The frontier alchemist ~ I can’t go back to that job after you made my budget zero – Chapter 226 – I sneakily got some new materials!!

“We got through, Master Rust!”

We finally got through the area where monsters live, and pushed through their attack.

“Ahh… Good job, you two.”


“Ah, sorry.
You too Seilook.”

Seilook protests, and I tap its body while apologizing.

I sneak a peek into the bag attached to Seilook’s saddle while being careful not to let Taula see me doing it.
Luckily for me, there was what I think was a variant species among the monsters that attacked us.
Of course, I managed to get parts from that monster.

I actually got more materials than I was expecting.
It’s too bad I don’t have the time to deal with them properly, and all I can do is 《Seal》 all of them.

I sneakily seal the parts of the flying monsters I got with a 《Seal》 scroll I already had active, as I put away the other scrolls.

I can’t wait to see what effects they have as transmutation materials.

I peek over at Taula, and she’s talking to Princess Lily, and not paying attention to me.

“Miss Taula, something left me curious.
What is that sword you were using?”

“It’s my new sword, named Poppy.
Rust prepared it just for me.”

Princess Lily’s eyes narrow for just a second.
The best way to describe them is that they look cold.

But that completely disappears the very next second.
She then speaks to me with such a flattering tone that it sounds forced on purpose.

“Oh my, Master Rust!? You can even customize swords? Can I ask you to do the same for mine? I would be so grateful!”

Princess Lily approaches me on top of Seilook while showing me the blade of her sword.

I’m done putting away my things, and spread my arms to try to stop her and calm her.

The unsheathed sword being waved right in front of me is obviously dangerous.

“No, Taula was a special case…”

“…! Special…”

Taula repeats what I said quietly for some reason.

“Well! Isn’t that unfair favoritism towards Miss Taula? I know she is good enough to be one of the top three among the followers of the goddess Araysla, but the quality of my sword can’t be outdone! My sword won’t lose! Absolutely not! Master Rust!”

“No, that’s not it… Be careful with that, Princess Lily! All right! I understand.
Let’s talk more when we are on the ground!”

We are still flying with Seilook, and the wind is blowing.

I’m sitting down, but I still try to pull back to get away from her, as Princess Lily hangs over me and argues.

She’s too close.
That’s dangerous in more ways than one.

I end up giving in and making a promise I don’t know if I’ll keep.

“Well! Thank you! I knew you would do me the favor of accepting.
Oh? I can see my territory, Master Rust.”

Princess Lily happily says as she goes back to where she was, near Seilook’s neck, and points forward.

Ahh… I accepted something without thinking, but I guess that was probably still the better option.

I let out a sigh of relief, as I look towards our first stop in Sototo, Princess Lily’s territory.


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