cursed Sword Poppy, seemingly having regained the usual strength in her eyes.


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