Chapter 237 – Conversation – Part two

“…And thus, Princess Lily, who was languishing as a third princess, gladly accepted me.
I gave her all the power she craved, and because of it, she became well-liked as the sword princess, and I enjoyed having a human body for the first time in a long time.

The woman in front of us says this nonsense with a smile on her face.

“In a long time you say? Does that mean you stole other people’s bodies before?”

I unconsciously let the unpleasantness I’m feeling show on my tone of voice.

“Stole? She agreed to combine with me.
And it was only Lily.
By a long time, I mean before I came to this world.”

Says the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ with exaggerated gestures, like it’s feeling aggrieved.
It was feeling completely indifferent, but suddenly that attitude changes.

“In the previous world, I was a girl in university, and I could out-bloom a flower with my beauty.
But all of a sudden, I was reincarnated as that flower monster.
And not only that, but to aim to be a demon king!? If I did become a demon king, I would turn into an even more hideous monster.
I can’t accept that, absolutely not.”

The ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ angrily says things I don’t understand.

“Is that why you tried to destroy everything, including this world?”

I take one step back and try to change the topic.
Taula is holding her sword diagonally, and slowly backs away towards me.

“Yes, but that was a long time ago.
I was sealed by the shaman because I rejected the idea of becoming a demon king.
However, that seal was full of holes, and since you did me the favor of killing the shaman, I am now free.

Would it be more appropriate to say I supported you from Princess Lily’s body? It was not easy.
It was full of holes, but I had to weave through small gaps in the curse to move this body and guide you all.”

The ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ has dialed back its anger, and now talks in a sort of flattering way.

“So in the end, Seilook and I were dancing in the palm of your hand.
But what is your goal, ‘Third Seat of Immorality’? If you aren’t trying to destroy the world, why are you causing these tremors?”

“I figured since you have the shaman’s memories, I could bring you here if I caused the earth to shake.
I made it happen a few times, but it wasn’t at all serious, you know? But whether or not I do become serious and destroy the world is all up to you, Master Rust.”

Says the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ with a light smile.
That smile is exactly the same as Princess Lily’s, but for some reason, it’s accompanied by a strong feeling of pressure.

As I observe this smile, I think about what the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ just said.
It looks like Taula was right all along.
At the very least, we really were guided here.

Now the problem is what the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ wants.

It then starts talking again, almost like it read my mind.

“Firstly, can you stop calling me ‘Immorality’?”

“I see.
So what do you want to be called? The name you used in that previous world of yours?”

“I don’t use that name anymore.
I abandoned it when I abandoned the idea of becoming human again, so call me Lily.”

A stiff expression forms on her face for a second.

So, do you want to tell me what you want from me already?”

There are a few things that don’t make sense to me, but I figure pointing out contradictions and angering her isn’t going to be productive.

Using that name is also part of that compromise.

This primordial demon with tremendous power keeps talking, and while I don’t know how much of it is true or false, I decide to continue letting her talk.

And my question finally leads Lily to get to the main point.


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