Chapter 239 – What Lily presents

Lily stretches out her right hand.
In her hand is a transparent stone that was beautifully cut like a jewel.

It’s big enough that it looks like it will fall off her hand, and just by looking at it I can feel an air around it that tells me it’s an item of the highest grade.

Yes, what Lily is presenting to me is a magic stone.

“It’s the magic stone of my twin sister, who died soon after we arrived in this world.
She was contemptuously called, even by the ones who were reincarnated along with us, the ‘Fourth Seat of Foolishness’.
At this point Master Rust, you should be able to extract not just emotions, but also knowledge from this.”

Says Lily, while lovingly stroking the magic stone with the other hand.

I guess she’s waiting for my reaction.

It’s true, if I apply the process I learned from the shaman’s memories, I can use curses and alchemy together and gain memories from even a magic stone.
But right now, even the shaman’s memories are too much.
Taking in another person’s memories carries too big of a risk.

“Do you expect me to gladly accept the risk and take that magic stone?”

“It took quite a bit of time to look into this, since the alchemist association was destroyed, but you have been studying magic elements for a long time, correct?”

Lily suddenly changes the subject.


“Judging by your published thesis, you specialize in the effect of magic elements on matter, and flora and fauna.
That is why you have so many transmuted beasts.”

“What’s your point?”

I can guess what Lily is getting at, and my tone gets sharper.
This isn’t going in a good direction.

“In order to reach the essence of magic elements, you have focused on how they affect people and other beings differently.
I believe it is a wonderful thing to focus on, but your research stagnated.
Of course, that was because of interference by your foolish and jealous colleagues, and an unsympathetic boss that did not understand you.
But did you also not lack knowledge on a fundamental level?”


“From your point of view, her knowledge that is in this magic stone is from another world.”

Lily then laughs triumphantly.

“The answer is here.”


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